10 Best RTS Games For Android and iOS in 2024

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The desktop computer has long been the preferred platform for playing real-time strategy (RTS) games. It has taken some time for Android RTS games to gain popularity since simulating a constantly shifting battlefield is difficult on a touchscreen. Each of these mobile games provides a unique and enjoyable experience.

Some apps have tried to mimic the functionality of personal computers by designing intuitive user interfaces. While others depend on automation or ingenious map design to give a well-rounded experience with minimum player interaction.

In this article, we have shared the best RTS Games For Android and iOS users. Read about all the apps and then select according to your taste or preference.

Best RTS Games For Android and iOS

You don’t even need a computer or a couch to play your favorite RTS games; all you need is an Android or iOS smartphone. Have a look at the following list to get a better idea of the games you now own.

1. Rusted Warfare – RTS Strategy

Don’t be thrown off by Rusted Warfare’s very old visual style. It’s reminiscent of classics like as Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander, and it’s just as enjoyable.

The developers of Rusted Warfare didn’t spend time on a fancy user interface or fancy animations since they knew they were making a game for fans of old RTS games who wanted that experience on mobile.

It’s both a strength and a weakness that Rusted Warfare tries so hard to simulate the feel of those older games.

Many structures and troops will be at your disposal, but keeping track of everything may be difficult. But with the easy-to-use controls, you’ll be leading armies to victory in no time.

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2. Anomaly Warzone Earth HD

Even more impressive is that Anomaly: Warzone Earth, available for both PC and iOS, is consistently ranked among the best games in its category.

A tower defense game with a twist: the player must use real-time tactics to liberate the world’s main cities from alien occupation.

Top-down viewing may take some getting accustomed to, but the game’s visuals are amazing and the offensive action is great fun.

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Anomaly: Warzone Earth has shown itself worthy of its high Metacritic score of 94 by standing tall among the finest real-time strategy games ever made.

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3. Clash of Clans

One of the most effective methods is currently ranked highly in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Market. Your clans face off against one another, protecting your hamlet, and the game’s plot hinges on these clashes involving players from all over the globe.

The game is provided at no cost, while a voluntary gift is welcome. I’m delighted you can keep playing even if you can’t afford to make any further financial commitments, but progress will inevitably be slower.

Gold serves as the game’s primary currency. The mines are used for mining, which is essential for the upkeep of the fortifications. For example, you get to decide where in your community to put the structures you buy, which might have major implications for defense and warfare.

You’ll need to construct and maintain new fortifications, then put them to use in battle. You can keep tabs on your development in the town hall, the central structure in the hamlet.

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4. Land Air Sea Warfare

This is an RTS designed to harken back to the classics. The narrative is set shortly and chronicles the tale of a prolonged worldwide battle. The introduction of cutting-edge technology into the military has fundamentally altered the nature of the conflict.

Traditional elements such as lists of units and groups, a mini-map, a construction and production window, and a production window are all included in the interface. Furthermore, your faction’s cuisine has advanced technologically.

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This army will be unstoppable from every angle, with over a hundred different machines and structures. When defended by strong walls, turret towers, bunkers, and other such structures, no assault from the adversary can succeed.

The vast majority of fortifications may be swept away by the mechanized troops, which range from little buggies to huge assault robot destroyers (among the ground units, there is the sea and, of course, aircraft).

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5. Machines at War 3

Fun and challenging, you take command of a massive army in this iOS strategy game. You can do anything with this army. As the player, your primary objective is to uncover the enemy’s strategies and methods and destroy them entirely.

There is a wide range of objectives in the game. The tasks may be completed in a “campaign” mode. A lot of things happen throughout gaming. The developers put a lot of effort into the visuals, which result in a vibrant setting. There are colorful maps with picturesque scenery.

Discovering enemy strongholds is a primary objective in the game. Various weapons, secrets, technologies, and so forth are stored in various databases. First, you must discover and then destroy the base, which will need you to acquire all of its secrets.

Developers have included elements that allow players to alter the time of day and the weather in their games. That is to say; you may enjoy the game at any time of day or night.

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6. Bad North

In Bad North, you lead a little island nation as it comes under attack from Vikings. To guide your people to safety from waves of ax-wielding marauders, you’ll have to travel between a succession of beautiful procedurally created islands.

The length of a mission is just right; it’s lengthy enough to feel rewarding when completed but short enough to keep your interest. You’ll have to move your soldiers across the island and give them commands before each operation begins.

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Each individual unit is intelligent enough to figure out how to implement your directives without constant supervision. Don’t be fooled by the game’s pleasant visual style; you’ll be knee-deep in Viking blood, issuing urgent commands to protect your territory in no time.

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7. Mushroom Wars 2: Epic RTS war

If you’re searching for a fast RTS game to play now and then, go no further than Mushroom Wars 2. It’s not as hard to figure out as some other games on our list, but that’s not the purpose.

Mushroom Wars 2 has a large story and a player-against-player game, both of which are accessible to new players. Though it’s simple to pick up and play, Mushroom Wars 2 isn’t a lighthearted distraction.

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Every once in a while, missions will present you with a significant challenge, so be ready to take a break if things start to go badly. Although microtransactions are included in Mushroom Wars 2, they are optional for casual gamers.

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8. ROME: Total War

Rome: Total War’s ongoing popularity and appeal were shown by the publication of a remastered version last year, whereas many other real-time strategy games from the period have been permitted to fade into oblivion.

It’s also the most critically lauded installment in the Total War series. Fans of real-time strategy games and those interested in the Roman Empire will like this game very much.

The game’s objective is to become Emperor of Rome by strategically establishing your grip over the 50 provinces.

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9. Element

Getting started with Element is simple because we designed it that way from the bottom up. While matches are intended to be over in a matter of minutes, the gameplay is based on a tried-and-true RTS paradigm (collect resources, develop soldiers, beat opponent).

While numerous games make this claim, Element’s true strength rests in its polished implementation. The game of Element is not simple. There are just four different kinds of buildings/units the player may construct in a game.

A game’s turning point may occur in as little as a minute, even though there is a short time of “calm” build-up. And if you do lose, you can start a fresh game in seconds.

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10. Total War Battles: KINGDOM

Total War Battles: KINGDOM is set in a medieval setting where players will be met with the qualities of that age, including battles, military intrigue, the conquest of new territory, and the fight for the crown.

As part of Total War: KINGDOM The players’ primary objective will be to conceptualize the growth of their kingdom. Developing the requisite infrastructure and exploring uncharted regions are two steps toward this goal.

Do not ignore the military aspect any longer. Recruit and prepare an army to fight in the coming struggle for the crown by hiring and training troops.

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