10 Best SMS Verification Apps for iPhone (2024)

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The best iPhone app that allows you to avoid sms verification by using a secondary phone number is discussed today. Phone verification is a huge help in reducing spam and abuse on the most popular platforms. These include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Many people, though, are reluctant to reveal their actual phone numbers online. What happens if someone fraudulently uses your phone number for online account access? Never fear! We’ve compiled a list of the best SMS Verification Apps for iPhone. Some apps give you a second phone line specifically for use with the app.

Best SMS Verification Apps for iPhone

There are a lot of SMS verification apps for iPhones, but very few of them are free. You’ll need to pay for a more expensive plan with more virtual phone numbers. These are the best iPhone apps for SMS verification.

1. Text Plus

If you have a weak connection or no signal, you can still utilize TextPlus, a Google app that allows you to send text messages over Wi-Fi. The app uses a patented algorithm to thwart brute-force attacks, just one of the many security safeguards in place to protect your account data from prying eyes.

International texting credit purchases are also possible. In addition to the obvious use of just sending and receiving texts, you can also use texting to notify oneself of events such as the arrival of packages or other items. You can save expensive data fees by checking your favorite sites from within the app, which is convenient while you’re on the road.

2. Flyp: Multiple Phone Numbers

With this SMS verification software, you can link up to five additional U.S. phone numbers to your existing phone. Every one of your numbers can have any area code you like, so you can pretend you’re based wherever you like. The phone numbers are free for calling, texting, and sending pictures.

The Flyp app, which offers many phone numbers, lets you make and receive calls and texts from people in over 15 countries. You may also manage who can send you an SMS and at what times by activating a “Do Not Disturb” mode for each phone number. This app is great for getting around SMS verification.

3. line2

In addition to making phone calls, line2 is one of the finest applications for SMS verification because it allows you to send an infinite number of text messages to any phone number worldwide. Line2 is not tied to any carrier, making it a viable option if you transfer providers.

Despite this, the app’s primary user base is people who want to make low-cost calls across international borders. It’s compatible with Apple Watch as well. Access is free on iOS devices and iPads, with the caveat that users must verify their accounts over the phone.

4. Numero eSIM

Numero eSIM, which offers phone numbers from the United States and 80+ other countries, is one of the greatest free SMS verification apps for the iPhone. The app’s virtual phone number can be used for international calling and texting.

You can acquire a free US phone number if you use the app and gather coins from the free coin center. You must pay to use a phone number in any other nation if you need to use SMS verification. In addition, Numero eSIM has many calling options, such as WiFi calling, call forwarding, and customized voicemails.

5. Keap

Keap is primarily intended to aid small businesses, although it may also be used for SMS verification. Like the other SMS verification apps for iPhone gives you a second number that you may use for making and receiving calls and text messages. Keap phone numbers can be used for iOS’s SMS verification because the app supports the capability.

Keap’s only drawback is that it can only provide North American phone numbers, specifically in the United States and Canada. Keap also allows you to set up SMS auto-replies, forward calls, and more. If you’re looking for excellent iOS software to verify your phone number via SMS, go no further than Keap.

6. Grasshopper

This is another top-notch SMS verification tool that converts your personal number into a professional one. Grasshopper is the name of the virtual phone system. One of the largest companies in the virtual phone sector, Grasshopper focuses on serving medium and small businesses.

Caller ID, automated greetings, and custom extensions are just a few of the basic features that help businesses seem more polished for less money. It’s a great free service that can verify your phone number by text message.

7. PingMe 

You can get a fake phone number with the SMS verification service using this app. Because of this, you can contact anyone, wherever in the world. With the help of our SMS Verification app, you won’t have to deal with annoying SMS verification codes again.

This means you may sign up for as many online services as you like, run your company more efficiently, and take your vacation without worry. Getting a second phone number is a great idea if you want to save money on international calls and have more flexibility in managing your contacts.

8. Second SMS

The Second SMS software provides easy access to thousands of phone numbers, allowing users to quickly and easily avoid SMS verification. You don’t need to give your primary phone number when signing up for any service that uses an SMS code.

If a person is testing out a new social media site, online store, or online game, they are less likely to want to share their primary contact number with the service. We always turn to the Second SMS app if a secondary phone number is needed in a pinch.

9. Vyke

Vyke is a widely used, no-cost iPhone app for two-factor authentication through SMS. This gives you four virtual numbers, more than any other apps on this list. Virtual phone numbers allow for both outgoing and incoming calls and text messages.

Vyke’s inexpensive rates for calls to landlines and mobile phones are what first drew users to the service. Regarding the SMS verification, the Vyke-generated phone number can be used easily.

10. Hushed

Hushed is another excellent iPhone app to try while avoiding SMS verification. A personal iPhone software that provides local numbers from more than 300 area codes across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Once you have a local phone number, you can receive SMS verification codes. Hushed’s generated numbers may be used for both SMS and phone-based verifications, and they are compatible with all major social networking and instant messaging platforms.