7 Best Flixtor Alternatives (2024) – Sites Like Flixtor

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If you are looking for Flixtor alternatives, you can check our quick summaries of the best Flixtor alternatives listed below. Flixtor is a video-centric search engine that provides up-to-date media content straight to your web browser.

Flixtor searches the web for links to online video streams and delivers them to its consumers, setting it apart from other streaming services.

The BitTorrent technique allows users to watch movies online without first downloading them. Fans of Flixtor already know it has the latest and greatest in film and television.

The finest feature is that everything on its website is accessible without charge from any web-enabled device. Below we have compiled the best Flixtor alternatives that give you the latest movies and TV shows.

Best Flixtor Alternatives For Free Movie Streaming

We put over twenty websites through their paces on security, quality, and dependability. The Best Free FlixTor alternatives are those listed here because you can watch their content without creating an account.

1. Popcorn Time

I’m cheating by recommending an app instead of a website, but Popcorn Time is one of the greatest FlixTor alternatives because it lets you watch TV series and movies without paying a dime.

The software has an elegant and sophisticated user interface, and its database of television episodes and films is well organized. I thought I had opened Netflix when I started the app, but there’s one major difference. You can watch as many movies and TV series as you like without paying a dime.


Popcorn Time is available for most platforms and devices because of its user-friendly app options. The software was also simple to set up after being downloaded. Popcorn Time for my Windows laptop was downloaded and installed in about 45 seconds.

There are several places where Popcorn Time is prohibited since it receives its content from torrent sites. No unlawful activity is too much for my crew or me. Before you start streaming anything on Popcorn Time, be sure you know the regulations in your area.

2. Zona

Zona is a Russian app with a similar selection of movies and TV shows as Flixtor. The only operating system compatible with Zona is Windows. However, the UI is stylish and rather simple to use.

About 10,000 films, 14,000 TV shows, and 300 television channels are available. The video, audio, and subtitle qualities can all be customized to your liking.

Don’t worry if you haven’t time to view it immediately. Just download the films you’re interested in and watch them whenever convenient. The TV shows are organized by season and resume where you left off, just like on Netflix.

You may watch live hockey, football, tennis, basketball, volleyball, and boxing at Zona, among many more sports. Zona also offers a million songs and 600 radio channels for music lovers. Also, there are 400 games available for offline play.

3. Subsmovies

The sleek and intuitive design of SubsMovies is sure to wow. There is a system to categorize and rank videos according to their quality and origin, making it easy to find the highest-quality version of a certain title.

You shouldn’t underestimate the interface’s strength, either. Even though it appears to be a standard video index, SubsMovies lets you watch your selection without leaving the page.

Never again will you need to rely on questionable external streaming sources. As the name suggests, the primary goal of SubsMovies is to increase access to subtitled media.

This is a fantastic function if you have trouble hearing or don’t have access to films in your language. Whenever you need a translation of the subtitles, just pause the video.

4. Project Free TV

Project Free TV, the best alternative to Flixtor, is not so much a streaming platform as it is an accessible TV show directory. To watch an episode, you must first locate it through a search engine and then follow a link to a third-party website hosting the video in question.

There are a lot of hiccups on this site compared to the other one. It’s not as straightforward, and you may have to click on multiple links until you discover one that leads to the correct content. To say the least, that’s annoying.

For the best, the primary site doesn’t feature any annoying advertisements. However, your good fortune will run out as you reach those pesky third-party pages.

Never, ever download anything from those sites, whether a video or something else. All these situations highlight the benefits of using a VPN with an ad blocker like Surfshark while watching free online videos.

5. MoviesJoy

One of my new favorite places to watch movies online is MoviesJoy. It’s clutter-free, lightning-fast, and has barely any ads. Streaming HD movies and TV shows are simple.

The quality of every video on MoviesJoy is indicated by the presence of an “HD” or “Cam” tag. HD videos, whether they are regular HD (at 720p) or full HD (1080p), are generally of high quality (1080p).

Cam stands for “camera,” indicating that this is an electronic reproduction of a film captured in a theatre. These movies do not have particularly high-quality video or sound.

Furthermore, there is no need to sign up for an account to watch movies or TV series; this prevents any potentially sensitive data from being stored.

While trying MoviesJoy, I discovered that the captions are permanently included in the film and cannot be removed. Thankfully, they aren’t too distracting, so you can keep watching your shows.

6. WatchSeries 

WatchSeries has a sleek design that is reminiscent of Netflix’s. New releases and popular items are neatly arranged for your perusal. It’s great that there’s no need to sign up for anything to use this site.

Although movies are available, the name “WatchSeries” suggests that the site’s primary concentration is on television programming. If you know the specific country or genre you’re interested in, you may use the search bar up top to find it.

There’s a wide variety of genres, such as cartoons, comedies, documentaries, scary movies, action movies, and science fiction. WatchSeries claims that the HD video quality is customizable.

WatchSeries frequently takes me in an unexpected direction whenever I try to click on something. My patience was seriously tried regularly by this occurrence.

7. Putlocker

Similarly to Flixtor, Putlocker is a reliable search engine for finding the video you want to watch. Simply enter the name of the film you wish to watch, and a selection of relevant streaming links will display.

You do get search results on Putlocker, and you get to pick the website you want to go to. Again, you need to be cautious because you can’t be sure of the true “nature” of these third-party streaming sites to which you’ll be referred.

Always keep your virtual private network (VPN) active for maximum security. Entering streaming sites without a virtual private network (VPN) is like walking into a burning building without protective clothing.