7 Best Skype Alternatives for Windows & Mac (2024)

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The best alternatives to Skype allow you to have secure, high-quality video and phone chats with people worldwide. Learning from home, collaborating with clients and teammates, and communicating with healthcare providers are all possible thanks to technological advancements.

It’s no secret that Skype is among the most popular voice-over IP (VoIP) options, but does its popularity guarantee it’s also the best? That’s not quite true. These days, there are many additional options for making and receiving free phone and video calls online. Here we have researched and compiled a list of the best free skype alternatives.

Best Free Skype Alternatives For Video & Voice Calls

This article will discuss some of the best alternatives to Skype, including those similar in functionality, support, user-friendliness, and availability.


Like other instant messaging services, LINE makes it simple to stay in touch with your pals. It supports Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, among other platforms.

The service, as one might imagine, offers free group video chats, voice calls, and text messages. Thousands of fun animated stickers are available for you to use in conversations.

If you like to exchange plenty of media during your chats, you may want to consider switching to LINE instead of Skype.

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Depending on the situation, you can leave a voicemail or beam your current location to the recipient. LINE also promotes celebrity “authentic accounts,” although your favorite stars might not be among them.

You should give LINE a shot if you want to try something new and are satisfied with its feature set. Although it’s widely used across Asia, many Westerners may be unfamiliar with this messaging service.

2. Microsoft Teams

Those of Microsoft Teams are increasingly surpassing the business management functions of Skype.

With the corporate plan’s top-notch security, Teams makes it easy to set up and manage user accounts for all your staff members.

It is pivotal in fostering an integrated and compatible ecosystem for Microsoft customers.

Microsoft Teams is a chat and call-based platform that offers capabilities including data sharing and management, conferencing, and end-to-end encrypted security.

Channels are useful for keeping track of communications between different groups inside your company.

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Many people think this is the best thing about Microsoft Teams because it can increase productivity, improve collaboration, and make it easier to manage data and people.

3. Zoom

As of the beginning of COVID-19, Zoom’s user base has expanded exponentially from its original demographic of remote employees to people with a wide range of communication requirements.

The meeting scheduling features of Zoom include audio/video conferencing, screen sharing, in-call chatting, and more. It works with a small set of apps to provide meeting recording solutions.

Due in part to the fact that it was so simple to use, Zoom expanded rapidly over the course of the past year.

It lacks the robust chat features of competitors like RingCentral and Teams. Its chat function is only activated when a conversation is in progress.

Moreover, it lacks tools for collaborating with others on a team. Zoom lacks essential features such as sharing files, monitoring progress, and creating new assignments.

4. Viber

This fully closed network, like Skype, allows for one-on-one voice over IP (VoIP) calls group chat, and in-meeting data and file sharing.

Viber Out’s dial-in feature is free while making calls outside the country. Viber’s video calling capabilities are identical to those of Skype in every respect.

Creating an account on Viber works a little differently than on Skype. To sign up for either Skype or Viber, you’ll need a Microsoft account and a phone number, respectively.\

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You can’t use this app unless you have a smartphone. Also, there are no administration tools, rendering it unsuitable for corporate settings.

Due to its similarity to Skype in terms of the user interface, Viber has attracted a large user base of regular people who use it for chatting, meeting, and calling.

5. Cisco Webex

Webex includes features that set it apart from other secure Skype alternatives in terms of safety. Maintaining contact with your group’s constituents has never been easier. Webex works with every platform imaginable.

Users hosting meetings or conferences can easily invite others to participate, and those invited can jump right in with a single click.

Everything you need to keep tabs on your projects, work together in real-time with audio and video, and distribute and discuss content.

You can also make snap choices in one convenient place. The safety of an individual or group is always priority number one.

It offers a very high level of security regarding authenticating users, exchanging information, and setting up appointments. The host has complete authority over each conference session’s beginning and end times.

6. Google Duo 

Google Duo is a good substitute for Skype if you’re concerned about video quality. To make phone calls to anybody you like, utilize this. It’s free, provides high-quality video, and may be used by anyone.

Even if the other person hasn’t downloaded Google Duo or signed up for the service, you can still hold a conversation with them. The Google pair has optimized its service for slow networks like 2G.

It can automatically switch to an audio call or lower video quality if the network is too slow or unstable to support a video conversation.

However, even while using Wi-Fi, it consumes a little portion of your mobile data, so be sure to disable it before making a call.

Compared to other Skype competitors, Google Duo comes out on top thanks to its simple interface and seamless interaction with Android.

7. Crewdle

When it comes to online meetings and video conferencing, Crewdle is the new, eco-friendly standard. Having complete confidentiality during meetings is only possible with end-to-end encryption.

You won’t have trouble figuring out how to operate it as a user. There are many alternatives to Skype, but most aren’t good enough to replace Skype as a video chat and messaging platform.

A great alternative to Skype for video calls is Crewdle. Credle provides an excellent platform for online meetings, thanks to its intuitive UI, helpful customer service, and extensive tools.

Unlike Skype, however, Crewdle has no negative environmental effects and is completely eco-friendly.