China Assisting Myanmar Army to Build Internet Firewall

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The Myanmar military sought Beijing’s help and is likely to receive help to set up an internet firewall that would stop the spread of information aimed at the junta. However, according to a report in the media, Tatmadaw is not aware that Chinese agencies that help them may have access to classified information of the junta.

Myanmar’s junta is currently more potent in terms of weapons and firepower than the rising factions against it within the country since the coup in February. However, Tatmadaw remains behind in digital and technological advancement, so its crimes against civilians are broadcast quickly across the world via social media and the internet.

China Assisting Myanmar Army to Build Internet Firewall

But, as of now, Tatmadaw plans to increase its restrictions on digital platforms, so it has turned its attention to China and Beijing for help to create a firewall on the internet to stop such savage texts, images, and videos from reaching local and global online audiences.

China’s role is being monitored closely. It assists Myanmar’s military to improve its ability to block and spy online following the coup on February 1, according to Asian Security officials that spoke to Asia Times.

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The joint effort, they claim, will help implement an effective system of control over what can and can’t be accessed online in Myanmar, which is similar to China’s “Great Firewall of China,” which Beijing has been using for years to enforce its repressive policies to control the online activities of dissidents, as well as weed out anonymous and pseudonymous critics, reported Asia Times.

The most troubling fact emerging, that Tatmadaw cannot discover what is happening is that Chinese agencies aiding the junta can hack into Tatmadaw’s computers for military use and obtain sensitive information during the construction process experts who are monitoring the situation claim.

As they say, China is a prime candidate to use the Tatmadaw information streams, despite a tumultuous history between cold and hot relations and years of mutual distrust over a wide range of security concerns, as per Asia Times. (ANI)