5 Best Solitaire Apps for Android and iOS in 2024

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Users love Solitaire games, making them one of the most popular games overall. The game has had numerous variations ever since it was first played. The real progression of Solitaire began when technology like computers came into existence.

Solitaire has been one of the most dominating games on operating systems like Windows and Linux. This one of the most popular app categories have onboarded the smartphone segment.

Since so many people now own smartphones, programmers are racing to create new takes on the classic card game Solitaire that nevertheless capture the game’s essence.

In this blog, we have decided to list some of the top Solitaire games that are quite popular for Android smartphone users. These most popular strategy games are picked based on their popularity among players.

We’ve included a download link for Best Solitaire Apps for Android and iOS that takes you straight to the software’s official repository.

Best Solitaire Apps for Android and iOS

You’ll find a description of each app’s features underneath its name if it’s one of the best free solitaire game apps on this list. Thus, you can rapidly scan the app’s history and choose the one you like best.

1. Spider Solitaire App by MobilityWare

Spider Solitaire by MobilityWare is a serious contender for the top Solitaire app spot in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Market.

In Spider Solitaire, you can build a tower from the King to the Ace using cards of the same suit, but in traditional Solitaire, you must build a tower from the King to the Ace using alternating colors.

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MobilityWare’s Spider Solitaire is a must-try among the top mobile games due to its many engaging difficulties. Try it now to collect points, climb the leaderboard, and come out as the Spider Solitaire master!

Download for Android & iOS

2. Solitaire

The app with the most authentic name, isn’t it?:) But when the game itself is fantastic, the brand name is secondary. It’s also been around for nearly ten years, so you know it’s a good solitaire program.

With each new level, you gain more points. Tap or drag cards to arrange them in decreasing order with alternating colors. When you can, move cards up to the foundation to sort all of the suits from Ace to King. Moreover, the game itself is changeable – you may alter the backdrops and the picture of cards.

Download for Android & iOS

3. FreeCell Solitaire Card Game

FreeCell Solitaire Card Game is another MobilityWare card game you won’t regret installing on your device.

Many people worldwide can’t get enough of the brainteaser card game FreeCell Solitaire, which is available for mobile devices. If you’re familiar with the famous game FreeCell, you’ll feel at home with this one, as the gameplay is identical.

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As with previous MobilityWare card games, this edition of FreeCell Solitaire also features daily challenges. In the spirit of day-to-day difficulties, you will appreciate the variety of tasks in this game.

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4. Microsoft Solitaire Collection

You may be surprised that even Microsoft has released Solitaire software for mobile devices. Okay, that’s just sort of funny because Microsoft was a pioneer in the distribution of digital solitaire games on the classic Windows 97 operating system. Keeping with its roots, it’s hardly surprising that it developed a solitaire app.

The game manages to evoke a twinge of melancholy because its visual style hasn’t changed since 1997. The younger viewers will likely be interested in learning about the popular computer games of the era. The app features both standard gaming modes and daily challenges for users to complete.

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5. Pyramid Solitaire Saga

To unlock the secret card, you and the game’s protagonists must become familiar with the ancient world’s wonders, locate the beetle’s scarabs, and solve puzzles.

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During the game, you will solve difficult card puzzles to get to the main goal – the treasures and magic of the Ancients. Become a treasure hunter, explore the beautiful worlds and accomplish fascinating levels!

Download for Android & iOS


There are still devoted players of solitaire, whether the game is played on a physical card or a computer screen. Many more individuals will experience the fun of playing solitaire thanks to the proliferation of smartphone apps.

Card games are here to stay, and the applications that improve gameplay and competition are a big reason. Try out some of our recommended best Solitaire apps, whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the game or not, and become a Solitaire pro in no time!