10 Best Teacher Apps For Android and iOS (2024)

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With teacher apps, teachers can improve the learning experience in their classes. There have been several discussions about the pros and cons of using technology in the classroom. Technology may revolutionize a school setting when applied effectively. School districts should welcome technology rather than try to ban it.

As a teacher, you should make use of the numerous educational apps currently accessible. There are a variety of useful apps for educators, allowing for the organization and management of classroom time, parent and student contact, and the incorporation of a variety of useful technological resources.

Teachers looking to exert greater authority in the classroom might try out the list of best Teacher Apps for Android & iOS below.

Best Teacher Apps For Android and iOS

With so many apps fighting for your attention, it’s important to have a clear objective before downloading anything. These Android and iOS teacher apps are the best in this category.

1. ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a platform for online teaching and learning. It facilitates communication between educators, students, and their families. The network allows educators to communicate with kids and their families, provide constructive feedback, and accept homework projects.

It’s an approach that can help keep the lines of communication open between everyone. The nicest thing about the site is that anyone can use it without paying anything. Putting it to use is a breeze.

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You’re in charge of arranging the classroom furnishings on the stage. Afterward, convince them to install the app on their phones. In that case, you’re all set to go. This app is a must-have for any educator.

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2. Edmodo

Since Edmodo has a straightforward user interface, it may be used in any grade-level classroom with no effort. Simply provide the classroom link to the children and parents you want to participate.

Once you have students enrolled, use the classroom stream to communicate with them regularly. Edmodo allows you to create small groups for collaborative work and send individual messages to students and parents.

Searching for Further Ideas to Use in the Classroom? Visit the Discover page to pick up some useful pedagogical tidbits, put your students through their paces with educational games, and gain fresh ideas for classroom pursuits.

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3. Seesaw

Teachers must have a firm grasp of their students’ skill levels to devise effective methods for releasing students’ inventive potential.

While using Seesaw Class, students can showcase their knowledge and professors can gain valuable insight into their abilities. This makes it slightly simpler for teachers to identify gifted students.

Seesaw Class encourages students to develop their leadership potential by giving them a platform to share their ideas openly and honestly.

Teachers can monitor their pupils’ development and have meaningful discussions with their families about their education. Plus, parents may view their child’s progress and provide feedback.

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4. Google Classroom

When Google decided to enter the realm of online education, it created Google Classroom. This is the last item on the list, we swear! The service’s main selling feature is that Google Classroom is available at no cost.

If a school already uses the free G Suite for Education, Google Classroom can be integrated into the school’s system without any further work. They will all have their own accounts for email, online storage, and more.

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Additionally, educators can distribute assignments, collect student work, and maintain two-way communication with students and parents. This app is a must-have for any educator.

It’s a big plus if your institution already uses G Suite for Education. Also, the Google Drive suite, including its many office tools, cloud storage options, and other capabilities, is already at your disposal.

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5. Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes

Kahoot is one of the most excellent apps for the classroom since it encourages student participation through entertaining and informative games. You can make your own quizzes or “Kahoots” using your own questions and media.

A unique game PIN will be sent to you and your pupils as soon as the quiz is complete. At that point, they simply enter the PIN into the app on their own device to play.

If you’re in a pinch, you can find games other teachers produce on Kahoot. Kahoot can replace traditional homework assignments like filling out a paper quiz by having students complete a Kahoot instead.

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6. Khan Academy

You never stop learning. And if you’re a cherished educator who has concluded that it’s time to take your education on the go, Khan Academy is an excellent option.

This app’s extensive library of videos, interactive exercises, and countless articles on various subjects—from algebra and differential equations to economics, finance, the humanities, and more.

Khan Academy provides self-paced practice tests, quizzes, and exercises. Furthermore, it gives you immediate responses and detailed tips so you never get stuck.

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Your learning doesn’t have to come to a halt when you don’t have access to the internet since you can save your favorite exercises, topics, and even videos for offline viewing.

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7. Quizizz: Play to learn

Lessons that include fun or intriguing details become more than just educational. Making challenging quizzes for your students to solve is a great way to inject some lightheartedness into the classroom.

Quizizz allows you to make and host fun quizzes. Students can take tests to see how well they are doing. Adding in some friendly competition with your pals is a great way to up the ante on the game’s enjoyment factor.

You’ll never run out of quizzes to take with this app because they cover a wide range of subjects like arithmetic, English, science, history, geography, languages, and general knowledge.

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8. Class management

Attendance and grade records written on paper are not usually accurate. It’s not pleasant to look at the grid-style grade books; you may easily ruin your papers by spilling coffee on them.

If you’re still keeping track of your student’s grades and absences on paper, give the TrackCC app a shot instead. The attendance records of your students can be easily monitored with TrackCC.

You can indicate whether a student was absent, late, or left early, as well as mark whether their absence was excused or not. TrackCC can also be used for grading purposes.

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Grade homework, quizzes, exams, and projects in the app, then check out the students’ aggregated grades and individual performance summaries. In addition to these benefits, TrackCC also allows you to link parents so that they can receive attendance reminders.

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9. Pocket: Save. Read. Grow.

It’s no secret that Pocket is a fantastic resource for readers. This is the best app out there if you want to save and watch your favorite videos, stories, and news items whenever you have a free moment.

The app makes it easy to read the stories you’re interested in because it syncs with numerous news outlets. In addition to keeping you abreast of the latest news and videos, Pocket integrates with Twitter and YouTube.

Its user-friendly design and fully configurable screen enable you to focus on reading without distraction. Not only that, but it also has nighttime readers in mind by including dark and sepia elements.

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10. Epic: Kids’ Books & Reading

It’s common knowledge that young people appreciate reading captivating tales that pique their interest. The app’s 40,000 audiobooks, learning videos, and ebooks provide a wealth of engaging information for young students (up to 12 years old).

Epic uses badges and other desirable prizes to keep youngsters interested and engaged. Teachers can help students stay on pace to meet their reading goals by assigning books and monitoring their progress.

Flat Stanley, Warriors, Biscuit, National Geographic Kids, and Batman are just a few of the books that have piqued my interest. I imagine that kids would never be wary of reading them because they are engaging.

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