10 Best Scrabble Games for iPhone and iPad (2024)

Scrabble is a timeless word game that appeals to players of all ages and never grows old. It’s a fun method to enhance your vocabulary and spelling abilities. Without a real board, you can play Scrabble on your phone or tablet with the help of apps.

They also provide many additional options, including challenge modes, randomly generated boards, extra puzzles, etc. So go ahead and let these best scrabble games for the iPhone and iPad transport you to the realm of words.

And don’t worry if you’re new to Scrabble or other word games or find them too difficult. Play these games combined with a word unscrambler, which lets you type in your letters and produces possible words.

Best Scrabble Games for iPhone and iPad

You don’t have to be concerned about the tiles moving around on the actual plain because their app counterparts will remain firmly in place there.

Read on to learn more about the top scrabble games on the iPhone and iPad if you have an iPad and are seeking some cerebral exercise.

1. Scrabble® GO

The well-known family-friendly board game has been remade by Electronic Arts for various devices. The Scrabble games have been modified for the iPad and given new HD-quality graphics and other unique features.

To further immerse you in the gameplay experience, it includes amusing animations, sound effects, and gorgeous images. You can play the Pass N’ Play and Local Network Play game modes alone or against friends.

Up to 4 players can enjoy the games by flicking them directly from their iPhone or iPod touch to the iPad after downloading the free Scrabble Tile Rack app, which is ideal for a family gathering or house party.

2. Wordfeud

The Wordfeud app, in contrast to the first two, may be downloaded for free directly to your Apple device. While you could play up to 20 games at once in Words With Friends HD.

Wordfeud’s objective is rather straightforward. All you have to do is put your thinking cap on and create words using the Double Letter, Triple Letter, Double Word, and Triple Word tiles scattered throughout the 15 by 15 tile board.

And if you grow bored with the same unique tile placements, shout “surprise me” and choose the random board option, which switches everything up. Additionally, you can engage your adversaries in serious or informal dialogue.

3. Words with Friends

Words with Friends is the recommended program if you want to play a game of Word Play with your loved ones or friends. This software provides both single-player and cooperative scrabble games. You can also sharpen your crossword abilities or play puzzle games against random opponents.

In-game messaging is another feature provided by the app, along with a stats and progress tracking option for users. Users of the app can play scrabble games for free or purchase additional content and in-game currency through in-app purchases.

Therefore, the app provides all you need to improve your vocabulary and word skills or pass the time with friends while having fun. This scrabble game is free to download.

4. Knotwords

Nowadays, it seems impossible to discuss scrabble games without mentioning Wordle, the game that gained widespread popularity and was subsequently purchased by the New York Times.

Wordle only provides one-word puzzles per day, which can be frustrating for people who want to play more. Zach Gage, well known for designing several mobile games like SpellTower and TypeShift, has developed Knotwords to react to that.

By adding Wordle and sudoku components to each line, these kinds of scrabble games give the traditional word search a modern twist. iPhone and iPad games are free to download. It’s one of the best iOS games available because there are many riddles to complete.

5. Alphabear 2

2018 saw the release of this follow-up to the popular 2015 game, which had been improved with a plot, fresh backdrops, and new props. Choose letters from a crossword puzzle grid, then spell words with them.

Additionally, you’ll solve puzzles to amass over 100 bears of varying rarity. In addition to being adorable, they’ll provide advantages in upcoming scrabble games by allowing you to score more points, changing the game board, or extending your time to play.

For $5 per month, developer Spry Fox offers a VIP subscription that grants you access to free coins that can be used to purchase new bears and coffee that can be used to level up your bears if you become very addicted.

6. Sticky Terms

This game is challenging but simple to grasp. You are given certain tactical jigsaw pieces that you have put back together in sticky terms.

You’ll need to invent a word or phrase for the game without direct translation into another language. This game is a lovely combination for someone who likes scrabble games and puzzles.

It involves more than just playing anagram games; you must put the puzzles back together with words. This explains why the game could initially seem difficult.

7. Four Letters

To earn the most points, you must spell a word using four letters as soon as possible while racing against the clock. The challenge will get more difficult the longer you remain in a round.

As you complete challenges, you’ll receive accolades based on the length of your scrabble games and the number of words you can generate. Every set of four letters has numerous combinations, encouraging you to be inventive.

A dictionary with millions of words can help you increase your vocabulary by revealing the ones you’ve already used. Through the leaderboards, you may keep track of your performance throughout games and compare yourself to your friends.

8. Mystic Words

This is my absolute favorite because it contains over 1500 problems, which is unmatched. Mystic Words is a parlor game with everything you need to win over other scrabble games fans.

The idea behind this game is rather simple. By analyzing the hints and rearranging the letter combinations, you want to search for all seven secret words.

There is no point in time, so don’t worry about moving quickly. Finding the right word to match the clue will take some time. Additionally, you are free to choose the sequence in which you respond in the game.

9. Bonza Word Puzzle

Players in Bonza Word Puzzle are given random letters that they must utilize to create a meaningful word. One of the oldest scrabble games is this one. This game combines trivia and word searches.

It will keep you entertained since a new puzzle is released every day. Slide the words into different word formations to link the puzzle pieces. This game has thoughtfully incorporated contemporary elements despite being regarded as a classic.

The first two puzzle packs in the game are free. You can access the additional puzzle packs by accruing game points. Early stages are simple to understand, but as you advance, the challenge level only rises.

10. Conundra

Are you dissatisfied with your Scrabble games? You must work hard in Conundra to improve your ability to play, outwit, and outlast your opponents.

Conundra is a simple anagram game that makes learning new words and expanding your vocabulary a breeze.

The best feature of this game is how easily you can keep track of your progress over time and correct your mistakes. Additionally, the game lets you recognize when your thinking is at its best.