10 Best White Noise Apps for iPhone / iPad (2024)

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The majority of the frequencies the human ear can hear played continuously make up the white noise. It’s an even, constant hum, like the sound of a radio that’s out of tune.

It turns out that this type of noise has a variety of advantageous impacts on the human psyche, including aiding in sleep, reducing baby crying, and even lessening the symptoms of ADHD in children.

Now, we’ll examine the best white noise apps for iPad and iOS, including those useful for various tasks. Whether you require it for your infant, your own sleep, meditation, or a combination of all three, you’ll find something useful here.

Best White Noise Apps for iPhone and iPad

You can use a white noise app to gently wake up in the morning, set a timer for a power nap, or use it for both. Many white noise apps come with an alarm or timer built in.

Let’s look at some of the best white noise apps for quick and easy sleep now.

1. Calm

Award-winning meditation app Calm addresses anxiety, lack of sleep, and productivity. It provides a huge selection of breathing exercises, guided meditations, sleep stories, white noise and stretching routines.

Even top therapists and psychologists recommend Calm for its relaxing white noises. It’s better to increase focus, calmness, and sleep. From more than 100 different Sleep Stories, you can pick one.

You can fall asleep soundly and deeply thanks to these bedtime stories. Babbling brooks, torrential rain, and ocean waves are also included in the specific soundscapes for sleep.

2. White Noise Deep Sleep Sounds

This software’s best users are people with problems falling asleep and infants with erratic sleep patterns. You may change over 25 white noise and deep sleep sounds in the free edition, including rain, crickets, frogs, and distant thunder.

Meanwhile, some sounds seem to repeat every ten or so, which feels less authentic. When the user opens the program again, the track automatically begins playing, which I enjoyed.

You can use any other app while the app is operating in the background. You must subscribe if you wish to change your soundscape. Add more mixes after that, and include a one-hour extra-long fade-out.

3. Sound Machine

Another app in the area of white noise generators is The Sound Machine. This app is revolutionary. It enables you to create custom background noise sets for use during meditation and sleep and makes a great background for various activities.

In addition to a huge collection of stories, the library is well-stocked with musical samples, natural noises, harmonic beats, interstellar recordings, single acoustic tones, and other sounds.

You can change stations and song patterns to hear certain songs played more frequently by liking and disliking songs via the app, and you can detest songs you don’t want to hear anymore.

4. Atmosphere

The Atmosphere app offers over 100 different sound options. The software also allows you to set a timer to stop the battery from dying. Environmental sounds can transport people to their favorite locations, such as the beach, the country, or the city.

Your custom playlists may be created with all your favorite songs, and you can adjust the volume of each song individually before saving the entire playlist for later use.

You can choose from various tranquil and peaceful sounds arranged according to settings and have great customizability options. The ability to download every sound for a specific location intrigues this software.

5. Sleeping fan

Fan of Sleep prioritizes fan noise instead of attempting to play every sound imaginable. The free iOS app allows you to mix six different natural sounds to add ambiance while simulating three different fan speeds.

A sleep timer and changeable backdrop colors are also included. Users of the Sleep Fan program are exposed to a distinctive noise composition like that of an electric fan.

Many sleepers find the soft hum of a fan to be soothing, and with this app, you can adjust the hum to your preferences. Said Sleep Fan can end your hunt for the greatest background noise generator.

6. Portal

A software called Portal uses immersive soundscapes to improve sleep quality and mental health while reducing stress. It uses immersive technology like retina-quality motion pictures, adaptive lighting, and spatial audio.

It features 6 free portals and over 49 realistic, immersive spatial audio tracks of the most beautiful and serene locations on earth. Using the audio mixing options, you can include your favorite podcast, audiobook, song, etc..

Personally, I like using the app because of its gorgeous, award-winning UI and simple navigation. Another fantastic feature that lets you use voice control with one tap is the Siri Shortcuts integration. I kept my focus by using the Pomodoro concentration and sleep timer.

7. Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

Who doesn’t enjoy the rain’s rhythmic sound? The program includes a variety of water sounds, including rain, thunder, ocean waves, and sounds from faucets, washing machines, and dishwashers.

The sound of running water, streams, and birds over the ocean is one of my favorites. You can mix sounds together and change the loudness and pace of the sound. Each sound’s pitch can be altered using the soften option.

This background music software may be used without an internet connection and supports AirPlay, Bluetooth, and background audio. Over 60 additional sounds are included in the premium for just $4 a month. There is a one-week free trial period upon registration.

8. BetterSleep: Relax and Sleep

One of the most feature-rich white noise apps available, Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds, includes music, sounds, and other materials for various functions.

More than 200 sounds, sleep songs, and brainwaves are available on the app, including white noise, natural noises, healing music, and binaural beats. The Relax Melodies app offers a wide variety of guided meditations and bedtime stories, unlike any other app on our list, to aid users in unwinding and getting ready for bed.

Other capabilities include interaction with health applications to record meditation sessions, personalized playlists, playback timers, smart sound mixes, and bedtime reminders. You can gain unlimited access to all Premium content, including extra sounds, stories, and meditations.

9. myNoise

More than 200 interactive soundscapes and background noises, including rain noise, binaural beats, temple bells, etc., are available with the myNoise app. The white noise is customized specifically to match your hearing thresholds.

White noise is comparable to radio static, pink noise sounds like persistent rain or wind, and brown noise is much harsher, like a roaring river. The app also has a sleep timer to switch off the music and an alarm for a gentle wake-up.

The coolest thing is hearing rain while playing music on Spotify. My observations show that the website contains more sounds than the app does. Any single track is available for purchase in the app for $1.

10. Bedtime Fan

Utilize the Bedtime Fan app for Android and iOS smartphones to get better-quality sleep more quickly. Many folks use their fan’s sound to help them fall asleep. The disadvantage is that you can’t always take a fan on the road.

If you’re not in the mood to create one, pick from various already-created meditations available for different purposes, including sleep and relaxation. When traveling, it is convenient to turn the app ON before bed.

The UI of the Bedtime Fan app is lovely, and the sleep portion makes use of deeper hues. It has one of the best noise and fan qualities among white noise apps.