7 Best Voice Changer Apps For Android and iOS (2024)

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Good voice changer apps are hard to find. The smartphone is ideal for recording and preserving such sounds, but its potential audience is limited. Regarding research, this one is a tough nut to crack.

Most voice changer apps on Android and iOS use the same open-source voice-changing engine, so they all accomplish the same thing.

Despite the prevalence of clones on the Play Store and app store, some developers have created credible apps that let you alter your voice in interesting ways. The top voice-modification apps for Android and ios are listed below.

The most effective voice changer apps for android and ios are included in this list. You’ll barely be able to recognize your own voice after using these tools.

Best Voice Changer Apps For Android and iOS

To have some fun or to hide one’s identity, voice-changer apps are a fantastic tool. You can use these apps to alter your voice, make it sound younger or older, or apply various effects.

1. VoiceFX

The VoiceFX app allows you to change the tone of any recorded word or an entire conversation. Such as if a fictional character or someone of a different age or gender were pronouncing her name.

A playlist in the app stores the recorded text. E-mail and social media are also viable options for distribution.

VoiceFX is packed to the gills with options and customizations. Alter your voice in a recording studio. In addition, you can use this app when you’re on a phone call.

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It’s possible to simulate the sound of a vintage recording with this tool. Select the exact audio segment where light interference occurs, just like in an old film.

Pre-made text can be altered or removed entirely. You can undo all the changes you made in the effects section and start again if you’re unhappy with the final product.

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2. Celebrity Voice Changer Lite

The Celebrity Voice Changer app may alter one’s voice to sound like a woman, a man, or a child.

Its purpose is to act like various animal characters from media such as animation and film. Your voice’s timbre, tone, and other characteristics can be altered for your benefit.

The app allows you to alter your voice with one of 46 different effects. There are sounds of all kinds, from robots and aliens to animals and the Grand Canyon.

Put a voice-over photo before posting it online or sending it via email. The recording can be saved to the phone’s gallery as well. Put it to good use as a ringtone or alert tone.

Additionally, audio and video versions of the voice can be selected here. Modify your voice with amusing effects and no one will be able to tell it’s even you. The video also features some humorous effects.

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3. Voice changer with effects

Actually, Baviux Voice Changer is one of the most well-known and widely used pure voice changers available for Android. The comes with an intuitive user interface in addition to a large number of additional customization choices and approximately forty different effects in total.

You have the ability to record your audio and adjust the effects, whatever you like. After that, you may save it, use it as a ringtone or notification tone, distribute it to whoever you choose (provided the app accepts audio files), and send it as an email attachment.

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If you wish to change something you already have, you can import audio files into the app. The paid edition of the application costs $2.99, but if you have Google Play Pass, you may download it for free.

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4. Voice Changer App – Funny SoundBoard Effects

Sound Recorder, Recorder, and Voice Changer is a free app that allows you to quickly and easily alter your voice. Many distinct noises are available, and you can pick and choose among them as you see fit.

You and your friends can make a recording of your voices and then edit it any way you choose. You’ll be entertained differently now. Modify existing audio files using this handy app.

Moreover, you have the option of customizing your voice’s effect. Adjusting these settings will allow you to create a one-of-a-kind audio recording. Modify attributes such as gender and age.

To document your vocal abilities, click here. Go to the Karaoke section to accomplish this. Modulation, key, and echo are just some options available here. Edit the volume, pitch, and timbre of your voice.

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5. Super Voice Changer – Editor

This voice changer app isn’t that horrible, all things considered. It features quite a few passable voice effects, despite their simplicity. Some of the more well-known ones are an old guy, robot, alien, bee, and chipmunk (think Alvin and the Chipmunks).

It operates in the same way as the majority of similar things. Recording your own voice, applying the effect, and having some fun with it are the steps involved.

It also features some effects that aren’t quite as ludicrous, such as a karaoke reverb setting that will add a touch of echo to your singing voice.

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Although the app is free, it has advertisements, which can be slightly unpleasant. We wish there was an excellent and reasonably priced premium version that could get rid of those.

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6. Voice Changer – Audio Effects

A voice changer app that doesn’t require any additional hardware is here in the form of Voice Changer – Audio Effects. The environment can be “simulated” using a variety of special effects. Humor fans and fans of practical jokes will enjoy this.

Swap out your voice’s pitch, tone, and volume for a convincing impersonation of your loved ones. When talking to complete strangers, you can also maintain your anonymity.

Create your own audio recording with a wide range of available effects and save it for later playback. You can record both audio and video with this app. This will allow you to set your device to a personalized ringtone or text tone.

Get a laugh out of your pals by modifying your voices to sound like cartoons. You can change your voice to sound like a dragon, chipmunk, robot, wolf, infant, or any other creature or object, or you can use special effects like echo, tremor, or helium to make your voice sound different.

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7. Voice Changer by AndroidRock

If you want to alter the tone of your voice at the moment, try out the Voice Changer app. It is important to keep your IM conversations private. Multiple timbre options are available within the app.

This tool allows you to disguise your true identity in phone conversations. Feel free to make as much fun of your pals as you like. You can utilize the voices of cartoon characters and a wide variety of other voices as voice effects.

You can enjoy this activity on your alone or with pals. A special transformer can take any phrase recorded on your phone and make it sound like a completely different language. All that is left to do is tune in and enjoy yourself.

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