How to Delete Photo Albums on iPhone

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Your Photos application on your iPhone can quickly become filled with unneeded albums. Perhaps you’ve created an album in the past but did not need it anymore. Most likely, the app has made an album specifically for you.

Many empty albums can be found within Photos. Photos app. Fortunately, deleting the albums and clearing your iPhone is two clicks of a tap. This is how to accomplish it.

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Deleting a Photo Album on iPhone

If an album is empty or contains photographs, it is easy to erase the album. It’s not like deleting an album erases any images in the album. It’s possible to find those images within the Recents album or on the Library tab within the app.

If your objective were to remove all photos in the album, it would not be able to accomplish it. You’ll need to remove the pictures. You can delete them from the album before you delete the album, or you can erase them later on from an album called the Recents album.

  1. The next step is to focus on the task to accomplish. You must open your Photos application on your iPhone to erase an album. Tap the tab labeled ‘Albums’ from the lower right of the screen.
  2. You’ll find your albums under the section My Albums. Select ‘See All’ in the upper-right corner of this section.
  3. All your albums will show in a grid. Click the Edit button located in the upper-right part of the page.
  4. Then, you’ll be in editing mode. You can rearrange and erase all albums in this mode, apart from Favorites and Recents. Click the red minus (-) icon in the upper left right-hand corner to erase an album.
  5. The confirmation screen will be displayed on the screen. Click Delete Album to confirm the deletion of the album.

After you’ve deleted the album, you’ll be in editing mode. Suppose you have other albums that you’d like to remove, Repeat the procedure for the other albums. Click ‘Done at the top-right corner when there are no other albums you want to erase.

Deleting an album on your iPhone is as easy as pie. Now, get rid of those unnecessary albums hogging your Photos app.