10 Best Chordify Alternatives (UPDATED 2024)

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Do you want to know what the best Chordify alternatives are? If yes, then you’re in the right place. We can generate chords for any song on Chordify.

Whether you’re looking to play the piano, guitar, or ukulele to a song, you can find the chords on YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, or SoundCloud. Chords for any song chosen randomly can be generated after an MP3 is uploaded.

In addition, Chordify isn’t completely free, as you can only generate chords for a limited number of songs per day before being prompted to upgrade. That’s a huge hindrance if you want to put in any serious practice time every day.

Chordify’s limited capabilities also mean it can only generate chords rather than full-sheet music. Here we have compiled a list of the best Chordify Alternatives which you may think about.

Best Chordify Alternatives 2024

There are some cases where Chordify is not the best option. Here are the best alternatives to Chordify that you should consider using.

1. Chord AI

If you’re looking for alternatives to Chordify, try out Chord AI. It has a lot of the same functionality, plus you can record directly from your phone’s microphone.

You can quickly generate chords and detect the key of any song, whether you’re playing it on your instrument or hearing it in the supermarket or Uber.

Artificial intelligence is used by the app to accurately identify the chords and tempo of any song. It can even pick out more complex chords like diminished, suspended, and seventh.

In contrast to Chordify’s premium version, the premium version of Chord AI requires a one-time payment to access even more advanced chords.

2. Ultimate Guitar Pro Membership

If you’re looking for an alternative to Chordify, we suggest upgrading to Ultimate Guitar Pro, which will give you access to tabs and chord sheets in the Guitar Pro format for every song in your library.

You get the same great play-along feature that makes Chordify so popular, but with much more information in the tab sheet. While similar to Chordify’s setup for playing along, this doesn’t include YouTube and isn’t as user-friendly.

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If you want more than just chord changes and bass lines, the extra tools, tracks, and tab resources are well worth the cost. Chordify is better if you want a streamlined experience focused solely on chords.

3. Fender Play

Previously available for a yearly fee of $35, Riffstation Pro is now available for free download on both Mac and PC computers. Only the desktop version of Riffstation can now be used.

Fender’s software is ideal if you’re itching to learn to play guitar and want to learn all your favorite songs. You can load songs into it, and it will learn the chords so you can play along with any song.

You can also adjust the tempo, loop specific passages, alter the pitch, and even isolate individual riffs, giving you complete control over every note and nuance of the music.

4. Yalp

To easily generate chords for any song, no registration or fee is required to use Yalp. You can check out the latest releases from your favorite artists or listen to some of the most popular songs right from the homepage.

In addition, there are subheadings for the most popular songs in various musical genres, such as country, rock, blues, etc. Simply type the song’s name into the site’s search bar to find its corresponding chords.

Unlike Chordify, you don’t have to sign up for an account to view a song’s chord diagrams here. Also, the loading and navigation were reduced, making for a more pleasant user experience.

5. MyChord

The MyChord app can identify chord changes in any song. You can listen to songs hosted on YouTube or import your own music in various popular formats (including MP3, M4A, WAV, and FLAC).

The music you’re playing can also be recorded with your phone’s mic using the recording feature. In contrast to Chordify, it natively supports guitar, ukulele, mandolin, and banjo.

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Using the icons at the screen’s footer, you can quickly and easily switch between the four instruments. Support for slash chords and 7th chords is built into the app.

6. Songsterr PLUS

This was an early innovator in abandoning the standard “net” guitar tabs, which were presented in plain text Courier font, in favor of the more streamlined Guitar Pro-style tabs, an example of which was provided in the Ultimate Guitar Pro section.

Songsterr provides all of its tabs and playback for free, with no login or email signup required, although a paid version is available. The playback tools are only available in the premium version.

This eliminates the ability to loop, alter the tempo, select a print-friendly version, and disables several other premium options. A major drawback for those who use Chordify is that no universal chord sheet is available.

7. Yousician Premium

While we have some issues with Yousician, its positive qualities as a fun and useful learning tool far outweigh any negatives. Although it’s not the most thorough learning tool.

It’s a fun and effective way to learn the fretboard and gets you excited about practicing. Let’s talk about how well Chordify works as an alternative with that out of the way.

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Yousician employs a Rocksmith-like interface to allow you to play tabs in chords along with music and track the quality of your playing as you play along with the tune. Their song lessons and classroom activities incorporate this practice.

8. Melody Scanner

You can use Melody Scanner instead of Chordify if you want to play the song by itself with full-sheet music rather than just play along with chords, as it can generate music sheets and chords for any song.

Your music files (MP3, Midi, MusicXML, and YouTube videos) can be turned into sheet music. Full tabs for any song can be created, for instance, on the guitar.

It’s possible to use Melody Scanner to make music from a recording of your singing, separate flute notes from the rest of the music, and more.

9. Ultimate Guitar

You can find guitar tabs and chord charts for thousands of songs at Ultimate Guitar. Choose a song from the homepage’s featured selection or use the search bar to look for a specific artist or song.

This will display chord diagrams for the instrument of your choice (piano, guitar, or ukulele). Take advantage of the auto-scroll function to see the song’s lyrics and chords as they scroll by themselves in time with the music.

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Are you having trouble seeing the screen while playing because the font is too small or too large? Pressing the minus (-1) or plus (+1) button will increase or decrease the font size.

10. Mychordbook

Mychordbook is an extensive collection of chords for guitar, ukulele, piano, and vocals. It’s a way to play YouTube music while viewing the real-time chord sheets that match the video.

The chords and lyrics can be navigational tools within the videos. I appreciated that the chords were indicated by color. That’ll help you keep in mind the correct chord progression.

It also shows you the instruments you’ve chosen and plays the chords on the virtual instrument in real time, with virtual fingers playing the chords so you can mimic their positions.