10 Best Scary Roblox Games to Play (2024)

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Are you looking for scary Roblox games? Roblox is one of the most well-known online gaming platforms and game creation systems. It lets people make their own games and play games others have developed. Gamers have always had a strong sense of community.

Whether you’re a gamer seeking Among Us Discord servers or a casual gamer trying to meet new people, the connection is always there. Roblox has emerged as one of the most popular online platforms due to its extensive user community and high-quality open-world games. It has a massive library of titles across many different genres.

The horror genre of Roblox games has been trending recently. If you’re having issues finding scary Roblox games, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best scary Roblox games you can play online with friends.

Best Scary Roblox Games

This list includes a variety of the best free scary Roblox games, some of which can be played alone and others with multiple players. Utilize the list provided below, and decide based on the kind of game that most attracts you.

1. Piggy 

The children’s TV show Peppa Pig inspired the game’s design. It features 12 maps and 7 game modes in which players must avoid a grisly end. Each participant has the opportunity to cast a vote for the map and game mode.

They choose to participate with the rest of the group before each round starts. They’ll have to keep their minds and use their surroundings and survival abilities to outsmart Piggy, dodge traps, and make it through a round alive.

There is also a sequel to the game called Piggy: Book 2, which adds extra chapters and “Books” to play through. The third season has recently concluded, making this an excellent opportunity to dig in and get a feel for the game’s mechanics before further upgrades.


Alone in a dark home is another horror game for Roblox based on exploration. It has a lot of scary parts because it has story elements and wandering mechanics.

In the game, you play a private eye which is called to a small village in August 1996. You’ll be investigating a gruesome vehicular homicide and making your way to a mansion hiding a lot of stuff.

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Although it seems vacant, hidden hallways and rooms full of sinister mysteries exist. The riddles, and the overarching mystery, are all yours to unravel. Other people are living there, too.

3. A Wolf Or Other

If you have spent your childhood listening to terrifying tales about werewolves. You may find the multiplayer frightening game on Roblox, A Wolf Or Other, quite terrifying.

The people who played the famous murder mystery game, which Otter Space made. They do not know if they will play the part of the innocent, the hunter, or the werewolf.

On the Innocent side of the game, the objective is to avoid being murdered by the Werewolves for as long as possible so that you may survive as long as possible.

The hunter has a crossbow, and their job is to kill the werewolf so they can protect the innocent. Last, the werewolf must kill anyone or anything that catches his attention.

4. The Haunted Imperial Hotel

The response to the question, “Which game on Roblox is the most terrifying?” is different for each player, but in my experience, the terrifying location was The Haunted Imperial Hotel.

The phrase “entrance to hell” is synonymous with the Imperial Hotel, which was previously considered excellent real estate. In the years leading up to the cancellation of Halloween in 2009. The Imperial Hotel was the site of plenty of diabolical rites.

An unknown natural catastrophe up to 30 meters deep caused the collapse of large hotel sections, trapping numerous people within. Following the traumatic event, the Hotel was left in a state of abandonment, and it is slowly deteriorating into the ground.

5. Geisha

The game is based on the urban legend of the “Teke-Teke,” and it is one of the scariest horror games on Roblox. You’ve returned to the house you grew up in, but nobody is there.

Even while you tap your feet on the home’s hardwood floor in your investigation of the mystery. You’ll continually peeve over your shoulder to ensure the Geisha doesn’t catch you.

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This one will keep you up at night with plenty of jumps, scares, riddles, and the engrossing sense of being followed and watched.

6. Finders Keepers

Roblox’s Finders Keepers is only one of many terrifying games on our list, and it makes you work for its thrills. Now you’re an investigator again, but your forte is the supernatural this time.

You must find out what happened to a missing family and look into the strange things in their house.

You’ll find these hints in the shape of dark, secret chambers and the quest for discs. The discs contain a monster that will pursue you, so tread carefully. Finders Keepers is a fantastic horror mystery game full of terrifying jump scares and eerie noises.

7. Survive the Killer!

You already know what to expect from Survive the Killer if you’ve played games like Friday the 13th. Playing this terrifying Roblox game, players may take on the role of either a survivor or a murderer.

You and your fellow survivors must escape the murderer as quickly as possible. You may run away by yourself or gather a group of buddies.

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Before the victims can escape or the clock runs out, the Killer must take out as many other players as possible. Survive the Killer, one of 2022’s most popular Robox Games. It is a terrifying yet thrilling experience for you and your pals to enjoy together.

8. Murder Mystery 2

Seemingly, Roblox players share the general public’s fondness for the traditional murder mystery. In any case, four billion people have already tried this game.

As a social deduction game, Murder Mystery 2 requires all 12 players to work together to identify the killer. In each game, the sheriff is in charge of tracking down and killing the killer.

You’ll need your wits about you if you want to make it through the challenges ahead in this game of deceit and treachery. The other games on our list may be scarier. But Murder Mystery 2 is still certain to raise your pulse rate.

9. The Mirror

In the horror genre, mirrors and the terrifying reflections they reflect are among my worst phobias. The Mirror is based on that exact phenomenon and takes place in an underground place full of mirrors.

You must navigate the place and discover these various mirrors as the player. But there’s a lot more than your own reflection that’s concealed behind those mirrors.

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Jump scares and eerie ambient sounds are staples of the Roblox horror game The Mirror. Even though this is a cooperative game. You should play it alone if you want to get a thrill out of it.

10. Insane Elevator

This Roblox horror game dials down the horrors just enough to make it suitable for gamers of varying ages. Players of Insane Elevator must ride an elevator for a shot at various prizes.

You’re not alone. Other movie and video game murderers like Pennywise the Clown, Sired Head, and the Rake are also traveling with you.

The player’s job is to get through a series of stages and complete goals. You can also invite your friends to play this scary game with you since Insane Elevator is a multiplayer horror game on Roblox.