10 Best Word Game Apps for Android and iOS (2024)

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Are you looking for a word game to play on your mobile device? The following list of the top free word game apps that will get your mind moving. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the number of games available on your smartphone when you’re in the mood to try something new. Android and iOS app stores offer various word games for users of all skill levels.

Turning to a mobile word game is a great option when you need to take a break from your regular routine and do something productive with your time. They will provide you with new ways to spend your leisure time, expand your vocabulary, and give your mind a fun way to unwind after a long day.

Below is the list of best word game apps for android and iOS.We have tested a lot of apps and selected the best ten for you that you can try.

Best Word Game Apps for Android and iOS

We have compiled a list of some of the most enjoyable word game apps for adults. By the way, if you’re looking for brain training apps, you may find them here.

1. Wordscapes

Wordscapes is a must-have if you’re the type who always solves the Sunday crossword puzzle. The grid of this word game resembles a crossword puzzle, with intersecting lines of blanks, but no hints are provided.  Instead, your “wheel” will include anything from three to seven letters.

You can join these letters to make words when you drag your finger across the screen. The game’s object is to fill your board with the correct words. However, if you spell a word that doesn’t appear on the board, it becomes a “bonus word” that can be utilized later in the game.

The instructions are very elementary, but the software is taken to a new level by the numerous “power-ups” that can be purchased and by the weekly tournaments held for the most dedicated Wordscapes players.

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2. Words Crush: Hidden Themes

Words Crush: Hidden Themes is another letter-connecting word game that offers a challenging yet fair experience. You are given a series of letters to link to produce words related to the theme.

The catch is that once you swipe through them, the remaining letters fall to the bottom of the screen. When you have multiple instances of the same letter, you must ensure that the connections between them are right.

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If you can avoid making any blunders and collect stars, you’ll be able to access extra theme options. When things are going well, you can go to the beach, the kitchen, the farm, or even outer space. The gameplay of Words Crushes: Hidden Themes is enjoyable despite the game’s simplistic premise.

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3. Scrabble Go-Classic Word Game

The new Scrabble GO is a modern update to the traditional game. Choose from four game modes, some of which may be played without an internet connection, or play the classic Scrabble game with friends, family, or even complete strangers online with this app.

Playing the game is all about coming up with clever combinations of letters to form words, and that’s the whole point. The app chooses each of the seven-letter expressions at random before being added up to form words on a digital game board.

Enhanced abilities can speed up your progress through the game and increase your score. Gain the best rankings possible by competing in sanctioned tournaments and intellectual matches.

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4. Word Collect – Word Games Fun

Gathering Words: A Collection of Word Games The objective of the puzzle game Fun is to form words and phrases with the given letters.

The game gets harder as you progress through it. Less common expressions will increase in difficulty as you progress through the game. The game becomes more engaging and interesting as the difficulty increases.

There is a natural progression in difficulty from easier to harder levels, so it’s understandable that certain sentences may be tough to read. To help you do this, you can spend the virtual coins you earn at the end of each level on unique hints that will help you decode even more idiomatic idioms.

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Word Games – Word Collector Over two thousand unique expressions are available in the game’s fun levels. The game may look simple at first, but as you advance through the levels, you’ll realize that it becomes progressively more challenging.

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5. Pictoword

You might enjoy incorporating visuals into word games. In such a case, you should check out Pictoword. Put your problem-solving skills to the test with this out-of-the-ordinary word puzzle.

Two photographs will form a word that will be displayed to you. In this case, the two images could represent a key and a chalkboard. Images will be provided; you must use the indicated number of letters to form a single word.

Keep an eye out for new tasks in Pictoword, as completing them can earn you in-game rewards. You can also participate in daily challenges to gain even more currency.

Spend the coins on clues to have letters hidden or revealed or to skip the puzzle altogether. Pictoword is an entertaining mix of the two types of games.

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6. Word Cookies

Word Cookies is a fun word puzzle game with an optimistic theme and cheery music that will have you baking up words to solve its puzzles. You will see spots showing how many words you can generate and the number of letters in each of those words.

After that, use the arrow keys or the mouse to drag through the letters at the bottom to form the appropriate words. If you get stuck while playing Word Cookies, you can reorder the letters or utilize suggestions to become unstuck.

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You will begin your career as a Novice Chef, but with your problem-solving skills, you will quickly advance to the position of Ultimate Chef. Playing through all the game’s more than 2,000 levels is a lot of fun.

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7. Typeshift

This anagram puzzle is very awesome to work out. When you move letters up and down the vertical column, you can form meaningful words in the middle row of the horizontal column.

When at least one word can be formed using each of the letters displayed on the screen, the puzzle can be considered solved. Most of the time, this occurs when all of you employ the fundamental words that make up the problem.

The approach also results in the discovery of many additional words. This word game was developed by the same person responsible for creating SpellTower.

It is frequently featured on lists of word game apps that are shown to maintain the brain in peak condition. There are optional paid add-ons available within the app.

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8. Words with Friends 2 Classic

Like other well-known word games, Words with Friends has its own dedicated fan base. The goals of both versions are identical, but the newer one also has a Solo Challenge mode and other cutting-edge additions.

This app’s selling point is that you can play its word game versus a buddy (as the name suggests) or a complete stranger. Words can only be made across the board or down the column, much like in Scrabble.

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In most cases, the game ends when one person has used up all their tiles. Refer to the detailed guidelines for information on the scoring system and other nitty-gritty aspects.

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9. Languinis: Word Game

Funky storylines accompany the matching-word puzzles in Languinis. To see the letters, you must match three or more identical tiles. Then, utilize the resulting alphabet to form words and accomplish the game’s goals for that level.

The littlest Languinis’ liberation is your ultimate objective. This game has a tonne of levels, special bonuses and power-ups, a decent amount of difficulty, and some lovely visuals and audio.

Create extraordinary tiles by matching more than three things, then combine them to unleash devastating explosions. Remember that the faster you want to accomplish anything, the longer and more point-laden words and letters you should use.

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10. Bonza Word Puzzle

If you enjoy doing crosswords and are on the lookout for something similar, then go no further than the Bonza Word Puzzle app.

The fundamental characteristic is that finished solutions are provided upfront but presented in a highly disorganized fashion. Successfully completing the level requires examining each proposed particle and fitting its properties into a single crossword puzzle.

As you go through the tiers, there will be more elaborate expressions. Every day, developers offer you to solve a unique crossword puzzle and improve your vocabulary and abstract thinking.

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