10 Best WiFi Analyzer Apps For iPhone & iPad (2024)

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Who wants sluggish internet speeds when a Wi-Fi analyzer iPhone app can help you troubleshoot and improve your wireless network’s performance? The number of iPhone users is growing rapidly, and the improvements being made to the product are similarly numerous.

Wi-Fi, the most useful function, has become increasingly common as technology-enabled devices have progressed. Some of the best wifi analyzer apps for iPhone and iPad are discussed below, and they can be used to improve one’s wifi connection.

1. Fing – Network Scanner

Fing is, hands down, the most effective network scanner available. Forty million people depend on the app to make the most of their mobile data plans. You can see what gadgets are linked to your wireless network, and their details will be displayed.

In addition, it provides the most precise MAC address, IP address, device name, manufacturer, and vendor recognition. It also has the ability to evaluate the speeds of wireless and mobile connections. This app alerts you about potential threats to your devices and networks straight to your mobile device.

2. Speed Test SpeedSmart Internet

The app’s name implies that it can be used to do just that: keep tabs on and control your pace. Moreover, you can keep, share, and compare the outcomes. In less than 30 seconds, with a single touch, you can check your download, upload, and ping speeds in real-time.

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The report provides a comprehensive summary, which contains information like connection grade, download/upload chart, and ISP average speed. The program provides a means of recording and contrasting average ISP speeds and latency over time. On top of that, Siri Shortcuts may be used to initiate a speed test.

3. Speedtest by Ookla

The Ookla Speedtest is another excellent tool for analyzing your network’s performance. To check your internet speed quickly, all you have to do is tap the button. This program provides reliable results every time you use it. Millions worldwide, including IT specialists, use this software to gauge their connection speeds.

You may also use it to take a video test that evaluates your connection speed, video quality, and buffering capabilities. It provides a free virtual private network (VPN) for your online safety and anonymity. You can view comprehensive reports based on your test history as well.

4. IP Network Scanner

The IP Network Scanner is the most reliable wifi analyzer app for iphone due to its speed and accuracy. The connected gadgets can be given the names of your choice, thanks to their customizable features.

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It has a straightforward interface. Users can examine the range and quality of all the available Wi-Fi router channels before settling on one. Emails can be used to export and import data. It contains many tools that can be utilized in conjunction with the iPhone.

5. Network Analyzer Pro

This program has many features; it can determine what’s wrong with your wireless network, your internet connection, and even your remote servers. Issues like low signal strength, frequent connection failures, and excessive latency can be fixed promptly.

The WiFi scanner integrated inside the analyzer can swiftly locate nearby network nodes. Ping, Traceroute, Port Scanner, DNS Lookup, Whois, and an Internet Speed Test are common diagnostic tools it offers.

6. N Stats

Through either built-in software or an installed app, most Android phones feature a little indicator on the status bar that displays the connection speed to the Internet. N Stats is an app for the iPhone that provides the same functionality.

The N Stats widget in the Widgets section of this software provides real-time data. It also displays the amount of memory, storage space, and network speeds that are currently accessible. Each parameter’s color can be changed, but that’s all you can do.

7. iNet – Network Scanner

Another excellent iOS app for scanning networks is iNet. In use since 2009, this app was developed in Germany. It safeguards your network from potential threats and allows you to test your Wi-Fi speeds.

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This app will let you see what’s on your network and whether or not it’s online. This is a straightforward program that may be used effectively by those with no prior knowledge.

8. Scany

Scany is an alternative Wi-Fi analyzer app for iPhone, iPad and iOS that works with a wide range of Apple gadgets. The app’s gloomy aesthetic may throw users off, but it’s useful with its real-time network path trace route monitor, which helps users locate open areas to fix any issues they’re having with their network.

9. Wi-Fi SweetSpots

Wi-Fi SweetSpots to assist you in locating the optimal location for your Internet access device. This app’s various features are helpful since they explain why your Wi-Fi speed is changing and what you can do about it.

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In a matter of seconds, you may use this app to pinpoint the best and worst Wi-Fi hotspots in your hotel. It has an easy-to-navigate UI that anyone can pick up and start using immediately.

10. IT Tools

IT Tools is an enterprise-level network analyzer packed with robust features for examining your network and retrieving user data. Various network information such as IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, DNS routes, ping, etc.

It can be scanned and saved in reports. And it gets better: the software supports more than 50 different DNS record types, so you can quickly and simply seek information about any domain you choose.


Finally, we looked at some of the best WiFi analyzer apps for iphone and ipad. The most important thing to remember is that there is a lot of value in apps of all price points and that you should check out the free options before shelling out anything.