10 Best Icon Packs for Windows 11 PC in (2024)

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If you’re looking for Windows 11 icon packs then you are in the right place. With every new release, Windows has become more aesthetically pleasing. Similarly, the user interface and accompanying symbols have been modernized for maximum convenience.

Even yet, it gets old to look at the same icons repeatedly. If you want to breathe some new life into your Windows 11 experience, try out some of the best icon packs for Windows 11.

Hundreds of Windows 11 icon packs have been created by designers worldwide, which is great news. Most of them need to be updated individually, but we have a way to update them all at once. We’ve picked some of the best Windows 11 icon packs on the market and made a list for you.

Best Icon Packs for Windows 11

There are numerous categories of icon packs for Windows 11, so it’s up to you to pick the one that best suits your needs. With their help, you can customize your computer’s visuals to your specific preferences. These icon packs for Windows 11 are free for personal and educational use.

1. Simplus

This is now one of the most popular collections of Windows icons that can be purchased. It includes basic and unadorned icons for your folders, as suggested by the feature’s name.

Simplus is distributed as a zipped file and includes bright and dark icons for your computer’s file folders. It will take less than a minute to land on your personal computer, and once it does.

You will be able to modify the icons of your folders immediately. Select the lighter icons to use on your personal computer if the desktop background you have chosen is dark, and select the darker ones if the background is lighter.

Therefore, if you are interested in customizing the icons but are not searching for showy ones, Simplus can be a good option.

2. Lumicons

This section will start with the flat UI icon set for Windows 11. The brilliant colors leap to the fore, and the shadow that follows them adds to the one-of-a-kind quality of the whole.

There are icons for standard Windows applications in addition to apps such as Twitch and Spotify, as well as icons for the Windows operating system and various directories.

Shadows surround the outlines of each icon in this bundle of Windows icons. Because they are offered in the usual size, the icon themes that have a tidier appearance will not appear out of place.

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Lumicons can only be installed on Windows using 7TSP GUI due to this dependency. Towards the end of this guide, we will go over how to install the Windows 11 icons pack using this tool.

3. Kingdom Icons

Once more, the name explains everything. This icon set includes symbols associated with kingdoms, such as swords, crowns, arrows, bows, and castles.

Therefore, this pack is appropriate for someone who enjoys playing such games. On the other hand, none of these icons will represent any of the folders you have on your computer.

They will undoubtedly make your desktop appear more customized. It’s possible that browsing through your folders will be a little difficult for you because the icons here won’t physically depict what each of your folders contains.

For instance, if you have assigned an arrow icon to the folder labeled “photos,” you need to remember that this is the case; otherwise, you will have to open each folder individually and inspect its contents.

4. Kameleon Icons

The Kameleon Icons pack contains 120 icons available in SVG, PNG, and ICO file formats. It gives the general idea of Windows a more contemporary and streamlined appearance.

The icon collection uses a single straightforward vector picture with a circular background throughout all of its icons. You will discover icons similar to those used for all the most important folders, including Documents, Music, Downloads, Photos, and others.

There is an icon for games, the Recycle Bin, music, documents, pictures, and videos, and a replacement icon for DLL files. Additionally, there is an icon for replacing the icon that represents DLL files.

5. Insignia Icons

The Insignia Icon Theme is a comprehensive icon pack that is excellent for being customized. It includes icons for common applications, web apps, and directories in addition to those icons.

The stunning design is a little change from the Windows 11 Metro motif, known for its uniform flatness. The icon pack is a nod to the classic aesthetics of the designs. The delicate light shade gives the colors more dimension.

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In addition, it has rounded corners while maintaining the majority of the characteristics of the logo. It is an excellent choice if you want the theme on your operating system to contrast yet complement other elements.

6. Shadow135 Icon Pack

Switching to Shadow135’s Windows 11 icon collection, inspired by Google’s Material UI, is a great decision. There are icons for Windows staples like Media Player, Paint, and Defender within the collection of seventy available here.

The same designer also created a set of uniformly slanted-shadow icons for Microsoft Office. Downloadable icons representing each component of the office suite are readily available.

Each icon in the set can be downloaded in PNG format. To install them, you must either convert the folders to ico format or designate them as the default icon for a specific file extension. The instruction will be discussed in the next section.

7. 3D Cartoon Icons

Using the 3D animations bundle, the icons may now be brought to life. This reflected icon pack will give Windows 11 a fresh, modern look and feel. Included in the collection are more than a hundred individual pieces.

Using the available ico files, assign them to certain directories and discs. They also provide editable PNG files to meet specific needs.

Windows icons are uniformly square and have a variety of color palettes and aesthetic flourishes. Even though they’ll need a lot of editing and converting, they don’t have many shadows.

8. OS X Minimalism iPack

OS X Minimalism iPack is perfect for you if you appreciate Apple’s minimalistic approach to design. Icons aren’t a perfect match to Apple’s due to copyright issues, but you’ll still get the feel of what it’s like to use a Macbook.

The icons are two-dimensional in appearance, bright in color, and welcome to any workstation. To launch the OS X Minimalism iPack installer, you must first extract the folder containing it, which requires an extractor application like 7Zip.

Just double-click the OS X Minimalism iPack.exe to continue. After installation, you’ll see not only the basic Windows 11 icons have been altered but also those of Chrome, Firefox, RegEdit, the calculator, Command Prompt, Windows Media Player, and many others.

9. Chibi Anime Drive Icons

This icon collection is ideal for any and all fans of anime that may be out there. It provides symbols for all of your favorite shows and several well-known manga series.

The icons are adorable, and their presence on your computer’s desktop will unquestionably impart a sense of character. Being a fan of anime, you will adore it, even though these icons are only accessible for folders.

Because they come in the ICO format, which allows for immediate use, you won’t need to use any installation to use these icons.

10. Pixelated Icon Set

Younger generations, including millennials, spent countless hours in front of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Atari 7800. Relive your youth with pixelated Windows 11 icons, and step back to the good old 8-bit days.

The charming icons are readily usable because they come in the usual icon format. About 25 icons represent common software. Photoshop, pictures, computers, the empty and full recycling bin, movies, etc., are all on the list.

The icons may appear blurry or sharp depending on your screen’s resolution. If you need more than what the pack provides, consider looking to external resources like DeviantArt, Flaticon, etc.