10 Best Torrent Sites For Game Download 2024 (Safe & Working)

Gaming has emerged as a new trend in recent years. Playing video games online has become increasingly popular. There are now gaming-related events and competitions, and players are even beginning to be respected for displaying their prowess.

As players multiply, making it easier for them, gaming-related websites multiply as well. Game-specific torrenting websites have also experienced a significant increase. But it’s also true that torrenting continues to face opposition.

So, if you’re a gamer looking for reliable game torrent websites that are safe and secure, you’ve come to the proper place. Here, we’ll walk you through some of the best Torrent sites for game downloads and teach you how to improve your experience using torrent VPNs.

Best Torrent Sites For Game Download

1. TorrentsGames

The best-curated website for gaming torrents on our list is TorrentGames. Among BitTorrent users, it has established a reputation that is strengthening with time. This website has a tonne of excellent torrents, and it’s not like your normal ISO Hunt or The Pirate Bay.

Thanks to the website’s thorough selection, you can download torrents of the newest games and some undiscovered gems just waiting for you to discover them.

The TorrentGames search process is simple. And it’s nearly impossible for you not to locate what you’re looking for, thanks to the logical and intuitive connecting structure.

2. The Pirate Bay

If you’ve been involved in the torrent world for a long, it’s likely that you’ve heard about TPB, the king of torrents.

On The Pirate Bay, you may easily locate any game you can imagine. Simply input the game’s name and press the “pirate search” button to start your search. Always download games with a high ratio of seeders to leechers.

You may download movies, ebooks, music, software, and much more from TPB in addition to games. The UI of TPB is rather antiquated and has never been changed, which is a drawback. Consequently, navigating the website becomes quite challenging.

3. FitGirl Repacks

By directing your browser to FitGirl Repacks, you can’t go wrong. This is the website for you if you’re the kind of gaming enthusiast that likes to locate what they’re looking for quickly.

FitGirl Repack is well-known because it repackages games for various consumers. The games you will find here are compressed as a result (but not cracked).

Only on the “Day of Requests” request acceptable. However, you won’t need to request anything for a while because of the enormous number of torrents currently available on this website.

4. LimeTorrents 

On LimeTorrents, only verified game magnet links are available, as the name implies. The layout of the website is straightforward and efficient.

Again, LimeTorrents is an all-in-one torrenting platform, but the homepage features a section specifically for games. Additionally, you can perform a search for the game you wish to download.

Sadly, if the title you’re downloading is not very well-known, there aren’t many seeders and leechers. Overall, LimeTorrents is a reliable service for downloading video games.


You may find any game you’re looking for on TORLOCK, one of the most well-known websites for downloading torrents of games. Even though it is a new website, it stands out from the competition because online gaming communities run it.

It would be quite reckless to try to ignore safety precautions while torrenting. Yes, there is a danger that you will be traced by large organizations accusing you of violating their copyright if you pirate.

Therefore, you need to take safety precautions into consideration before downloading anything, especially copyrighted games. A VPN is one of the finest options for this. When you torrent, you can mask your location and pretend to be somewhere else by using a VPN service from a reputable provider.

6. 1337x

The oddly called 1337x torrents website is straightforward, stress-free, and simple to use. There are numerous games available.

Software, music, movies, and TV series are just a few of the many more categories. As a result, this website offers a variety of entertainment options in addition to others.

In addition, our website was recently completely redesigned from the ground up. As a result, it features a vastly improved search engine, numerous categories, and numerous download options, making it better than ever.

7. GazellaGames 

Another feature-rich website for downloading torrented games is GazellaGames.GazellaGames will never experience a crackdown and go offline because it is a member-only website.

You must be a confirmed user of GazellaGames to download or post games. Although the verification process may take some time, it guarantees safety. Fortunately, if you get an invitation from a current member, you can skip the verification procedure.

More than 60,000+ verified game torrents may be found in the GazellaGames content repository. The search and download of games are relatively simple because of GazellaGames’ simple and intuitive user interface (UI).

8. Ox Torrent

Then, as a dependable source of torrents for video games, there is Ox Torrent. You can still readily access the website using its mirrors and proxies even though its main domain has been disabled.

Some of the best video games on the market may be found on this website. The platform offers a wide selection of games in both console and PC gaming, regardless of your preference.

Additionally, this torrent website is fantastic whether you want to download torrents of movies, TV series, or even e-books. You may quickly access your favorite torrent using a user-friendly UI.

9. CroTorrents

CroTorrents is a dedicated PC gaming website that solely provides PC games, in contrast to the other websites on the list. The trustworthy website provides a substantial library of video games and a very sophisticated user interface with big thumbnails.

Every PC gaming torrent on CroTorrents includes a brief installation tutorial, a synopsis of the gameplay, a list of the recommended PC specifications, screenshots, and other helpful details.

It may send you to a random page when you click the download button and takes two or three clicks to start the download. In a nutshell, CroTorrents is a straightforward service for PC games that does what it has to do.

10. MagnetDL

Last, you might want to look into MagnetDL and its enormous library of gaming torrents. This website regularly updates its torrent library. The best aspect is that they don’t contain any malware at all.

The issue with this website is that it might not have as many leechers and seeders as some of the other torrent sites on this list.

However, this website compensates for this shortcoming by offering various torrents in games, movies, TV shows, software, and e-book categories.