isn’t helping you find a partner you’re interested in. or another online-dating service like Match may be a better option. Or perhaps you’d like to end your paid membership and vacation from online dating? Please contact us if you have decided to cancel your Match subscription or account.

On the platform you use for online dating, we’ll show you the quickest way to cancel your subscription to Match and explain the ramifications of deleting your account. On the agenda:

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How to delete your account on the web

  1. Go to and log in (if you haven’t already). In the menu across the top, click the gear icon, and then select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  2. When you reach this screen, click Change/Cancel Membership(either place).
  3. Match considers what you are about to do a sensitive action, so you’ll have to re-enter your password to confirm it is you deleting your account. Click in the box beside “Password” and type in your password (it will appear as little bullet points to protect it from prying eyes). Then click Continue Cancellation.
  4. You will now be given a choice of two options. Click Cancel Membership and Remove Profile.

When canceling your Match account via a web browser, that’s all there is. Be sure to read our critical instructions about what will happen to your account after you cancel it before you do anything else.

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How to delete a Match account on iOS

The Match iOS app does not allow you to cancel your subscription without first visiting their website via a web browser. Before you delete your account, you should, at the very least, take these steps to hide your profile.

  1. Launch the Match app from your iOS home screen.
  2. Tap the menu button in the top left (three horizontal lines).
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Now select Profile Visibility.
  5. Tap Hidden to hide your profile.

How to delete a Match account on Android

You can cancel your payments through the Match app on your Android device while also having the option to hide your profile.

  1. Open the Match app from the home screen of your device.
  2. Tap the menu button (three horizontal lines).
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Under the “Profile Visibility” heading, tap Hidden.
  5. Open the Google Play Store app from your home screen.
  6. Tap the menu button (three horizontal lines), scroll down and tap Account.
  7. Tap Subscriptions.
  8. Tap the Match, Cancel, and then Yes to confirm you want to cancel your payments to that app through your device and Google Play account.

The payments for your Match subscription made through the Google Play Store will be canceled due to this action; nevertheless, we still urge that you follow the procedures provided below to remove your Match account through a web browser altogether.

Important FAQs

1. Will canceling my subscription delete my account as well?

If you cancel your membership while you still have an active subscription, the only thing that will be compensated is the subscription; if you also wish to cancel your account, you will need to go through the steps of canceling your membership once more.

2. What happens to my profile picture and information?

Please erase your profile photos and other personal information before you cancel your account. If you don’t want people to be able to discover you on Match after you deactivate your account, make sure you remove this information from your profile before doing so.

3. How quickly does my information disappear from Match once I delete my account?

If you want to reactivate your account, you’ll have a year to do so before your profile and images are permanently removed from the service after you cancel your subscription. Although they will be hidden from all other users, they will be accessible to you.

4. What if I change my mind – will I need to create a whole new account?

After you cancel, you can re-register for up to a year. For those who want to see if somebody is still interested in them, this allows you to re-enter all of your information so that you don’t have to re-enter it.

5. Do I need to unsubscribe from emails from Match as well?

No more emails from Match will be sent to you promoting relationship advice, upcoming Stir events, or website promotions – at least not after you have canceled your subscription.

For those of you for whom Match isn’t a good fit, many different online dating services and mobile apps can help you find your perfect match.

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