10 Best Project Management Software To Work Faster (2024)

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When a project fails to deliver as expected, it could be due to insufficient planning and management. Losses in time, money and other resources can all occur from sloppy planning and implementation. Managing a project is not a novel idea or a novel discipline.

It’s been around forever, and there are countless resources online for learning new methods of leading projects and groups of people (both new and old). A never-ending supply of online resources, such as blogs and tutorials, may help you learn the skills you need to manage your projects more efficiently and avoid common pitfalls.

Many of the blogs we’ve read about project management have featured roundups, but we’ve found that none of them have provided any significant benefit to their readers. Some bloggers failed to consider the advantages and disadvantages, while others ignored the subtleties. For this reason, we choose to compile our criteria and evaluate some free project management tools.

Best Project Management Software

You may read more about project management software and get suggestions for choosing the best app for your team by scrolling down to the list of our suggestions.

You may focus on chores and projects like a pro by using the various project management tools and productivity apps.

1. Airtable 

Airtable is a powerful spreadsheet application that can organize and track projects, tasks, and files. Images, connections to related tasks, and assigned individuals can all be included in the spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet/table view isn’t available in Airtable; you may also switch to a calendar view, Kanban view, or gallery view. If you spend most of your time in Excel or Google Sheets, this is one of the best project management tools for you.

Airtable also features a superb mobile version that can be downloaded from the iOS and Android play stores as a portable project management tool. Airtable is a freemium model, with paid plans beginning at $10 per user per month when paid for an entire year.

2. Mavenlink

Mavenlink was designed to streamline the administrative and financial processes of service organizations. This project management tool connects entire companies and acts as the “Operational Service of Record” for service providers.

Mavenlink is useful for businesses since it aids in financial management and keeps companies on track, whether they are just starting or have been operating successfully for years.

Traditional project management, resource management, and company accounting are only a few features within the platform that can assist in bringing together a group of people working on a single project.

3. GanttPro

One of the most user-friendly and effective tools for managing projects is GanttPro. Therefore, it is an excellent option for smaller groups that lack a dedicated project manager.

It lacks the tunable reports and dashboards that larger teams may want. GanttPro is one of the best project management programs because it combines a low price, easy-to-learn UI, and solid functionality.

Not only do we like that it has a saved history that lets you erase changes more than once, but it also has custom fields for tasks, a kanban board view, and a critical path function.

4. LiquidPlanner

We believe that LiquidPlanner is best suited for larger teams working on more complex projects, but it can be a terrific solution for teams of any size. Among other things, this is because automated scheduling is where LiquidPlanner shines.

LiquidPlanner can ease the stress of assigning particular activities to specific persons at precise times. This program has many features that can automatically modify project schedules when things like missed deadlines or unexpected employee absences occur.

When it comes to organizing projects, tasks, workloads, and more, LiquidPlanner shines. Not everyone enjoys that it can automatically and dynamically schedule work for your entire team, even when conditions alter.

5. nTask

nTask is the most flexible and up-to-date project management software today. It’s a one-stop shop for your entire project, with the most cutting-edge capabilities in one convenient package.

Including a wide variety of built-in modules, nTask reduces the frequency of switching between programs to get work done. As a result, project managers may do more at a central platform without worrying about loose ends.

The tool’s well-designed user interface makes navigating the app a breeze. Whether you’re a freelancer, part of a small team, a member of a major organization, or simply a blogger with loads of duties.

6. Zoho Projects

If you’re looking for various tools for your startup, go no further than Zoho. In particular, Zoho Projects is one of the most effective and user-friendly project management solutions available today.

Plan projects, keep tabs on progress, and coordinate with coworkers in real time, no matter where they may be. It’s a great tool for simplifying forthcoming tasks with a few mouse clicks.

The nicest part about using Zoho Projects to manage your firm is that it can be combined with Zoho CRM and other programs. It’s simple to make webpages and keep files safe with its wide variety of sophisticated, adaptable features.

7. Scoro

Scoro is an all-in-one productivity and project management suite that helps firms save time and money by centralizing and standardizing various administrative chores.

In addition, it contains a time management tool that helps teams organize and make the most of their time by incorporating features like shared calendars, task lists, time sheets, and automatic time tracking into their project planning and management.

It also includes a real-time KPI dashboard, reports on progress and finances, and projects with subtasks and deadlines. Companies may increase their production and efficiency with the help of this technology, which will allow them to do their work faster and better.

8. Hubspot

While not a dedicated project management solution, the free version of HubSpot’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform includes project and task management features.

Marketers and salespeople searching for a unified platform may want to check out HubSpot CRM for its free marketing, sales, lead tracking, and of course, task management capabilities built right in.

Select a person’s record from the HubSpot CRM’s Company, Contact, or Deal menu to assign a task to a contact. To make a new task, go to the “Create” tab, enter the task’s name, details, due date, email reminder, task type, and owner (the last three are completely discretionary), and then click “Save Task.”

9. Filestage

Filestage is an online proofreading application designed for large businesses. It allows teams to collect, organize, and automate file feedback through the approval process, which helps reduce errors and ensure that guidelines are followed.

Files for any project, be it a marketing campaign, a film, a website, a product catalog, or anything else, may be shared, commented on, and discussed in real-time with clients and coworkers using this program.

Filestage lets you track a file’s progress through its approval stages in one convenient location. By automating formerly time-consuming manual activities and doing away with lengthy email chains, the program also helps you finish assignments more quickly.

10. Teamwork Projects

When it comes to comprehensive, all-in-one project management software, few can compare it to Teamwork Projects. Teamwork Projects include pre-made task templates that may be reused to get started fast and cut down on setup and setup time.

Use the tool’s Gantt chart to plan your work and monitor progress toward your goals. A project portfolio is yet another option for archival purposes. If you’re juggling many projects, this handy overview will give you a bird’s-eye view of their current states, allowing you to make more educated choices.

Additional notes can be added to your projects through native notebooks, and messages can be sent to team members to ensure that everyone is aware of the latest developments.