ExtraTorrent Proxy List (2024) – Unblock Extratorrent and Mirrors

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ExtraTorrent is the most popular and legitimate mirror site. Discover the newest music, movies, and more with this site. When it first debuted in 2006, ExtraTorrent quickly gained popularity thanks to its helpful features. With ExtraTorrent, you may use the P2P sharing method to get your hands on the newest releases in music, movies, files, and games.

Recent years have seen a rise in torrent sites that have gone offline, making them accessible via proxy or virtual private network (VPN) alone. Using the unblock ExtraTorrent method, these ExtraTorrent proxy lists provide excellent access to the original site. All the newest releases in film, music, and other media are available for your perusal on these sites.

This ExtraTorrent proxy server has unlimited bandwidth, allowing you to visit any website you like. Many torrents and magnet links can be found on these proxy sites. The nicest part of the ExtraTorrents proxy website is the comprehensive search options. Thanks to this function, you can go anywhere and check anything out without hassle.

Accordingly, we have compiled a list of the top ExtraTorrent proxies that are truly worth your time.

ExtraTorrent Proxy List 2024 To Unblock Extratorrent

We have compiled a list of the best ExtraTorrent proxy sites available online. If you’re looking for an ExtraTorrent proxy. The list below is routinely checked and updated by us. If you have trouble accessing ExtraTorrents, you can use this list of mirror and proxy sites instead.

If your Internet service provider (ISP) blocks access to a website, a free VPN will allow you to view it.

Proxy Availability
ExtraTorrent Proxy 1 Yes
ExtraTorrent Proxy 2 Yes
ExtraTorrent Proxy 3 Yes
ExtraTorrent Proxy 4 Yes
ExtraTorrent Proxy 5 Yes
ExtraTorrent Proxy 6 Yes
ExtraTorrent Proxy 7 Yes
ExtraTorrent Proxy 8 Yes
ExtraTorrent Proxy 9 Yes
ExtraTorrent Proxy 10 Yes
ExtraTorrent Proxy 11 Yes
ExtraTorrent Proxy 12 Yes

These mirror sites provide access to every torrent and magnet link available on the main ExtraTorrent.

Why was Extratorrent Banned?

ExtraTorrent hosts pirated content, such as modeling materials, songs, software, and newly released content. This will affect the income of the content creators, and the government has decided to outlaw Extratorrent for this very reason.

The ease with which people can obtain the content they desire by using a mirror of Extratorrent makes it difficult to combat piracy. Extratorrent’s proxy is typical fare when compared to other services of its kind. Extratorrent allowed users to access restricted materials on the site. Additionally, new content is added daily.

How Do ExtraTorrent Proxies Work?

ExtraTorrents has a large collection of media from many different types, including software, TV shows, movies, and video games. Unfortunately, the torrent you would love has been blocked in many places, so you can’t use it anywhere.

Because the torrent is banned, this site’s search results are empty. If you can’t access ExtraTorrents, use a proxy. If you use any torrent site, the police could find you and trouble you. But don’t worry because the next step is a surefire way out of that situation.

Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives

If you are having issues using the proxies provided by ExtraTorrents. You can try using one of the other torrent sites instead.

1. The Pirate Bay

If you’re looking for a torrent site, go no further than the Pirate Bay. Users may get their hands on brand-new media like movies, TV series, eBooks, etc. The website is translated into 35 different tongues. The site’s layout is uncluttered and simple, making it a breeze to navigate.

Users can access many torrent files through a simple website. However, the Pirate Bay is unavailable to users in many nations due to restrictions placed on the website over the past year.

2. 1337x

The torrent site 1337x debuted in 2007 and has quickly risen to prominence. Its fantastic features and sleek UI make it easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for. The website was recently revamped, resulting in a more intuitive layout. 1337x and 13377x are great resources for locating torrents of popular videos like movies and anime.

Finding Bollywood movies on 1337x is simple. The 13377x search engine is a cheap option for individuals who want to have fun without spending any money at home. Videos found on the internet can be downloaded without cost.


RARBG is a popular alternative to Extratorrent because of its convenient interface and extensive collection of high-quality torrents. Its extensive library includes numerous media types, such as films, television shows, applications, games, and more.

Media such as movies, TV series, music, animation, and software can all be downloaded over the internet. DVD rips, Blu-rays, standard definition (SD) up to 1080p, and many more formats are available for all content. Searching the preview instead of the full page is a convenient feature.

4. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is the most trusted torrent index available today. It has links to thousands of media files that you can download to your computer, including movies, games, music, TV shows, animation software, and more. You might think of this as a complement to Extratorrent, the most extensive File-Sharing network.

The homepage is well-made and has a wide range of useful categories. Even though the website has the best content, it’s not very well-designed because the content is more important than how it looks. It provides a wide variety of up-to-date content in an easily navigable format.

5. Torrent9 

One of Torrent9’s best selling points is its simplicity compared to other services. Browse around at your leisure and look at anything that interests you most, be it a book, movie, song, or TV show.

Its perfect construction guarantees trouble-free operation. Thanks to the user support professionals available on this site, it’s easy to get assistance if you need it. When it comes to letting users watch content, Torrent 9 is identical to ExtraTorrent proxy services.

Why Use ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites?

As was just discussed, ExtraTorrent is unavailable in some jurisdictions. You can use these ExtraTorrent proxy and mirror sites to get around censorship if you can’t access the original site.

This is a popular torrenting site due to its big community of seeders, peers, and leechers, as well as its large quantity of magnet links and torrent connections.

Why Use VPN To Access ExtraTorrents?

The torrent links are always pirated, much like ExtraTorrents. Furthermore, you can avoid jail time by considering other options. Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to shield your online activity from prying eyes.

This means that your true identity will be hidden, and your anonymity will be maintained. If you don’t want your ISP to track what you do online, you can use the “incognito” mode on your browser (ISP).