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6 Best Portable Antivirus Software for Windows (2024)

Best Portable Antivirus Software for Windows
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Windows has never been regarded as the operating system with the highest level of security. According to numerous reports, the only target of these phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks appears to be computers running the Windows operating system. On a computer running the Windows operating system, having reliable security software is an absolute must.

We have published many articles about the best anti-malware software, antivirus technologies, and everything else that can be done to protect your computer and the data it contains.

If you’re using a reputable and efficient antivirus program, you don’t have anything to worry about in terms of safety. But what happens if you have to operate on a computer that isn’t your own and doesn’t have antivirus software installed?

Portable antivirus software is quite helpful in circumstances like these. Like any other portable software, portable antivirus programs don’t need to be installed on your computer. Users can transport the mobile antivirus software to another computer using USB Drives.

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List of Best Portable Antivirus Software for Windows

Look at the following list to get an idea of which portable antivirus software is the finest. You can access the appropriate software by following the link that has been provided for you below. After that, you can look at some essential guidelines to locate the most effective software.

1. Emsisoft Emergency Kit

It is safe to say that Emsisoft Emergency Kit is the most compact and lightweight, portable antivirus tool currently available. The Emsisoft Emergency Kit is surprisingly powerful despite its compact size and lightweight design.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit can locate and eliminate threats such as viruses, keyloggers, malware, and more from your personal computer. Because it is a portable program, it does not require any installation on your computer. What do you think?

For increased safety, you should ensure that you have the most recent version of the Emsisoft Emergency Kit and downloaded and installed it.

2. Microsoft Safety Scanner

The Microsoft Security Scanner is a scanning tool intended to enable scanning on demand and assist in removing spyware, viruses, and other potentially harmful content. It is not standard software installed on your computer; it is only an executable file that you may load onto your computer from a USB drive.

Microsoft Safety Scanner is compatible with the antivirus program you are already using and includes a continuously updated database of malware definitions. However, it is essential to note that this particular scanner is only valid for ten days after being downloaded. In light of this, it is strongly recommended that you download a new one and do the scan once more to guarantee your protection.

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3. Norton Power Eraser

According to Norton, the leading security business, the Power eraser is a portable antivirus program capable of eradicating infections that standard virus scanning doesn’t always identify. This is because traditional virus scanning is performed using a desktop computer.

Norton Power Eraser is well-known for its aggressive virus removal tool. This utility can locate and eliminate potentially unwanted programs, spyware, and hidden viruses.

4. Zemana AntiMalware

Zemana AntiMalware is a well-known antivirus program that is small in size and easy to transport. This one, in contrast to other portable antiviruses, does not pass over any form of harmful program to check for threats. It will take only a few moments to install on your computer, and then you can immediately begin removing viruses.

It scans your system for malicious software and spyware and can remove them if it finds them. It can also identify malicious browser add-ons, adware, unwanted applications, and other similar threats.

In addition, the scanning process is relatively quick because it uses its well-sourced cloud definition to assess the file’s integrity. Zemana reduces the amount of resource overhead placed on the local PC by utilizing the cloud as a checkpoint.

However, if you use Zemana for longer than a month, the annual subscription fee has increased to $25. If you are seeking a portable antivirus program, I would say that Zemana is an excellent choice because it almost entirely meets all requirements.

5. Comodo Cleaning Essentials

Comodo Cleaning Essentials is an effective tool for removing malicious software and viruses from a computer system. The portable antivirus utility can detect and eliminate malware, viruses, and other forms of online dangers that may be present on machines running Windows XP.

The fact that Comodo Cleaning Essentials combines with Comodo’s cloud scanners to deliver real-time safety data is perhaps this product’s most intriguing aspect.

6. Dr.Web CureIt!

Another well-known name in antivirus software is Dr.Web, which also offers a portable virus scanner. Personal anti-virus scanners that can be carried on a USB drive are available for free.

As soon as the system is attached, all essential system regions are checked. If threats are detected, quarantine is the default setting.


These are the most effective and portable free virus scanners that do not require installation on your PC. If you know of any other antivirus scanners for PC similar to this one, please tell us in the comment box below. I genuinely hope that you found this post helpful. I would appreciate it if you could also share it with your friends.

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