7 Best Blood Pressure Apps for Android (2024)

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Whether your age or current level of physical activity, it is essential to keep track of your health. Always avoiding a problem is preferable to having to treat it.

And given that the advancement in technology now enables us to do so, there is no reason not to use the best blood pressure apps to monitor and keep track of our blood pressure.

Blood pressure control is vital for early diagnosis, treatment tracking, and control of your health conditions. High or low blood pressure may become a health issue as you age. It’s essential to keep an eye on your blood pressure regularly to avoid developing these diseases.

The American Heart Association revised its blood pressure recommendations in 2018 to reflect new scientific data. More people are being diagnosed with high blood pressure (also known as HBP or hypertension) due to these amended guidelines, particularly seniors.

The new guidelines may sound like bad news, but cardiologists and heart health researchers have learned some key things from the most recent blood pressure studies.

There’s no need to stress how you will keep track of your blood pressure readings when there are so many excellent smartphone apps available. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best blood pressure apps for android.

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Best Blood Pressure Apps for Android

Blood pressure can’t be measured using a smartphone, as is well-known. You’ll need a tonometer to do it. Best monitoring and tracking blood pressure apps are listed below Keep and track your measurements with these applications. w.

1. Blood Pressure Tracker

It is a breeze to keep tabs on your blood pressure with the Blood Pressure Tracker app, which is widely considered to be the best blood pressure monitoring tool available for Android users.

After that, you should take your medication, and based on the results, you should determine how frequently you should take it going forward. You are able to send it to your physician in the form of a text file.

It also enables you to add data to each reading, such as your weight and pulse and makes it simple for you to erase these statistics. Additionally, it offers support for a variety of languages and enables you to share reports across a wide range of devices.

There are also several other vital characteristics, such as the organization of records according to weeks, months, and years.

2. Blood Pressure App: High & Low

Blood pressure apps like Blood Pressure Log are an excellent idea. Keeping you up to speed on your BP, they notify you if your blood pressure is too high or too low, or if it is normal. For example, it can calculate not only your blood pressure (BP), but also your heart rate (HR), your mean arterial pressure (MAP), and more.

You don’t have to be a doctor to keep track of your blood pressure readings. The date and time help you keep track of when you’ve taken your blood pressure measurements. You can also include the position you took your blood pressure in, such as if you were standing or laying down.

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It’s possible to create numerous profiles if your parents or other family members take their own readings. As a result, each of you will be able to select your own measures without erasing the information from others.

3. BloodPressureDB

BloodPressureDB is the ideal program for determining your blood pressure readings. This application comes highly recommended, not only by pharmacists but also by medical professionals.

In addition, the medical professionals that use HealthTap have selected BloodPressureDB as their favorite health app. This application is also for those of you who suffer from conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, or an increased risk of having a heart attack.

Your blood pressure reading can be saved alongside other vital signs such as your blood sugar level, heart rate pulse, and so on. Because it analyses your blood pressure, it can help you avoid health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart attacks.

BloodPressureDB is an application that does not charge any fees and is completely free to use. And while you require an internet connection to use some of its capabilities, the rest of it can be used without an internet connection.

4. Welltory

This program can track and analyze various parameters, including blood pressure. Holding your finger over the camera on your phone or tablet will allow you to take a variety of self-assessments for disorders like anxiety, despair, and burnout.

The goal of Welltory is to help people live healthier lives by balancing their energy and stress levels. Eighty-two percent of consumers say they have more energy and less stress after just 30 days, according to business data.

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To import readings from a smart blood pressure cuff or to gain analytics that can help you associate lifestyle factors and stress with changes in your tasks, you’ll need the Pro edition of the app, which costs $12.99 per month or $79.99 per year.

5. AVAX Blood Pressure Diary

A heart attack or stroke can strike without warning, therefore it’s imperative that you keep tabs on your blood pressure on a regular basis. An all-in-one blood pressure app, AVAX has a lot of great options.

Core features include detailed blood pressure charts and data as well as BP status, which shows how many days you’ve been tracking your blood pressure.

It is possible to keep tabs on your weight, blood sugar, and medication intake in addition to your BP data.

Weight loss and blood pressure regulation go hand in hand, so keeping track of your progress is essential. Being overweight raises the risk of hypertension, according to the AHA/ASA Journals.

6. Blood Pressure Tracker

Because of the app’s straightforward layout, it’s easy to record your blood pressure readings. In addition, unlike many other programs, it doesn’t provide any frills that aren’t necessary.

Like the previous app, BP Journal, you can keep and share your records with your physician. Unfortunately, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version in order to use this feature.

On the other hand, Blood Pressure Tracker is a simple program that does just what it’s supposed to do: track your BP readings.

In addition to systolic and diastolic blood pressure data, the app provides information on your pulse, weight, and pulse rate. A graph showing your average blood pressure, a pie chart showing your blood pressure measurements, and a weight chart are all available.

7. Blood Pressure App: High & Low

The BP App lets you monitor your blood pressure by pressing a button. Simply enter your BP readings, the date and time, and your custom tags.

In addition, you can include the arm you used to take your blood pressure and the posture you were in when you did so.

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In the BP App, you may monitor your blood pressure and get a thorough report on your health state. If you wish to remove adverts, gain access to more statistics, and maintain backups of your BP data, we recommend purchasing the premium edition of the program.