10 Best Wrestling Games For Android and iOS (2024)

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A lot of people enjoy seeing wars that are shown to be spectacular. The purpose of wrestling games is to entertain the crowd. Hence the fights are always completely staged.

Fans of the sport crowd the arenas where matches are held in the United States on show days. WrestleMania is one of the year’s biggest events, featuring the most spectacular matches.

Many spectators of the sport of wrestling games have these bouts every year. Maybe you even considered going at it solo, but you know you must be in tip-top shape to complete the challenge.

The Best Wrestling apps on Android and iOS will help you reach your fitness goals on your own time. Most spectators, though, would rather watch the action from the sidelines.

Best Wrestling Games For Android and iOS

You can make the right show on your phone if you don’t have the right one handy. We recommend that you study the Best Free Wrestling Games for Android & iOS.

1. WWE Undefeated

WWE Undefeated is a visually appealing online wrestling game with cutting-edge visuals and fantastic animations. This WWE game mashes up the two genres of collectible card games and traditional fighting games.

A professional brawler will benefit greatly from the added tactical options and experience this genre mashup provides. WWE video games have a straightforward objective.

Two times, reduce your opponent’s health bar to zero with your attacks. Everyone from John Cena to Roman Reigns to HHH to Stone Cold Steve Austin to The Undertaker to Drew McIntyre and beyond falls into this category.

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It’s up to you whether you want to play as The Rock or Drew McIntyre in the opening sequence of this multiplayer role-playing game for Android and iOS. The remaining WWE superstars can be obtained through league play or loot boxes.

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2. WWE Mayhem

My personal favorite WWE game on Android and ios is WWE Mayhem. As soon as you see it, you’ll recognize it as the same format as Marvel’s Contest of Champions. In any case, trust me when I say it isn’t. To be honest, it’s even superior to that.

WWE Mayhem is one of the best games for WWE fans because of the highly stylized and over-the-top finishing maneuvers, even though every wrestler is cartoonishly inflated. Furthermore, the game’s controls are intuitive, and the movement is silky smooth.

The game’s controls are very simple, and a brief lesson is included at the start in case you get lost. Light attacks can be hit by tapping the screen, heavy attacks can be thrown by swiping, and blocks require holding the screen.

In addition, a special move can be executed using a three-segment special meter. You should make your attacks from the left side of the screen and your defenses from the right. There’s also a player-select button in the corner if you want to change things.

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As a sequel to their initial UFC Mobile game, EA has released EA Sports UFC Mobile 2. We’d love to tell you it’s an improvement, but it’s only a step in the right direction. You still have access to your preferred fighters.

Nonetheless, players now have much less say over events in the ring because the movement mechanism is click-based rather than control-based. However, you can still find some familiar elements.

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The game features a card-collecting mechanic in addition to a leveling system for combatants and a path to superstardom. The sequel isn’t quite a home run, but EA still has time to get it right.

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4. MMA Fighting Clash

You can classify MMA Fighting Clash alongside other basic wrestling games like WWE SuperCard and WWE 2K. It has visuals that are reminiscent of the official UFC video game. This version, however, lacks the same degree of polish.

This game has over 60 playable characters, multiple weight classes, and multiplayer support. More than a hundred distinct maneuvers are available for the characters to learn.

The workings are rather obvious. To make the warriors perform different actions, you tap on different buttons. It’s more like a real wrestling game than most others out there.

The critical reception is generally favorable as well. But there’s no denying that there’s still room for improvement in the game. It’s available for no cost as a downloadable demo version.

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5. WWE SuperCard 

Many people worldwide enjoy WWE because it is a fully realized entertainment universe. They cater to regional fan bases through localized stores and merchandise like any multinational corporation or franchise.

One example is the card-collecting software WWE SuperCard. In this section, you will find all the stars of wrestling that you have grown to admire via their on-screen antics and live matches. The game combines elements of strategy and card gaming into a unique whole.

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The WWE’s top competitors and spokespeople for each match will be at your fingertips, right on your smartphone. In WWE SuperCard, you may build a deck with your favorite wrestlers from the WWE, NXT, and other top promotions.

You’ll compete in raucous tournaments and matches across various game formats, including King of the Ring. Players can engage in real-time PvP and team battles to meet and compete against other players.

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6. Rowdy Wrestling

In the exciting and entertaining combat game Rowdy Wrestling, you’ll face off against various opponents in pursuit of the coveted gold belt. The game’s pixel art style, humorous animations, and creative arena designs all work to capture the attention of players.

The gameplay in Rowdy Wrestling can be split into four distinct styles. You have the option of going it alone against all of your opponents, working as a team with your partner, and staying by his side for as long as possible in the ring, or going it alone and establishing your own successful career.

In Rowdy Wrestling, it is not uncommon for spectators to brandish random implements, such as batons, lamps, or even just wooden boards, from behind the ring’s ropes in an attempt to help their favorite wrestler win.

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7. Wrestling Revolution

There aren’t many 2D games in this category. Wrestling Revolution is a great game if you’re interested in visuals like this. You’ve landed in a game that uses 16-bit visuals, both for the characters and the arena, and is evocative of video games from the past.

Wrestling Revolution allows you to become a superstar and build a career through simulated matches. Touch gestures and button presses are used for complete control.

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Around 350 playable characters can be found in Wrestling Revolution, and you’re free to field an unlimited number of competitors in the ring. In a different mode, you can build your own matches with your own rules and participants, in addition to taking part in traditional combat.

Arenas can also be custom-made in Exhibition mode, with every element you decide. It’s worth noting that the game’s control buttons are just as accessible, if not more so, if you don’t feel at ease with touch-control combat.

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8. Wrestling Revolution 3D

Wrestling Revolution 3D is another title the MDickie creator presents, so you know what to expect from it. This is because the overall aesthetic is more typical of wrestling video games, contributing to its worldwide popularity.

Even though the game’s base download is free, some features must be purchased before they can be accessed. For example, you can always increase your fighters’ stats and abilities.

Wrestling Revolution 3D features various brutal and effective fighting styles, making it ideal for true combat sports lovers. You’ll need a nice and powerful smartphone to have all the combatants and game graphics on your device swiftly and in high quality.

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9. NJPW Strong Spirits

There has never been a game like NJPW Strong Spirits. Most of the fundamentals are consistent with similar works in the genre. As you go, the challenges you face and the enemies you face increase in difficulty.

It’s not as realistic as some purists would like because you battle different wrestlers and choose your actions in advance. However, whenever you choose a move, the game will play back a live video of your wrestler using that move against their opponent.

That isn’t something you see every day, and as far as gimmicks go, this is one of the finest ones we’ve seen. Several NJPW wrestlers are available for use, with more on the way.

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10. Real Boxing

Real boxing is another excellent app that facilitates the beginning of a wrestling app with many of the most up-to-date features, and it is available for Android and iOS.

It may also be used as a boxing app, having access to a wealth of incredible boxing tools and techniques. Vivid Games has created a fantastic app where anyone can immediately begin punching, knocking, and playing the hero.

You can play with other people in real time on your Android or iOS smartphone, and the app has many cool new features.

If you have a smartphone, you may download this app and immediately begin fighting more than 30 different boxers, each with their own unique style, in full career and world champion modes.

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