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10 Best WhatsApp Chrome Extensions of 2023

Best WhatsApp Chrome Extensions
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WhatsApp, a free instant messaging app owned by Facebook, is widely used. This social messaging software enables users to communicate via text, audio, video, documents, maps, and even in-app video calls. Every day, more than a billion individuals around the world use WhatsApp. The fact that it is used in many different countries proves its widespread acceptance.

WhatsApp is an excellent messaging app that is free and packed with useful functions. Support for more devices, disappearing messages, and other enhancements can all be found in WhatsApp’s newest version.

WhatsApp is a very sophisticated app for mobile phones. WhatsApp Web, on the other hand, remains feature-limited despite periodic updates. Thankfully, there are a variety of Chrome Extensions available that may be used to enhance the WhatsApp online client. Improve the functionality of the desktop version of WhatsApp with the help of these best WhatsApp chrome browser extensions.

Best WhatsApp Chrome Extensions For Better Experience

In order to get the most out of WhatsApp on the web, you can install one of many accessible browser extensions. Check out the selected Chrome extensions for WhatsApp online, and install any one according to your choice.

1. Notifier 

Can I receive WhatsApp alerts without having to access WhatsApp Web? Notifier for WhatsApp Web makes this a reality. A Chrome addon called “Notifier” ensures that you will never again overlook a critical alert. You may use this to enhance the desktop version of WhatsApp Web, we’re sure of it.

If you see an orange exclamation point on your icon and are wondering what it signifies, you are experiencing connectivity troubles. In order to keep chatting using WhatsApp, you’ll need to ensure your phone is connected to the WhatsApp Web.

2. WAToolkit

WAToolkit is the go-to WhatsApp Web extension if you’re sick of missing important messages. You will still receive notifications from WhatsApp even if you don’t have the app open in your browser. You can now access WhatsApp from your toolbar, thanks to WAToolkit.

That way, you can always see how many messages have yet to be read. You may also see a brief overview of your unread messages by hovering over the icon with the mouse. Have no interest in hiding the WhatsApp icon? Simply put, yes! To conceal it, simply use the Hide button.

3. EazyBe

While EazyBe may not have as many users as some of the other options, it is still one of the top WhatsApp extensions for Chrome. EazyBe is a chrome addon that improves your WhatsApp web experience in numerous ways.

You can do a lot more after installing the add-on, like schedule messages, organize conversations, make rapid answers, and create reminders. It’s a Chrome add-on that lets you send texts to numbers you haven’t saved, prioritize conversations, and more. EazyBe is, all things considered, a fantastic add-on for WhatsApp.

4. Cooby

Cooby is a great tool to have if you receive and respond to a lot of WhatsApp messages. It’s a Chrome add-on that lets you use WhatsApp on your computer and organizes your conversations into separate windows.

Once you have Cooby loaded, WhatsApp Chat is organized into tabs. For instance, it provides a new “Unread” section where you can review any messages you may have missed. Similarly, you’ll find extra tabs for unanswered messages, messages requiring an immediate attention, and so on.

5. WAIncognito

Do you wish to remain unnoticed on WhatsApp? In that case, you should install the WAIncognito extension for Chrome. You can enter an anonymous state on WhatsApp by turning off read receipts and presence updates. Your WhatsApp inbox and notifications will no longer be bombarded with unwanted messages or calls.

This Chrome extension adds a new menu that allows you to toggle the read receipts and latest saw updates features on and off. It also restores deleted messages when a certain amount of time has passed.

6. WA Web Plus

If you use WhatsApp on the web, you should also install WA Web Plus, another top Chrome plugin. WA Web Plus has many useful features, such as the ability to hide your typing status, pin discussions to the top of your screen, check your status in private, and blur messages and images.

The Chrome extension adds all of the missing functionality to the WhatsApp web client, making it suitable for both personal and professional use.

7. Statfluence

Contact Saver is the following entry in our list of top WhatsApp browser add-ons. Selecting the Contact Saver add-on is a smart move if you want to save yourself the trouble of exporting and preserving contacts from WhatsApp conversations and groups. Here you may back up your WhatsApp chat history, including chats with groups, contacts, and even unknown phones.

Furthermore, the extension lets you easily change your WhatsApp status without leaving the app, which is a nice convenience. Exporting contacts is possible in two formats: vCard and CSV.

8. Zapp

Zapp could be the ideal plugin if you have many audio recordings on your WhatsApp web. It allows you to adjust the volume on the web version of WhatsApp.

With this add-on, you have complete command over any and all audio files sent via WhatsApp. Modifying the recording’s tempo or volume is one example.

9. Blueticks

Managers must ensure that everything is running smoothly. You can use the Blueticks chrome addon to aid you with that. This WhatsApp Web add-on has many useful features, like task management, future message scheduling, personalized message sending, and more.

In addition to the benefits above, this WhatsApp Web Chrome plugin allows users to manage templates, send lists, and build campaigns. You can also import contacts from a CSV file. You may also easily set up a timetable for sending messages at regular intervals.

10. Privacy Extension

You should always utilize Privacy Extension when using WhatsApp online in a public place where people could potentially glance over your shoulder. The Privacy Extension is an add-on for WhatsApp that hides parts of the user interface until the user hovers over them.

After setup, it becomes invisible and conceals everything from messages to media to the input area to profile photographs. Hovering the mouse pointer over the concealed components will reveal them.

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