10 Best Free RPG Games for iPhone and iPad in 2024

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We’re all aware of the enormous interest in the top role-playing games. They can keep you occupied for lengthy periods with various tasks and narratives. We have a special place in our hearts for the best iPhone RPG games.

When it comes to iOS device representation, the RPG subgenre lags. You may still find several titles on the list if you search for them. However, it’s not a secret that not all of them are worth the effort you put into reading them.

In addition, because it exclusively includes free titles, you won’t discover much of note. In other words, that’s exactly what we do here.

We’ve sifted through several free iPhone RPGs to discover the finest of the bunch. So, today we’re going to look at the best free RPGs you can play for hours on end.

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Best Free RPG Games for iPhone and iPad

This type of game may be highly addicting, especially when there is an engaging plot to follow. As it turns out, it’s a really difficult task to unearth such treasures while searching for free titles. Even yet, here are the finest iPhone RPGs that any RPG lover should play if they’re seeking something truly exceptional.

1. A3: Still Alive

A3: Still Alive does a commendable job with classes, which are a staple of any role-playing game. You can choose from five distinct classes in the game to get new abilities. There are numerous open worlds to explore throughout the game.

A3: Still Alive is primarily focused on PvP fights, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy PvP role-playing games. You’ll be venturing into a much more sinister landscape, full of dangerous monsters out to get you. Royale fight mode, which is effectively a 100 vs. 100 battle game with nonstop entertainment, is also available.

Play A3: Still Alive

2. Genshin Impact

Without a doubt, Genshin Impact is deserving of consideration. This action-adventure game with an expansive open world has a lot to offer, making it well worth playing. The premium version of the game, which grants access to the game’s premium characters and other extras, is available for a small fee. Despite this, the story’s free characters are strong enough to overcome any obstacles.

In a nutshell, Genshin Impact offers a wide variety of RPG experiences inside a single narrative. It has a decent plot, too. In addition, because each update adds a new chapter, you’ll be pumped to the end.

Play Genshin Impact

3. Evil Lands

Have you ever wished you could play a high-quality console RPG on your iPhone? Fortunately, Evil Lands is here to meet all of your RPG gaming desires. Make your fantasies come true by becoming the hero you’ve always wanted to be.

There are numerous quests in which you must combat various evil creatures, such as monsters, dragons, and bosses, amongst other things.

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The game’s beautiful 3D graphics are the most appealing aspect of it. Both PVP and real-time multiplayer modes are also included. Installing it is as simple as going to the app store or clicking the download link below.

Play Evil Lands

4. Punishing: Gray Raven

Punishing: Gray Raven, our upcoming RPG, pushes mobile gaming to new heights. Whether you’re looking for eye-popping visuals, clever ideas, or an engaging plot, this game has it all.

The fight between humans and mechanoids is the underlying theme of the game. Punishing: Gray Raven has a solid foundation here, and it expands on it to include a virus in the later chapters. While the hack and slash battles are impressive, the storyline is what sets this RPG apart from the rest.

Play Punishing: Gray Raven

5. V4

Next, we have a cross-platform MMORPG with a stunning open world to discover: The Order 1886. V4 is a brand-new MMORPG that lets you experience the full might of the underworld. You can select from a total of six different classes. Stun your opponents using one of your class’ special abilities while you move about the battlefield.

In V4, you can even personalize and shape your character. To be unbeatable in your universe, you’ll need to arm yourself with the best armour and weaponry possible. Alliances can be formed with other powerful heroes to form a formidable force for defeating your foes.

Play V4

6. Eternium

In comparison to other action RPGs, Eternium’s gameplay is far more sophisticated. Mage and Minions, as it’s known, is an iPhone game that brings back memories of playing Skyrim on a smartphone. You may expect to be entertained for long periods because of the excellent storyline and amazing graphics.

You won’t get bored because the game is based on a fascinating idea. Eternium’s best feature is that it can be played even if you don’t have access to the internet. You’ll also be given a small number of resources to use in each battle, which adds to the fun of this game.

Play Eternium

7. Shadowblood

Shadowblood is possibly the most excellent mobile role-playing game (RPG) for you to play if you love RPGs with a faster pace. It gives you excellent combats that, as you progress through the game, may bring back memories of DMC.

Even while you will be preoccupied with engaging in combat against a variety of enemies and acquiring loot and other items, you will still be able to make out the fascinating plot that is taking place. The game is an exclusive collection of all the essential components that will satisfy your expectations from a mobile role-playing game.

Play Shadowblood

8. Dungeon Hunter 5

If you are into role-playing games (RPGs), you have most likely been familiar with the Dungeon Hunter series, among the most well-known titles in this subgenre. It’s an action role-playing game with a smash-hit plot that supports it from every angle.

As you delve deeper into the game, you’ll find that there are other types of tasks, each of which will blow your mind. Dungeon Hunter 5 allows you to gain new experiences at regular intervals, each of which will encourage you to press on with your trip.

Play Dungeon Hunter 5

9. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

We all miss the extended waits between each of the Harry Potter sequels because we are fans of the series. However, this presents you with an opportunity to improve yourself and embark on a new voyage to Hogwarts.

The role-playing game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is an experience that will bring to memory both the plot of the series and all of its endearing characters. You will be able to use the magic spells that you learn from Professor Dumbledore, Snape, and other people later when you investigate the mysteries buried underneath.

You can also choose the scenario you want to play, make your character, and do many other things if you play Hogwarts Mystery. Everyone who enjoys the Harry Potter series will find that this adds a layer of excitement to the game.

Play Hogwarts Mystery

10. Arcane Quest Legends

On the lookout for a comprehensive collection of role-playing games to play on your iPhone? Your search will be over once you have completed Arcane Quest Legends. The game has nearly all the components that might be included in a role-playing action game.

It is even considered among the best role-playing games (RPGs) available for mobile devices. It will take some time to become accustomed to the setting, even though this game will introduce you to a new set of controls and features. But if you have all the necessary items, very little can stop you from continuing.

Play Arcane Quest Legends


It may appear like the selection of RPGs for the iPhone is limited, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. New games are being released at an ever-increasing rate as the gaming industry continues to improve. As a result, several RPGs are now available for iPhones and iPads.

On the other hand, if you want to limit your search for the top RPGs on iPhone, this list will help. Let us know what you think of these games and if there’s anything we’ve missed in the comments.