10 Best Plex Alternatives (July 2024) – UPDATED

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These are great alternatives to Plex if you’re searching for something that focuses on music. We all are aware that Plex is capable of managing music fairly well.

You will need to subscribe to Plex Pass to access the most powerful music features the service has to offer (such as automatic playlists, lyrics, and audio fingerprinting).

And even if you do that, if you only use Plex for music, you will still have to go through many features that aren’t necessary. If you’re searching for a feature set comparable to that of Plex but on a platform focused primarily on music, you should check out one of these best plex alternatives.

Best Plex Alternatives You Must Try

Plex isn’t the only media server out there. Other Plex alternatives function similarly and have comparable free and premium variants. A few of these Plex alternatives are even available at no cost to you.

1. Serviio 

The name “Serviio” has been synonymous with a popular media server app for a long time. You really can’t go wrong with it if you want a centralized, well-organized system for all of your material.

The app reliably streams media assets like music, films, and even pictures from your connected homework to devices like TVs, Blu-ray players, game consoles, and cellphones.

Serviio incorporates several streaming services, providing a comprehensive overview of platform availability and a solid cost comparison. While the app’s free version may seem appealing, keep in mind that it does not provide access to any content regardless of location.

To remove the limitations of the free tier, a payment of $25 is required. Compatible with NAS Devices, Linux, and Mac OS X.


Kodi, formerly known as XBMC, is a free and open-source media player and entertainment hub that can be used across various systems. One of the free solutions offered by Plex could be a useful digital media source for home theatre PCs.

This media software is compatible with many computers and operating systems. Kodi has everything you might want in a media player, including an intuitive interface and compatibility for numerous music, video, and picture formats.

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Kodi’s independence from hardware is its greatest asset. Depending on your preferences, you may choose the extension to add not just cool customization but also a new manner of handling your media.

Made for various platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, the Raspberry Pi, and Amazon’s Fire TV.

3. Emby

In addition to Plex, Emby is a solid open-source option. With this software, you can stream media to as many devices as you like, and you won’t have to pay a dime in royalties.

The media server is open source and free to use on various platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, NAS, and docker. Additionally, any device that is DLNA-compliant will recognize the server.

If you want to restrict access to mature materials, you can set up different profiles for different people.

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Emby also has apps (some of which are free) for a wide variety of smart TVs and mobile platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows.

Metadata, such as album covers, can be automatically retrieved. Additional functionality, such as cloud and folder syncing, backup, etc., is available with the Emby Premier package.

4. Universal Media Server

One such program that is free source and written in Java is the Universal Media Server. In May 2012, developer SubJunk, who had played a crucial part in creating the PS3 Media Server, released a new program based on the platform.

The software supports UPnP and DNLA, so it can stream audio, video, and image files to any device that works with these protocols. This makes it a good alternative to Plex.

Universal Media Server may be used with Windows, Linux, and macOS computers thanks to its many variants. The development team continuously refines the media player with new features.

Customers should be aware that there is a risk that the incomplete software will not function properly, even though it is usual practice to give beta downloads of newly released upgrades.

5. Media Portal

The app, known as Media Portal, is a central location for accessing and organizing all of a user’s media. And with all the media organizing tools already in place, it’s just as easy to manage all your files as Plex.

That’s what you need to keep your things in order if you have to deal with many media files.

Media Portal is excellent for streaming due to its interoperability with various media types.

It was also designed to be compatible with plugins, giving your file management the efficiency it requires and providing more customization options. We support Windows, Android, and the Web.

6. Playon 

Playon is a unique alternative to Plex that is also quite useful. The app supports recording content from numerous streaming services, including Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, The CW, Peacock, and more.

However, it does allow you to record new content from streaming services rather than simply playing videos already stored on your smartphone.

The recordings are saved on the device, so they may be accessed even when you’re not online. It also lets you download information onto several devices and synchronize recordings.

Auto-recording is also an option, as are the resolutions of 480p, 720p, and 1080p. A free version of the app is not accessible. However, users can try it out for 7 days at no cost.

7. Ampache

The free and open-source software Ampache is an app that runs in a browser. Its primary function is music streaming, though the video is supported.

If the host system is compatible with PHP, then Ampache will work. Utilizing the online interface to play music and organize your collection simultaneously is possible.

It may aggregate music libraries from multiple sites into one convenient place for listening on the go.

Music can be played on various smart devices and through the web app. The app’s Localplay function allows you to manage the music remotely.

8. Subsonic

Subsonic, originally open-source, served as the foundation for many of the top music server applications.

If you have ever used Plex, you are familiar with the app’s fundamental functionality. You must install it on the same drive as your music files, then access your content via a web interface.

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Subsonic offers device-specific applications; however, they are exclusive to the paid version. This monthly fee is $1.

The membership includes video streaming, Chromecast and Sonos compatibility, a podcast player, an ad-free web player, and a personalized server address.

9. Airsonic

The community split when Subsonic’s developers decided to migrate to a closed-source format and establish a premium tier. A portion of the old crew developed the Libresonic app.

After a few years of development, differences between the creators surfaced, and a brand-new software named Airsonic was born. Like the original Subsonic, the app is committed to remaining open source.

The server’s biggest features include simultaneous streaming to numerous speaker systems, on-the-fly conversion of audio formats, and programmable bitrate restrictions.

Additionally, Airsonic is capable of working with truly enormous music libraries. It can effortlessly process hundreds of gigabytes of data.

10. MediaGoblin

Additionally, the MediaGoblin app includes simple tools for managing and sharing your material. Because it primarily supports various media formats, including audio files, films, books, 3D models, and even ASCII art, it ensures you will not have compatibility issues.

Well, you wouldn’t want to compromise compatibility with a huge number of files if you have to manage many media files. Regarding the user interface, MediaGoblin is comparable to Plex.

In addition, the possibility of adding a new media type and authentication provider could be quite useful if you do not want the limited functionality to hinder your experience. Platforms Windows, macOS, and Linux are supported.