10 Best FREE Gantt Chart Software (2023)

How does your group efficiently set goals, assign tasks, and monitor development? And how can you achieve that if you don’t have a holistic perspective of the whole process? While using a Gantt chart to display a project’s tasks across time is not a brand new concept, more and more teams are relying on such software as part of their project management arsenal.

All projects require time, money, and effort, and these tools are indispensable for keeping you on track. If you need a lot of the extra bells and whistles that a Gantt chart offers, you’ll have to shell out some serious cash. However, as this is a budget site, we will only recommend the top free Gantt chart Software.

You might be shocked to learn that there are many highly effective, free Gantt chart software available. Here we have listed the best free Gantt Chart Software for you. So, let’s start with defining a Gantt chart and its uses in project management.

Best Gantt Chart Software

I’ve compiled a list of free Gantt chart software, and below, you’ll find a brief overview of each software, highlighting the features that set it apart from the others.

1. TeamGantt

Teamgantt is a great alternative to other project scheduling tools since it provides clear visibility into user project management. It provides you with the fundamentals, including assignments, deadlines, and tasks.

TeamGantt’s superiority lies in the fact that the company has internalized the project management concept and mindset and has applied it to its software. This program provides a comprehensive overview of all active projects, including tasks, due dates, and available resources.

You’ll find this system’s interactive Gantt charts and user-friendliness invaluable. Easily share it with your team so everyone can try it out and benefit from it. In addition, there is instructional material available to assist them if they encounter any difficulties.

2. ClickUp

The most efficient groups in both large and small businesses utilize ClickUp, the greatest free Gantt chart software in the world. ClickUp is the best project management software because it helps you plan and schedule work with time estimates.

It provides a high-level view of everything happening in your Workspace with project Dashboards. The ability to make stunning Gantt charts in ClickUp has been one of our most requested features since we first launched. We cared about doing this properly.

ClickUp also offers a wide variety of other tools for organizing your projects. The Workload view helps facilitate tasks like resource allocation, cost estimation for projects, and the establishment of a fair workload distribution.

3. Zoho

Zoho Projects is cloud-based software that facilitates project planning, tracking, and collaboration. Tasks and their dependencies may be easily identified, prioritized, and tracked with the use of Gantt charts, thanks to the tool’s color-coding system.

Additionally, it will raise red flags whenever your real progress deviates from your projected growth. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, Zoho Projects offers a great deal of customization to set up one’s unique fields, layouts, statuses, and workflows.

Task management, blueprints, automation, time and issue tracking, and an in-built chat feature are some features. All of the apps in the Zoho ecosystem, such as Desk and Invoice, can be integrated.

4. Monday

We would be negligent if we didn’t highlight the technology we built to facilitate collaboration inside teams. monday.com Including Gantt charts, Work OS equips project managers and teams with the tools they need to succeed.

It only takes a few minutes to tailor monday.com’s Gantt chart generator to your team’s specific needs, and it’s a huge time saver when planning out your projects. As an added bonus, our mobile app allows you to carry your Gantt charts wherever you go.

When creating a Gantt chart on Monday.com, you’ll first use our interactive Table view to enter all necessary data. Gantt charts are a helpful tool for tracking the development of a project, but they aren’t suitable for every situation.

5. Wrike

Wrike is a full-featured project management program that includes tools like Gantt charts and Kanban boards. In sum, it has every desirable feature and is a great bargain for the price. There is a lot of power in the free edition, including unlimited users, a live activity stream, tasks and subtasks, and internal.

To access collaborative dashboards, interactive Gantt charts, and connections with industry-standard programs like Microsoft Project and Excel, you’ll need to spring for the Professional plan, which costs $9.80 per user per month.

If you are new to Gantt charts and project management, you will find these resources invaluable. We like all the available connectors, which streamline our work together and help us get things done faster.

6. Hive

Hive is a system for managing projects with a Gantt chart component. Gantt and Hive’s charts allow you to plan and carry out your project without ever leaving the same interface. It’s simple to make and modify charts to monitor your project’s development with the Hive Gantt chart view.

If you want to see where you stand regarding a deadline, the Gantt chart is a great tool. You can assign additional users and actions to existing tasks, as well as drag and drop and expand timelines for a more complete visual representation of your project’s progress.

Hive’s built-in capabilities are ideal for project management, and it’s designed to be utilized by teams of all sizes. Hive’s Gantt chart gives it an advantage over rivals because, at its core, it is a platform for managing projects.

7. ProofHub 

ProofHub is widely renowned for its ability to centralize several resources that simplify project management. ProofHub’s integrated Gantt charts make it simple for managers to plan projects, view work, and adjust timelines.

If you’re in charge of a project, you need to be able to handle all that goes into it without any help. ProofHub’s Gantt chart provides several useful features, including the ability to establish relationships between tasks, modify task durations by dragging and dropping, and more.

ProofHub also has very reasonable prices, which is a major plus. In light of the many benefits you’ll enjoy, the prices are surprisingly low. Getting started is simple and quick, so there will be no delays or disruptions to the entire team as you figure things out.

8. Paymo

Paymo is a project management software that gives marketing and design teams full control over their projects. Users can estimate how long a task will take by clicking and dragging the timeline within a Gantt chart and then pinching the ends of the work to make it longer or shorter.

In addition to traditional dependencies, lead and lag time can accommodate overlaps or delays, and jobs can be automatically scheduled according to these factors.

If you’re ready to share the project schedule with a client or coworker, click the Export button. A Portfolio Gantt Chart may be accessed, which displays the combined timelines of all active projects in a single pipeline view.

9. Smartsheet 

Smartsheet’s monthly fee is well worth the benefits you gain. It facilitates the growth and expansion of businesses by automating various parts of task management. Workflows allow for the automatic initiation of processes that advance projects efficiently.

You may test out Smartsheet without paying anything for 30 days. You can avoid using a credit card because of this. The two primary subscription tiers are “Pro” and “Business.” Pricing is listed on a per-user basis; however, each plan requires a minimum of three users to be activated.

When you upgrade to Pro, your number of sheets, reports, and dashboards will never be limited. Make some documents off-limits so that team members may concentrate on the work at hand rather than being distracted by extraneous details.

10. Toggl

Toggl is a tool for planning and collaborating on projects that are especially useful for small teams because it makes using Gantt charts straightforward. The drag-and-drop nature of Toggl’s interface makes it easy to make projects unique for each team.

You may track the progress of your projects and add due dates and due date reminders. You can also break down larger jobs into smaller ones and establish time estimates all within the app.

The tag option for tasks also makes it easier to look for certain projects or parts of work. The premium plan costs $9 per user per month and includes team schedules, recurring tasks, and time tracking.