FIX – ITV Hub Not Working or Loading on Firestick TV

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The ITV Hub is a portable ITV Player that lets you watch live TV programming virtually anywhere. It has a wide range of offerings. There are a few of them that they’ve acquired over time.

The ITV Shows can be streamed free if registered on the ITV website. On ITV Players, you can also watch Sports Programs. As a bonus, the ITV Hub service is entirely free of charge.

The ITV Hub can be accessed via its website, mobile app, and TV applications. It’s as simple as visiting their website and clicking on the Live TV option.

In addition, those who don’t have a Smart TV can use the Firestick to view it. Installing apps and streaming media to your TV is easy with the Firestick.

However, some Firestick TV users claim that the ITV Hub does not work or load correctly. Because of this, fans looking forward to seeing their favorite live shows will be severely disappointed.

So today, we’ll show you how to fix ITV Hub not working or loading on a Firestick TV with our tutorial. To learn more about it, you should read the entire article.

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Fix ITV Hub Not Working or Loading on Firestick TV

The ITV Hub does not appear to operate on the Firestick TV for some customers. Then stay with us, since we’ll show you how to resolve this problem.

However, we must first determine the root cause of the problem before moving on to possible treatments. Here are a few common causes of the ITV Hub failing to load on Firestick TV.

  • Loose Or Unstable Internet/WiFi Connection
  • Not Updated ITV Hub App
  • Software Issues
  • Not Updated FireOS Version
  • Storage Issue
  • ITV Hub Error
  • Hardware Problem
  • Server Issues

Steps To Fix ITV Hub Not Working or Loading on Firestick TV

In the following paragraphs, we’ve outlined the steps you’ll need to take to get ITV Hub operating on your Firestick TV.

1. Restart The App

Try restarting the app if you’re having trouble with it. If you have a Firestick TV, you may also try this. As a result, turn on your TV after closing the door. After then, see if the app is still operating.

2. Loose Internet Connection

Do not use a weak WiFi or Internet connection. So, if you’re unsure about the speed of your wifi connection, run a speed test. After conducting the internet speed test, you should also verify that you have a stable internet connection. Switching to a different data connection can also help.

3. ITV Hub Server Issue

The ITV Hub Services may be unavailable because of a server problem. In addition, this problem can only be resolved from their side.

Many subscribers are trying to open the app simultaneously, causing the problem, but the servers can’t keep up with the demand. As a result, you will have to wait for them to fix their server and get the app back into working order.

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4. Update Your Firestick

Check to see if your Firestick TV is running the most recent software. This problem may arise if you are still using an old software version. Check for updates on your Firestick TV by following these steps.

  1. Go To Settings
  2. Select the My Fire Icon
  3. Click on the About menu
  4. After it, select Check For Updates
  5. If the updates are available, then update it and start the ITV Hub app on your Firestick TV after completion of the installation.

5. Reinstall The App

If your Firestick TV’s ITV Hub isn’t set up correctly, you may experience problems loading. The app can be reinstalled in this instance.

So, turn off the TV, remove the program, and wait a minute before continuing. Reboot the Firestick TV and re-download the ITV Hub App. Afterward, check to see if the app works on your TV or not after this step.

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6. Region Availability

The ITV Hub is only available in a limited number of regions. As a result, if you select a location where they do not offer the service, you may run into this problem. As a result, to keep yourself safe from this kind of problem, make sure you pick your region carefully.

7. Clear Cache on ITV Hub

The ITV Hub App cache can also be cleared to fix small issues causing this problem. As a result, perform the following instructions to clear the app’s cache files.

  1. Press the Home button.
  2. Click on the Settings Menu.
  3. After it, select the Applications option.
  4. Click on the option Manage Installed Applications.
  5. Select the ITV Hub app from the list and tap on the Clear Cache to delete the cache files.

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8. Factory Reset the Firestick TV

If your Firestick is still not working, you’ll need a factory reset to resolve the problem. All corrupted files will be repaired and the rest of the data will be destroyed when you perform a factory reset.

The Firestick TV will begin anew. To do a factory reset on your Firestick, follow the instructions below.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Now, select My Fire TV
  3. After it, scroll down and look for Reset to Factory Defaults
  4. Select the option
  5. And after it, click on reset.

9. Restart Firestick TV

If the problem persists, rebooting the Firestick may be the solution. To accomplish this, follow the steps outlined below.

  • Open My Settings
  • Now, scroll down in the My Fire Tab.
  • After it, click on the restart option and confirm the same.

It is restarting your Firestick fixes any corrupted files on the Firestick or in the app so that it can function properly again.


There are several reasons why ITV Hub on your Firestick TV may not work. After that, we walked you through every step of resolving this issue.

I hope that following the procedures outlined here may help you address this issue. As a result, if you could resolve this problem in any other way, please share your solution with the rest of our readers so they can also try it.