9 Best Sniper Games For Android and iOS (2024)

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If you’re a fan of playing sniper games on your phone, you’ve probably already experimented with a wide variety of rifles in those games. In my opinion, this is because most of these games are not developed with the sniper-style passion that many of us have in mind.

You should consider looking into various apps that offer purer gameplay in the sniper genre. Therefore, let’s not waste any more time and immediately take a look at the Best Sniper Games For Android and iOS users.

Best Sniper Games For Android and iOS

It’s always interesting to play sniper games. No other game can match their ability to keep you aware and engaged throughout each and every assignment. Looking for a little excitement in your life? The best free sniper game apps for Android and iOS are listed here.

1. Sniper 3D: Gun Shooting Games

Sniper 3D is an excellent first-person shooter. From a level that a 5-year-old could complete, the game gradually ramps up in difficulty. If you’re facing a dead end, don’t worry; you can break through it with a little work.

You’ll assist law enforcement, the military, and other establishments as a good guy in this role. The game’s designers have decided to include every conceivable story twist in games like this.

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Preparing for the zombie apocalypse? Because, why the hell not! Aliens? That’s fine as well, of course! Robots? That’s great news for Whovians!

And, yeah, on top of all that, you’re preventing World War III from breaking out. What a fantastic and baffling description of events. If you don’t install the app, you’ll never know the big deal! Superb visuals, a wide variety of missions and weapons, etc. Among the very best, this one stands out.

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Players must be 17 or older in LONEWOLF because it is a sniper gaming app. There’s not a lot of bloodshed in this one, but the complex mystery plot and high-stakes moral dilemmas make it difficult to enjoy.

The game’s plot is based on a Neo-Noir narrative and has many parallels to real life. It’s unclear why you decide to end the lives of the people you kill. It seems like you are part of a group, but at first, the purpose of this group is unclear.

between missions, you read some text bubbles and watch some dark yet gorgeous hand-drawn sequences, which explain the story’s underlying elements. The music in the backdrop of the game adds to the tension.

The game features 35 missions, a 5-hour plot, and some mini-games, so if you’re a power player, you may try to finish it in a day, but you’ll find it quite a task.

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3. Zombie Hunter: Killing Games

This app is fresh air compared to the others because of its post-apocalyptic setting and player-protector role.

Similar to the app above, this one features simple controls, a zoom function, different mission maps, and the ultimate goal of eliminating the enemy.

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A two-way weapon swap, a time slowdown, and a radar mode to spot zombies are just a few of the additional features that help to liven up the action.

You can switch roles and play as a zombie, employ dogs to find loot and kill zombies, and complete unique missions to kill zombie bosses.

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4. Six-Guns: Gang Showdown

Six-Guns: Gang Showdown captures the essence of what players have enjoyed about other outstanding cowboy-themed console games. The graphics may look a touch archaic, but the game should run smoothly on even midrange smartphones.

This third-person shooter Western has open-world exploration, horseback riding, and a variety of authentic Wild West activities, as well as plenty of gunplay.

In keeping with past Gameloft titles, obtaining the best weapons requires a significant time commitment (or the use of microtransactions), but the game’s core features can be unlocked at no cost to players who are willing to put in the necessary time.

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5. Cover Fire: fun shooting games

Over 10 million players have downloaded the fast-paced shooting game Cover Fire. While the single-player campaign is where most of your time will be spent, Cover Fire also features a multiplayer mode for you to enjoy with your pals.

In addition to being completely free, Cover Fire also has a very compact footprint during setup (around 400Mb). The 3D graphics are top-notch, and the controls make good use of your thumb.

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You’ll face a wide variety of foes and have access to various weaponry in this game. Either specialize in sniping or practice hand-to-hand combat with firearms. Imaginative “chapters” added to the main plot mode keep playing fresh.

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One more fantastic shooter is Contract Killer Sniper. The premise of this one isn’t as malleable as the last one, but at least there’s a backstory to it, so the missions have more of a point.

There are 250 tasks in total! Therefore, you should not expect a free pass. The gameplay is also really interesting.

The story, please! Kidnapping scientists for use in developing cyborgs and other horrific technologies have become widespread, allegedly at the hands of criminal organizations.

Battle it out with other players in the PvP mode, defending your own base while you destroy theirs. There is nothing else to add; to understand the excitement of the description, one must play the game.

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7. Hitman Sniper

Naturally, this is the compilation of no-cost sniper games, but seeing as this app is less than a dollar, we thought we’d pass along the information.

Additionally, not everyone likes watching commercials in-between missions, so if you fall into that category, this is a wonderful opportunity to get a fun sniper game without wasting too much time or money.

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Exciting tasks are available in the app to test and enhance your reaction time and precision. High-profile targets should be assassinated with cold blood because they are not helpless victims but cunning criminals who are difficult to catch.

If you’re looking for some out-of-the-way adventures, the game has a survival mode with zombies you might not have expected. Assuming, of course, that you own the game.

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8. Sniper Arena

As the name implies, Sniper Arena is a game where snipers compete against one another in real-time. Immediately get to the gaming action.

You and seven other players will fill up the map. As many of them as you can be eliminated. The victor is the sharpshooter who kills the most targets.

Concurrently, as your career progresses, you’ll have access to various weapons, specialized gear, and concealment methods. The app has stunning visuals with high levels of detail.

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In addition, it features real-world-based mechanisms that add to the game’s realism in terms of the sniper world. So, if you want to be competitive, this is a fantastic choice!

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9. Johnny Trigger – Sniper Game

If you are interested in trying out some basic animated sniper games, then you should play this particular sniper game. Because there is no menu in the app, the game commences as soon as you launch the application on your device.

The mechanics are quite straightforward; you simply press the screen to zoom in and release it to fire. The game’s objective is to eliminate as many thugs as possible, the number of which is determined by the level of the game you are now playing.

In addition, you have access to settings where you can choose whether or not to use the haptics, sound, and music features.

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