10 Best Romantic Anime Series To Watch Right Now (2024)

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There will always be a place in the hearts of Romantic anime Series storylines, as the genre itself is as evergreen as the pairing of romance and animation. Many people enjoy reading love stories because they can help them feel all of their feelings.

Fans can find whatever type of relationship dynamic they’re looking for in anime, from the simple will-they-won’t-they to the more complex love triangle or emotional storyline.

There are plenty of cute things for couples to do together, and what’s even better? Movies like these have the power to inspire even the most obstinate of people to take action beyond their normal sphere. Below, you’ll find recommendations for the best Romantic anime Series to watch whenever you want to feel better.

Best Romantic Anime Series To Watch Right Now

There is much romantic anime series on the internet, but these are among the ten best romantic series. if you love romantic series, then you love these romantic anime too.

1. The Anthem Of The Heart

The Anthem Of The Heart, released in 2015, is a moving musical journey. The film’s major message is that it’s crucial to watch what you say in social situations.

Its message, though tragically universal, is romantic, moving, and wholly original. Jun, a chatty guy, is the film’s main character. Even though evil frequently occurs in the film, it all feels real. As a result, it’s easy to believe and understand.

Jun’s family is torn apart at the beginning of the romance anime The Anthem Of The Heart. Because of their distance from one another, Jun begins to detest herself for how her words have harmed others.

She finally succumbs to her early-life trauma and begins to be afraid of her own words. Jun will eventually become silent in everyone’s presence since she has decided this is the best course of action.

2. Your Lie In April

The musical and romantic themes of Your Lie In April are the basis of a television show. Observing this masterpiece of animation will teach you a lot about human nature.

The storyline throughout the series is superb, and it never fails to pique the interest of its viewers. Though it may be slow to get going, we promise you won’t be disappointed if you give this movie a chance at the end.

A piano-playing guy and a female who finds him adorable are at the center of this series. The film, however, avoids the genre’s conventions by doing away with songs and romance.

The show makes viewers feel real human emotions, inspiring them to take action. Moviegoers would identify with the protagonists as if they were relating their experiences on the silver screen.

3. Maid Sama

Misaki, our protagonist, is the president of her class and has a reputation for being harsh and cynical. She hides a deep, dark, dirty little secret from everyone: she is a part-time maid at a cafe.

Until the popular man at school, Takumi, figures her out. Misaki must do everything she can to keep the boy from telling anyone her secret.

What starts out as a plan to protect her privacy is the opposite as they learn more about one another than meets the eye.

Despite this, it captures the hearts of its audience so well that they can’t bear to stop watching. How well do you think they’ll be able to overlook one other’s imperfections and still be together?

4. Blue Spring Ride

The protagonist of the romance animation film Blue Spring Ride is a young woman named Futaba Yoshioka, who, in middle school, was the center of attention thanks to her stunning good looks and widespread popularity.

The school’s male students had a soft spot for her, but the female students were lukewarm. It didn’t matter to her, though, because she was only interested in attracting the notice of a lad in her class named Kou Tanka.

His nature was childlike and he was reticent to speak up. Now that our heroine Futuba has plans to see Kou, Kou has mysteriously vanished, leaving Futuba again friendless.

By the time Futuba enters high school, she has transformed from a girly girl into tomboyish popularity. Before Futuba’s middle school crush reappeared under a new name, “Kou Mabuchi,” her life was going swimmingly.

5. Kokoro Connect

Written by Sadanatsu Anda and published in 2012, Kokoro Connect deals with the mind and heart. The author combines elements from his own imagination with a high school love story to create an enormous, unique, and emotionally engaging story.

Kokoro Connect has it all: a compelling narrative, gorgeous visuals, top-notch audio, and memorable protagonists. Kokoro Connect takes a unique approach to the typical love film formula by depicting a high school romance.

People in Kokoro Connect experience a phenomenon where they lose physical control. And now things start to heat up and get exciting. The beginning may be slow for some viewers, but the plot picks up momentum and becomes enjoyable to watch.

The mere possibility of one’s deepest, darkest desires being granted makes for a fascinating narrative. I want you to picture the five awkward characters of Kokoro Connect having their dreams come true.

6. Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku

The romantic comedy Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku is one mature audience will enjoy because of its humorous tone. In contrast to most romance novels, this one is set in a working environment instead of a high school.

It’s a charming animation packed full of pop culture references that the audience should be able to pick up on, which helps the characters come across as more accessible.

Narumi is your typical office worker who has trouble striking a healthy balance between her professional and personal life. She has difficulty concealing her otaku tendencies from the rest of her coworkers, which is a challenge for her.

Her romantic interest, Hirotaka, does not think it is inappropriate for her to talk about her hobbies at work. He does not judge her for the person that she is.

7. Emma: A Victorian Romance

William Jones, a member of the nobility, is the protagonist of Emma- A Victorian Romance. William’s family tries very hard to help him forget Juliet, but the results are Romeo and Juliet-esque.

His heart has been stolen, it seems, by a maid. The story shows the difficulties they encounter due to the hostility between the two communities.

Both William and Emma have a strong sense of character that keeps them going when times are bad. Although it follows a standard romantic plot, the show manages to avoid many cliches that have come to define traditional anime.

It’s set in Victorian-era London and looks like it could have happened that way. Colors like tan and brown will give viewers a lot to look at in their displays. Will she have what it takes to overcome the obstacles in her path?

8. From Me To You

Only the rarest of series manage to break free from the constraints imposed by their genre and become unique. This is the case with Kimi Ni Todoke.

It inverts every convention of the traditional shoujo romance, from tropes to story devices, and delivers a fresh take on the genre that is both refreshing and innovative.

Kimi ni Todoke is a show where you can kick back and forget about your troubles, just like the show’s soft visual style and color palette suggest.

The story unfolds in a high school, where her peers taunt a 15-year-old named Sawako Kuronuma because of her ring-like appearance.

9. His And Her Circumstances

In His and Her Circumstances, a smart young man falls in love with a beautiful young woman. The story’s ups and downs make it interesting to read. It’s a romantic drama showing how things can turn around for a down-and-out lad.

In the upcoming romantic anime His and Her Circumstances, watching why and how her character grows will be fascinating. A brilliant student, he even outperforms the story’s female protagonist, Yukino, in the classroom.

The tale moves at a good clip, and everything that happens is very high-school romantic. Even though tropes are present, the tale makes up for them. It develops into a lovely story about the bond between two people.

10. Whisper Of The Hearts

A young woman named Shizuku, who adores literature and the art of storytelling, is the protagonist of Whisper Of The Hearts, a fantastic romance animation.

Presently, she notices one day in the library that a kid named “Seiji Amasawa” borrows the same books she does, piquing her interest in him. She eventually meets her “prince of books” and develops feelings for him during the movie.

The plot thickens when Shizuku, prompted by Seiji’s questions, considers her life goals and discovers that she has not set a specific path to get there.

After some thought, she settles on penning a fictional account, confident that her greatest asset is her drive to understand better the gifts she already possesses.