10 Best Windows 11 Apps You Should Use (2024)

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Windows 11 is one of the strongest updates to Microsoft’s operating system in recent years, despite a less-than-spectacular introduction to Windows 8 or 10. The user interface changes in Windows 11, such as the new Start Menu and Control Panel, are commonly the topic of conversation when discussing the operating system. The Windows 11 update has also altered how we interact with computer software.

App selection for Windows 11 has become increasingly tedious in recent years. Curious as to why? Universal Windows Apps, desktop apps, and Android apps are available. I’ve compiled a list of the best free Windows 11 apps to help you narrow down your search.

Best Windows 11 Apps to Install Right Now

Windows has never had an issue with installing third-party apps. For this reason, we have produced a list of the best Windows 11 apps you must use. The Microsoft Store app on your Windows 11 is where you’ll find these apps, but you can also install them directly.

1. Your Phone

Did you know that your Windows 11 computer may be a remote for your iPhone or Android device? You’ll need to get the Your Phone app from the Windows Store.

If you have a Windows 11 PC, you can use it to make and take phone calls, for instance.  Most employees will greatly benefit from SMS management and app organization possibilities.

Yet, there are prerequisites for using some of the Your Phone capabilities. For example, if you want to utilize your Android apps on a PC, you’ll need a smartphone running Android 11.

2. QuickLook

Users who are used to macOS or Chrome OS will be frustrated by Windows 11’s lack of a simple image preview tool. Even while Windows is generally seen as more flexible and feature-rich than other OSes.

The lack of this capability natively makes you wonder whether there aren’t any other areas where Windows 11 may be better. Since QuickLook can resolve this issue, we’ve placed it at the top of our best Windows 11 applications list.

It’s a lightweight app that provides instant previews of photos and files, and directories. The app is available for free download from the Microsoft Store.

3. LibreOffice

If you recently purchased a computer, you may have received a copy of Microsoft Office as part of the package deal. However, if this is not the case, you must subscribe to Microsoft Office at full price.

The OpenOffice inspiration shows in the depth and capability of the LibreOffice Suite. Using it, you may swiftly draft papers, PowerPoint presentations, and spreadsheets.

While the user interface of LibreOffice may differ slightly from that of Microsoft Office, the two are compatible otherwise. LibreOffice is a must-have Windows 11 app if you do not want to spend extra money on office software.

4. FluentCast

No longer is macOS the only operating system with well-designed software. FluentCast is just one of many fantastic apps that have been produced by Windows programmers using the recently released WinUI 3 framework.

This podcast player uses the Fluent design language included in Windows 11 and was developed specifically for that operating system.

All the top podcasts from iTunes are accessible through this software, and you can easily import and export your personal podcast list (OPML).

5. Franz

If you’re using Windows 11, you should download Franz. Email, Instagram, Slack, Asana, etc., are just a few modern communication platforms we have to juggle. Franz makes it simple to have all of this in one place.

You can check the total for each platform and get real-time alerts about it. We’ve already established that Franz’s appearance is highly malleable, so he may easily be adapted to any desired office aesthetic.

While the app is free, you can only connect a certain number of accounts. It’s possible that you’ll have to pay for the premium service to remove this limitation.

6. BeWidgets

Let’s be honest; Microsoft’s widget implementation in Windows 11 was a bust. Some users are fine waiting for the tech giant to address the issue, while others aren’t.

With BeWidgets, you can make your own modern desktop widgets for Windows and customize their appearance and behavior. You can customize the appearance and functionality of the desktop widgets however you like.

The ease with which a widget can be added to the interface was also very pleasing. And the best part? This software won’t cost you anything to use. This app for personalization is still available at no cost.

7. LiquidText

One of the most downloaded iPad apps, LiquidText, is now available for Windows 11 through the Microsoft Store. You can use the app to compile and arrange data from different sources into a single, easily digestible document.

Moreover, you can annotate, make connections between different publications, compare texts, remark on individual paragraphs, and ultimately produce a unified document for assessment.

As its name implies, LiquidText is a PDF annotation software with some serious upgrades. It shines on touch-enabled Windows 11 gadgets like the Surface Pro X. LiquidText is a great software for serious research, so give it a try if you need one.

8. Sketchbook Pro

For Windows 11, Sketchbook Pro is a complete visual creation environment. Success is most likely to occur with a touch-enabled Windows 11 device. The Sketchbook Pro app’s user interface is designed to be intuitive even for those who are not trained artists.

Please be aware that the software was not designed with professional drawing tablets in mind. All the toolbars can be turned off independently, but many other choices exist.

It’s notable for being one of the few premium apps compatible with Windows 11. Sketchbook Pro is useful whether you prefer a pen and paper or a keyboard and mouse to create your artwork.

9. Stardock Star11

The new Start menu was one of Windows 11’s most noticeable graphical updates. The Start menu was relocated beside the taskbar to the screen’s center.

It’s possible, though, that some users won’t like the new design and will stick with the Windows 10 Start menu instead.

Start11 tries to implement the Windows 10 UI in Windows 11 without reverting to Windows 10. You may also alter the Start menu’s appearance to keep it more consistent with your personal preferences.

10. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe has a wide variety of expensive software, but you can download Photoshop Express from the Microsoft Store for nothing. While the interface is simpler than the old Photoshop app.

You’ll still have access to all the tools you need to give your photos that extra something special.

Adobe provides several convenient editing tools, including one-click changes for common problems like red-eye and blurriness, as well as a variety of fine-tuning tools like a spot heal tool.