10 Best Roblox VR Games Everyone Should Try (2024)

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If you’ve ever tried a virtual reality (VR) game, you know it’s a completely different experience from what you’re used to. Roblox has been around for more than 15 years, and the widely used gaming platform now offers Roblox VR game compatibility.

That is not to say that you have access to every Roblox game in VR. But some enterprising Roblox programmers have begun including VR features in their games. With a virtual reality headset like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, etc., you can easily play these games.

The VR Roblox games in this article are tested and guaranteed to perform perfectly, having been experienced by thousands of players. It’s time to check out the Best Roblox VR Games you can play right now.

Best Roblox VR Games

It may be challenging to locate the top Roblox VR games for such devices. This article will review the best virtual reality games available on Roblox. We’ve compiled the best Roblox VR Games that you should consider in 2024.

1. Laser Tag VR

Who doesn’t have fond memories of rushing about an enormous dark room as a kid, aiming lasers at enemies in various armor colors? Those times were great.

No matter how popular laser tag used to be, it seems there are fewer places to play these days. But with Roblox VR and a virtual reality headset, you can simulate a laser tag experience right in the comfort of your own home.

To play Laser Tag VR, you and your opponents enter a pitch-black arena illuminated by flashing neon tags. Have all the excitement of a game of laser tag without leaving the comfort of your own home.

2. Ragdoll Sim

One thing that can unite the masses is a shared appreciation for ragdoll simulators. Nobody can resist the fascination with the physics of ragdolls.

Why do you think Fall Guys and similar games have become so well-liked? Even better, Ragdoll Sim is available in its entirety on Roblox VR.

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If you’re looking for a way to enjoy a trampoline park’s ragdoll hijinks and anti-gravity effects without becoming queasy, then you’ve found the right place. There’s also not much danger unless you go ragdoll around while wearing a virtual reality headset.

3. Cook Burgers

Have you been trying to find an entertaining method to increase your Robux earnings? Despite first impressions, there’s much more to do in this Roblox VR game than just flip burgers.

Like in the Koala above Café game, your main objective is to run the establishment smoothly. One of the challenges you’ll face is the presence of rats in the eatery.

In addition, there is a hidden elixir that will allow you to see things from a rat’s point of view. You can earn Robux by frying burgers, serving clients, and even killing rats according to the game’s dynamically reactive nature.

4. Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay

Zombie Apocalypse is the perfect game if you want to fight through a world overrun with zombies.

At the game’s outset, players select their guns, armor, and other equipment before venturing into the world to eliminate zombies and amass better loot.

When you have a group of buddies to help you take on these monsters, the fun begins to flow. You can also bring your fallen companions back to life if a zombie has bitten them.

5. Koala Cafe

Participate in a massive virtual event set at a dining establishment. Where your job is to give clients what they want so, they’ll leave satisfied and enthusiastic about your business.

Everyone in this game, which supports up to 50 players at once, is real and serves a purpose. The Koala Cafe is where you can meet other players, have conversations, and engage with them as if you were in the same room.

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It’s up to you and how well you manage orders, whether you’re the best or worst employee the company has ever had.

6. Vibe VR

Vibe VR is the best choice if you’re seeking a relaxing game to play when you get home from work. You can play darts, tennis, and wrestling in this exciting game and shove other players off cliffs for fun.

Haptic feedback allows you to feel resistance in sports like wrestling, while the headset controllers allow you to control your hands’ movements.

There’s never been a better time to get together with your pals than in this virtual reality world generated by Roblox. There are always between 30 and 40 other people online, and you can chat with them if you join this game.

7. Noodle VR

You can become a virtual reality noodle or a traditional Roblox player, but it’s clear that the former is the better choice, given that VR noodles hold all the control.

Roblox players are not only allowed free rein to swing whatever weapons they like, but they also have the option to arm themselves with knives and even take it to a combat-based level.

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Since the game was designed with cross-platform communication and cooperation, new areas are continually being added for players to discover.

8. Road To Gramby’s

This is essentially a simulation in which you embark on a long journey to Gramby’s House, encountering many challenges.

The engineering system allows you to design and build innovative tools and machines, and there are a variety of components, personalities, and ecosystems to explore.

Playing it repeatedly to see if you can make it to the end will feel like your life’s greatest virtual reality trip. Let your creative juices flow and your mind wander freely in virtual reality.

9. Cleaning Simulator

The Cleaning Simulator tops our list of the top virtual reality games available on Roblox. The Cleaning Simulator is a game that encourages you to clean virtual rooms.

To progress through the game and achieve new goals, you must perform the tasks given to you. The more you do it, the simpler it gets.

Playing with a group of buddies increases the enjoyment factor. Therefore, working with your pals is preferable to get the job done quickly and easily.

10. Paranormica 

If racing around your house seeking a noise worries you, you’ll undoubtedly wet your pants at Paranormica. As the name implies, this is a game about sleuthing for ghosts.

You may join the thousands of gamers shouting their lungs out in Paranormica by playing it in virtual reality.

Roblox VR allowed developers more freedom to test out their game-building skills. This means that you, the player, may now check out some of the developer’s work and show your appreciation for the local Roblox community.