10 Best Spelling Apps for Android and iPhone (iOS) (2024)

Spelling mistakes continue to be among the most frequent ones that occur frequently. You must use the best spelling apps for android and iPhone to handle the errors. On the app store, you have options, which is fortunate.

This page provides spelling apps for download from the Play Store and App Store. Most of the applications on the list below work with both operating systems.

Additionally, instructors and parents can organize classes for kids to improve their spelling skills. In summary, I’ve done various studies on this subject and created a thorough list of the top spelling apps for Android and iOS devices.

Best Spelling Apps for Android and iOS

App market options have been mentioned. Some apps only fix spelling, but others also enhance grammar. You’ll also find adult and kid spelling games.

Spelling may be overrated. Even with auto-correct, it’s better to learn, right? Here are spelling apps.

1. Spelling Friendzy

The Spelling Friendzy app is available for iOS and Android smartphones and is widely considered among the top spelling programs.

This gaming program, which goes by the name Spelling Friendzy, is all about having fun while nicely competing with others.

After learning that children enjoy competing against one another, we conducted some in-depth study and came up with the idea for Spelling Friendzy.

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2. CorrectMe

CorrectMe is more than just a spellchecker platform. This software has a thesaurus for writers that require variety. This program checks every word you input for a synonym automatically.

Manually enabled synonym checker. CorrectMe is only accessible for iOS. Therefore, android users should look elsewhere. The free edition fixes spelling errors and suggests synonyms, like other apps on this list.

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If you want enhanced functionality, download this software. Pro removes ads. It also offers grammar explanations and suggestions. CorrectMe is a good alternative if you like its features.

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3. Grammarly

It is well known that Grammarly is very popular. If you are unaware of the purpose of this software, it looks impossible. Grammarly is a great spelling checker program that enables users to reduce any spelling mistakes.

You can upload a document or type the term in the app’s designated space. The system will quickly identify all of the mistakes. This application is a Google Chrome plugin, but it also functions as a keyboard for cell phones.

More than any other spelling and grammar app, Grammarly deserves the #1 rank. The free version is more than sufficient to correct your grammar and spelling.

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4. Spelling Notebook Free

This app’s users—most likely students—are meant to learn and master the spelling of particular words. Users can enter the list of words, check their spelling and receive a star for each accurate spelling.

A database of over 100,000 words, recognition of various English regions, the ability to keep multiple word lists, edit word lists, import words from lists, a help section and a history of spelling tests.

Other features are available in addition to the ability to add custom words. It will be difficult to discover a more impressive spelling software.

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5. Speller

A few apps appear as spelling game apps on this list. Speller isn’t always a game, on the other hand. This is just a standard spelling app with a tonne of incredible features.

The app serves as the home for numerous sources. Speller is fantastic software if you need to spell anything while on the run. This program assists you with Spanish in addition to correcting your English spelling.

While word suggestions and other tools are great for spelling, you might also appreciate the dictionary definition option. If your internet connection is active, the app will operate as intended.

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6. Ginger

Consider Ginger your friend if you’re looking for a spell checker to keep your email, Google Docs, and other social media apps error-free. This tool is accessible and works with Windows and Mac, similar to Grammarly.

These days, you can also use your smartphone to access the service. Similar functions to Grammarly are provided for Android smartphones. You can avoid dealing with spelling mistakes by using the keyboard.

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In addition, you can use its word prediction feature to simplify your writing endeavor. The free Ginger app has more than enough features to correct simple grammar and spelling mistakes.

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7. Spell and Pronounce Words Right

Spell and speak is a quirky and unusual mobile phone app that makes it easier to correctly spell and pronounce things.

Users who have trouble remembering spellings or are unsure how to pronounce a word would benefit from the spell and pronounce program. The free Ginger app has more than enough features to correct simple grammar and spelling mistakes.

The educational app Spell and Pronounce Words Right is designed for individuals who have difficulty remembering correct spellings and pronunciations.

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8. Spelling Monster

Do you know about Spelling Monster? Although this program may not be the best spelling app for grownups, it still offers many important features. Although this software is typically used to educate children.

The app includes various interactive games because it is typically made for children. As a result, learning spelling can be made more enjoyable.

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More than anything, Spelling Monster is the ideal platform for anyone looking to learn English while experiencing something new. So, if you’re assisting your kids or teaching English, this app is a great option.

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9. Kids Spelling Learning

Are you looking for word-spelling apps that are specially made for children? If so, Kid’s Spelling Learning might be the best option. This website aims to help children learn how to spell, as its name suggests.

Although the UI appears relatively basic, the effects can be extremely significant. You can select a category in the app to see the words under it. Your screen will display a picture after selecting a category, and you must enter the word using the keyboard.

Children’s spelling lessons could resemble flash cards. However, users must input the response. You may hear how each alphabet sounds as you type it.

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10. Scrabble

One of the oldest word games still played today is scrabble. This platform has been in existence for some time. Although Scrabble may not be the finest spelling test app for pupils, it nevertheless offers a variety of activities.

Using this platform, you can play games with your friends and family. This game has a dictionary in addition to a board and tiles. Doing so allows you to learn new words and check to see if you’re typing the words correctly.

Free software Scrabble has a few functions. But if you want access to more sophisticated features, you can always upgrade your subscription.

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