5 Best Time-Lapse Camera Apps for iPhone (2024)

Watching the minutes, hours, and days tick by is fascinating. Anywhere from Hollywood films to online videos on YouTube, you can find moments of a fast-paced montage depicting stunning landscapes like sunsets, busy city streets, and other sights.

Numerous apps exist for Smartphones that allow users to produce time-lapse videos, so you don’t even need a professional camera to make videos like these to post on social media. Therefore, we will discuss several excellent iPhone time-lapse apps in this piece.

Best Time-Lapse Camera Apps for iPhone

Though the camera app on newer versions of iOS includes time-lapse capabilities, these options are quite limiting and can only be used in specific situations. For greater flexibility and precision in post-production, try a dedicated time-lapse program.

1. Lapse It Pro

Lapse It Pro is incredibly sophisticated and technically advanced as a time-lapse photography app. Standard functionality, like adjusting the lighting and focus, setting automated intervals, and pausing after a specified number of frames, are all present.

The app’s Pro version is where significant work is done. Controls for aperture, ISO, and exposure can be adjusted manually. In addition, you can shoot in RAW, change the depth of field, and make 4K time lapses, among other things.

With Lapse It Pro, you can import and export clips and create customized settings presets. This software has a lot to discover, and it’s perfect for making unique time-lapse videos.

2. Splice

Splice is a robust video editor that goes much beyond its original purpose as a time-lapse camera. It makes it simple to caption films using speech-to-text technology powered by artificial intelligence. In addition, Splice is one of the greatest time-lapse apps since it allows you to mix or combine various films with smooth transitions.

Videos’ time-lapse effects can be fine-tuned by increasing or decreasing the playback speed, but speed ramps can further refine the effect. The time remapping method is another name for this.

In addition, you can change the brightness and the level and even add your own music. But if you want all the extra features, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version.

3. Timelapse (Free Version)

This handy app is currently in the first place. It’s potent, and you can manually adjust things like saturation, brightness, contrast, and exposure.

In addition, you can capture RAW images and 4K videos. The latter is tremendously helpful for maintaining the sharpness and clarity of your pictures.

Even more impressive is the ability to record tilt-shift videos. Incredibly, there is zero time-lapse flicker. This is crucial for any nighttime shoots you may be planning.

We enjoy that you may adjust individual frames after you’ve recorded your timelapse. Amazing! For both amateur and professional photographers, this is the ideal time-lapse app.

4. iMotion

iMotion, like most other apps on this list, allows you to make time-lapse videos while giving you full control over video tools like exposure, white balance, orientation, etc. Not only that, but you may also use the manual mode and the WiFi remote.

You can capture time-lapse videos at up to 10 frames per second, which will be saved automatically. Additionally, the app supports both forward and backward playback of recorded items. Sharing your time-lapse videos was never easier than it is with iMotion. Considering how cheap the app is (zero dollars), it’s hard to find fault.

5. OSnap!

Take images with OSnap! and turn them into time-lapse or stop-motion videos with ease. You can use one of the app’s preconfigured projects, which come in various orientations, aspect ratios, and resolutions.

With OSnap!, you can take a picture in various ways. A timer can be set, or you can click them manually. Further, the software supports hands-free operation; you must clap to take a picture.

Multiple projects for various time-lapse videos are possible, like in iTimeLapse Pro. The free version has most of the functions, but the pro version costs $3.99 and adds 1080p recording and unlimited project creation, among other things.