8 Best Evite Alternatives in 2024 [Sites Like Evite]

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When it comes to free Evite websites, if you’re not already familiar with what they are, they are an online service that allows you to send and receive invitations for various events.

To acquire a quick and simple design for inviting your closest friends to an upcoming event, Evite is the best place to go.

If you’re looking for an Evite replacement in 2022, this article will help you find the best alternatives.

Many people still use Evite to send out online invitations, despite being criticized for not meeting the fanfare it has received and is included in Time magazine’s list of the worst websites.

Additionally, we’ve developed a list of the finest Evite websites and Evite alternatives for those tired of the free online invitations from Evite.

Please let us know if you know of any Evite clones or similar websites in the comments section below.

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What is Evite?

Creating, sending, and managing online invitations for your friends and family is made simple with Evite, a website designed specifically for this purpose. Founded in 1998, it’s now being used by people from all around the world.

Features like invitation customization, donation hosting, and automatic reminders are some of its many highlights.

Evite, on the other hand, isn’t the only service to offer these options! Similar and even better features can also be found on several different websites. Some of the most excellent alternatives to Evite are listed here.

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List of Best Evite Alternatives and Similar Sites

1. Rsvpify

Rsvpify.com was the last time I looked for the right Evite website. rsvpify is a newcomer to the online invitations game, whereas the others on the list are veterans.

The website’s user interface (UI) and aesthetics (Aesthetics) reflect and appeal to the modern user.

With rsvpify, you may send free online invitations with an RSVP, just like the name says.

Reminders and follow-ups can be sent, statistics can be tracked, and invitations can be easily customized.

2. Greenvelope

Greenvelope.com, an alternative to Evite, has just caught my eye. The headquarters of Greenvelope is in Seattle, Washington.

There is no learning curve, so you’ll be up and running in no time. Before you can begin designing your online invitations, you must first create a free account.

However, you don’t have to provide any credit card information. Entering your data will take you directly to the interface. Select the template you prefer, and then edit it further. Additionally, you will be assigned a personal event consultant, which is an elegant feature.

If you plan to utilize the free service, keep in mind that you can only send this invitation to a maximum of 10 people. A Premium subscription is required if you want to email it to more people.

3. Punchbowl

In addition to the Evite website, this is a great alternative. When it comes to features and ease of use, Punchbowl is unmatched. Using this service, you can also send invitations to up to 100 people at a time.

Punchbowl stands out from the rest when sending out invitations since you can set a specific date and time. You can send RSVP cards via this website. It is possible to keep track of these cards and publish updates to your guests about the event.

4. Anyvite

This excellent Evite substitute allows you to send SMS invitations to your friends and family for free with RSVP. An invitation can be created using a variety of technologies.

You may use our website to send out invitations to sell tickets for your event. Invite your friends to your event using Anyvite. It’s also possible to limit the number of friends your guests can invite and turn off this feature for any of them!

5. Purpletrail

Purpletrail comes in third, and it’s sure to become your go-to Evite alternative if you’re a designer and want full creative freedom. You can create unique invitations by choosing from various appealing themes available on the website.

Whether it’s a wedding reception, a birthday party, or a holiday party, there’s an invitation solution for you. The cards allow you to personalize them with your photographs and text. It’s also a great location to get creative party ideas and inspiration.

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You can choose from more than 5,000 designs and customize them to your heart’s content. Using the site is free, so the only cost you’ll incur is printing the card. As a bonus, you won’t have to deal with bothersome pop-up adverts.

6. Canva

Canva is an excellent resource for creating a free invitation pamphlet or banner. In only a few minutes, you can design a high-quality professional template. Canva provides the high-quality print option, but you can also choose to download it in the resolution you choose.

You’ll need a free Canva account to download a high-quality design file. However, since it’s free, there is no danger involved.

7. Minted

However, you may also use Minted to generate free online invitations for other events such as Christmas parties, bachelorette parties, and dinner parties. Minted is primarily for weddings.

The free wedding website lets you post all the details of your big day, keep track of RSVPs, and include a gift registry in addition to your card design. Artists that have won competitions held by Minted created the designs.

If you find a style you like, you can alter it to fit the specifics of your event. If you’d like, you can then opt for matching invitations, including guest envelopes.

When guests click the link, they see a slick invitation that includes survey questions, access to Google Maps, and other helpful information.

8. Smilebox

As the name suggests, this website will likely put a grin on your face. When you use a Smilebox, there’s much to keep track of. Making collages, adding music, and so forth are available options.

It is possible to choose from more than a hundred ready-made templates. Using Smilebox, you can invite people directly from Facebook if you’re of the current generation and don’t enjoy sending invitations via email.

Smilebox’s birthday templates are a perennial favorite among users. Several recent revisions to the website’s appearance have resulted in significant changes. You can now choose from tens of thousands of free internet invitation templates.