10 Best Thesaurus Apps for Android and iOS (2024)

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You probably haven’t heard the word “thesaurus” in quite some time if you’re a working adult who is neither a student nor a writer. But even if you only have to do light writing or talking at work, a thesaurus can still be useful for expanding your vocabulary and training your mind.

As an alternative to learning an entirely new phrase every day, you can use a dictionary app to learn a synonym or antonym for a phrase you are already familiar with. Check out one of these thesaurus apps for Android and iPhone to see if there are interesting synonyms for a term you frequently use.

Best Thesaurus Apps for Android and iOS 2024

Use a dictionary app to learn a new synonym or antonym for a term you already know rather than learning a new word daily.

Consider a word you find yourself frequently using; then, using one of these thesaurus apps for Android or iPhone, see if there are any interesting substitutes you can use.

1. Power Thesaurus

The Power Thesaurus app does not come with any extra features. The primary interface element is a blue background with a white search bar. Search for the word you need synonyms for, and you’ll get back a long list of options in no time.

Below the search bar, you’ll see the most commonly used synonyms for the word you just typed in, along with an estimate of how many occurrences of that word there are in the app.

Antonyms, Define, Definition, Sentence, Related, Broader, Narrower, Similar, Sound Like and Rhyme are some available tabs. If you use some tabs more frequently than others, feel free to rearrange them here.

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2. Dictionary

The Dictionary app, which has the highest rating in the app store, is a comprehensive dictionary and thesaurus that can be used online and offline. This is the best software out there if you want to expand your vocabulary.

The world-renowned dictionaries thesauri Webster and American Heritage and Roget’s thesaurus are all included in this app.

In addition to several translation choices and a millennial slang dictionary, the app provides free offline access to various other features, such as idioms, proverbs, and a medical vocabulary.

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3. Energy Thesaurus

There are no extra features in the Energy Thesaurus app. The primary screen in the house is a nearly black screen with a blue border and a white search bar at the very top. Type in the phrase you need alternatives, and a complete list will flash.

Under the search bar, you’ll find the most popular related terms to the phrase you just looked up, as well as an estimate of how many other instances of that term appears throughout the app.

The various categories represented by these tabs include antonyms, definitions, sentences, associated, broader, narrower, related, sound-like, and rhymes. You can switch up your original order if you favor one brand of tabs over another.

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4. Advanced English & Thesaurus

The Advanced English Thesaurus is one of the best thesaurus apps because it is based on the comprehensive online thesaurus WordNet.

Incorrectly spelled words can be searched for with a “fuzzy filter” built into the search bar, yielding more relevant results. As a new feature, the “wildcard function” allows you to substitute an asterisk or question mark for any letter in a word.

A widget on your home screen displays the word of the day, a history of your recent searches, linguistic notes, sample sentences, and more.

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5. Concise Oxford Thesaurus

When it comes to reference books, nobody beats Oxford. You may get numerous translations of the Oxford English Dictionary and other linguistic resources in the App Store and the Google Play Store.

The Concise Oxford Thesaurus is a paid app with a 30-day free trial that requires a one-time payment of $7.49 when the trial period ends.

When you search for a word, you’ll get suggestions for where else the word is used, along with possible synonyms. Three examples of “tired” being put to use are “you’re just tired from traveling,” “are you tired of having him here?” and “tired jokes” when you conduct a search on the term.

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6. Pocket Thesaurus

You can then access your starred terms whenever you like by using the Bookmark function and tapping the star next to any word that comes up in a search. If you’ve looked for a term in the past but can’t recall it, you can use the History feature to retrieve it along with the time and date of your last search.

Use the Advanced/Crossword Search if you’re looking for a specific word to use in a crossword puzzle or a game of Scrabble. The question mark and the star are keyboard shortcuts for replacing a single letter or numerous consecutive letters with different characters.

Instead of copying a word from one app and pasting it into Pocket Thesaurus, you can construct an overlay on top of other apps using Pocket Thesaurus. An alternative is to copy a word from anywhere and have its antonyms appear in a pop-up window.

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7. Collocations Thesaurus Offline

If you want to expand your vocabulary but aren’t sure exactly what terms you want to search for, the Collocations Thesaurus app is an excellent resource. This program also includes a dictionary, but switching to the thesaurus is as simple as using the app’s side menu.

Many thesaurus apps display all the available synonyms for a term; nevertheless, this can lead to extremely muddled writing if you aren’t careful. For this reason, the Collocations Thesaurus app will only show you a small selection of the best potential synonyms, usually between four and seven.

Only Android users can download this app. However, the rest of the excellent thesaurus apps are suitable for iOS and Android smartphones. To disable advertisements, you can pay $2.99 once.

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8. Synonym

Easy to use, Synonym is the thesaurus app you need if you don’t care about any bells and whistles. It supports the standard options but also has a unique quality that sets it apart. It is multi-lingual, which implies that it supports languages other than English.

It’s straightforward to use too. With the search function, you may look for a specific term and narrow your results to its antonym, synonym, or definition. The search above results is included and available in several languages.

Pronunciation and illustrative usage are included in the text. Conveniently, the interface language will always be whatever the system’s default is. If you’re one of the millions who use an Android tablet as your primary vehicle, you’ll be happy to know that the design has been updated for tablets.

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9. Rogets Thesaurus

Something to keep in mind as an option If you have problems with any of the thesaurus above software, Roget’s Thesaurus has the majority of the essential features you’ll need. It’s no-cost, lightning-quick, and really handy.

This is because it can be used offline. There are six main categories in the thesaurus, a thousand subcategories for related words, and more than 98,000 words and phrases in the thesaurus’s subcategories.

This thesaurus is a very alluring reference app for Android users, particularly because it does not contain any advertisements that could potentially divert your attention.

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10. Collocations Thesaurus Offline

When you need to learn new synonyms for common words but aren’t sure exactly which ones you need to look up, the Collocations Thesaurus app comes in handy. This software includes a dictionary and a thesaurus; to switch between the two, use the menu on the side.

While no shortage of thesaurus apps will provide you with a list of every possible synonym for a given term, you must exercise caution when using them or risk creating work that sounds overly complex. Instead, the app Collocations Thesaurus will show you a small selection of the finest synonyms, usually between four and seven words.

Unfortunately, this app is only compatible with Android devices, and there isn’t a great alternative for iOS users. However, the rest of the thesaurus applications in our list are great options for both platforms.

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