How To Check if Someone Has Blocked Your Number On iPhone

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It’s a real pain when someone does not respond to your messages or calls even after making numerous attempts to get in touch. The absence of responses highlights two very obvious issues.

It is either disregarded or blocked. Although you might give credibility to another person because of a sudden device malfunction, hectic schedules, and connectivity problems, there’s a limit to what you can do.

While there’s no exact method of determining if someone blocked your phone number on your iPhone, We’ve come up with some practical techniques to aid you in deciding whether the person blocking your number is on your iPhone.

Be aware that there are various reasons that your calls might not be reaching you or your messages might not get to the intended destination. So, ensure that you examine all of the sides before concluding.

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1. Send a Courteous Text and Wait for the Response

Perhaps the most effective method to determine if someone has blocked your phone number iPhone is to make a call and see if they respond. This is a great trick to solve the puzzle off your chest.

  • Go to your iPhone’s Messages application using your iPhone, select your Conversation thread, compose a brief, friendly message, and then send it.
  • You’re not being blocked if you receive a “Delivered” or “Delivered” alert just below the message you sent. The person who blocked you is probably trying to avoid you.
  • However, if you receive an alert that reads “Not Delivered” or don’t get any notifications, your number could be blocked.

On the other hand, be aware that poor connectivity to cellular networks or intermittent iMessage issues may also hinder messages from reaching you effectively.

In addition that the recipient might have turned on Airplane mode to block calls and messages out of their reach for security. Therefore, if your statement does not get received, please wait a bit (even hours) before trying another time.

2. Enter *67 Before Dialing the Number

A practical method to determine whether your number is restricted in iOS is to turn off the caller ID. Then, contact the other person. What makes this feature so convenient is that it lets you hide your number and reveal “Private,” “Anonymous,” or “Restricted” on the screen of the receiver’s caller ID.

Those who work in susceptible areas like police or who have to make calls for business purposes can benefit from this feature to hide their telephone numbers.

  • If the call is answered typically or the person calls back to pick up the phone, your number is blocked. Thus, add *67 to the phone number, then dial. For example, *67895454475.
  • You can go to the Wikipedia page for caller ID to learn the codes to remove caller ID from your country. Be aware some nations do not permit the caller ID feature to be turned off. Importantly, remember that it isn’t possible to hide 911 calls like 911, 112 or.
  • Furthermore, iOS also offers an option to conceal the caller’s ID. To enable this, go to the Settings app on your iPhone and select phone -> show my caller ID and then disable the switch.

3. Try Calling the Person and Check the Voicemail

If you’re trying to make a call and it goes to voicemail repeatedly on your iPhone, it could be the sign of a possible block. But don’t jump the gun without thinking about it. If they’re talking to someone else and decide not to answer your call, it will be transferred to voicemail. So, don’t overthink it and wait an appropriate amount of time for them to respond.

4. Ask a Mutual Friend to Call Them

Most people are not able to answer phone calls without a caller ID. Even if a caller calls once and is sent to voicemail, the caller may have turned down the ring.

If you find that someone (like your loved one) isn’t answering your phone or responding to messages, the most effective way to end the deadlock is by bringing an acquaintance to join in the fun.

It is possible to request one of your friends to call a courtesy message for the individual. If your friend in common can communicate with the individual, it’s an obvious sign that you’re on their block list.

5. What If the Call Rings Once and Then Goes to Voicemail

If you get a call that rings once or twice and is routed to the voicemail of the iOS device, this is another signal that your phone number may be on the blacklist. It’s important to know that if your phone is turned off and your battery is exhausted and your call is not answered, it will be routed to voicemail.

If the focus mode is turned on, this could interfere with getting your call through. Therefore, make sure not to read too much into the straight-to-voicemail situation and give another ring after a while.

6. Why Not Ask Them Outright in Person

If you continue to carry doubts in your heart, the pain will get more painful. There are times when you can settle a dispute by being direct and by clear communication.

Therefore, why not approach them face-to-face? Do you know if they have blocked me from your phone? If they’ve done this, you could receive an answer right away. If they were not aware of it, you would have the problem resolved.