10 Best VoIP Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2024

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To make your smartphone into a low-cost mobile phone that you can use anywhere in the world, there are VoIP apps available for Android and iOS devices.

VoIP apps should be considered if your organization relies on phone conversations or if you have many international contacts.

You can use WiFi or your mobile carrier’s data plans to make phone calls with mobile VoIP apps. As a result of their low data usage, and especially if you have an unlimited plan, these calls are effectively free.

This article examines the best voip apps for iPhone to see what they have to offer and what you can expect to gain.

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List of Best VoIP Apps for iPhone

VOIP apps for iPhone are plentiful today, but not all of them are worth your time and money.

This is why we’ve compiled a list of some of the top iPhone VoIP apps here. Let’s take a look at the most excellent iPhone VoIP apps.

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular messaging programs, with more than 2 billion active users.

In addition to texting and video telephony, it has audio and video chatting. WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption ensures that all communications are secure by default.

This app has no restrictions. Furthermore, it has a user-friendly, intuitive, and dependable interface. You can use it in more than 180 countries around the world.

In addition, there are no premium features. So, there are no marketing gimmicks or other methods to persuade you to upgrade to a more expensive plan.

Additionally, WhatsApp has group conversation features. Up to 256 people can be in a group at the same time. Then, post photos, videos, and other content. For small and medium-sized organizations, there is WhatsApp for Business.

The lack of desktop versions is one of the drawbacks. It’s a given that you’ll have to use other platforms alongside your smartphone. A mobile phone number is also required for registration.

2. TextNow

Another excellent iPhone software is TextNow, which allows you to stay in touch with loved ones even if they don’t have a phone signal. It uses your WiFi or cellular data to make phone calls via the internet, just like any other best VoIP app.

A phone number provided by TextNow can be used to make or receive calls, send or receive SMS, register for websites and more.

3. Facebook Messenger

In addition to Facebook, Messenger is a companion app to Facebook. Connect with the site’s 1 billion+ users with this feature-rich social network.

You may also call or connect with other Instagram users, send disappearing texts, make video calls, and exchange files, images, and even money with friends and acquaintances.

There’s a Messenger app for every major operating system out there. A web-based version with fewer options is also available, as is a version for children called Messenger Kids, which gives parents more control over who their children may communicate with.

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Additional features include the ability to send audio messages, video-conferencing capabilities like Zoom in Messenger Rooms, polling, and complete encryption for security.

4. Viber

You can still utilize Viber’s chat and voice call features even if it’s not as well-known as WhatsApp or Signal Private Messenger. If you’re looking for a cross-platform video calling app, this is the one.

End-to-end encrypted one-on-one and group calls, as well as video calls, are all possible with Viber. Additional Viber features include group chat, the ability to send disappearing messages, the option to send message replies, and many more.

5. Signal

Signal Private Messenger is the most excellent VoIP app for privacy. Both texts are messaging and voice calling features in Signal, like WhatsApp. It is also compatible with many operating systems and provides several essential privacy options.

However, Signal’s voice quality is still better than most other third-party VoIP apps and is even better than WhatsApp. As a result, Signal is still the best option for making and receiving phone calls and sending text messages on the iPhone.

6. Skype

Skype should have been at the top, not the bottom, in this ranking. A dying relic from the past, nevertheless. Before Microsoft bought Skype for $8.5 billion in 2011 and demolished the brand, Skype defined VoIP and made it famous.

Despite this, the platform continues to attract millions of users each month. They take advantage of its chat, phone call, and video call features for personal and professional use.

However, Skype has been reduced to a ghost of its former glory. Even Microsoft is promoting a similar program, Teams, with much vigour.

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Skype can be used on various platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Xbox One, and HoloLens. The number of people who use it each month has risen to almost 100 million. As a result, he remains a viable competitor.

As a result of Microsoft’s apparent lack of branding strategy, customers are increasingly turning elsewhere, such as Zoom.

7. Zoom

Zoom also provides VoIP services for both personal and commercial usage, in addition to video conferencing.

On Zoom, you may plan one-on-one sessions for free, either via video or voice. Zoom Phone, a premium VoIP service, is also an option; each user costs $10 per month.

Higher plans even allow you to select up to 40 countries for unlimited local calling and local calls within the United States. Add toll-free numbers as well as a variety of other advanced capabilities to your account.

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During the 2020/21 pandemic lockdown, Zoom became extremely popular. For starters, it’s pretty simple to use. At no charge, it offers Basic accounts that allow you to hold one-on-one meetings with up to 100 people.

8. Vonage

Vonage is, in fact, a widely used business phone system by several well-known companies. You can get a second business phone line with Vonage that you can use to make and receive calls for your company.

As long as you have an iOS device, you can make phone calls using your voice using the Vonage iOS app. There is only one negative to Vonage, and that is that it is not free.

9. IMO

IMO is the final service on the list and provides secure video and audio chats. You may also make or join group video calls via the smartphone app. 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi, and other types of network connectivity are included in the mobile app apps.

The premium version of IMO, which removes advertisements and provides an additional 25GB of cloud storage, is also available.

The rest of IMO premium’s features are identical to the free version’s. You can still use IMO to make high-quality international video and phone conversations, despite not being widely used.

10. Google Duo

As a newcomer to the world of communication apps, Google Duo has the backing of a web behemoth and promises an exceptional user experience for its users.

A free, end-to-end encrypted app that works on Android and iOS smartphones is available. Voice-only and video calls are also supported. Up to 32 persons can participate in a single group video call with the group-call function.

Google Duo’s most attractive feature, though, is its audio quality. Crisp, clear audio sets this app apart from the rest. Even if the video is supplied in 720p HD, its quality can be degraded to fit the needs of networks with lower bandwidths.

Google Duo is incredibly user-friendly because it connects to your phone’s contact directory. When a call comes in, the recipient can see a preview of who is calling before answering it, thanks to its “Knock Knock” feature.

Messages can be left for contacts who aren’t available. It’s also possible to apply masks, doodling, and other fun effects to video conversations to have a great time with your friends and family.


There is a lot of rivalry in the VoIP app market as you near the end of our list. With a wide variety of worldwide brands competing against each other.

Businesses and individuals alike have access to a wide range of options. As a result, the best VoIP program for you will depend on what you plan to use it for.