FIX – FuboTV Buffering Issue While Watching FIFA World Cup

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If you were streaming something, the last thing you’d want is for it to suddenly start buffering in the middle of the stream. Buffering is common when watching anything online and can spoil the viewing experience.

Buffering happens because of slow internet. Potential causes include incompatibility between apps, problems in the streaming app or system, and downed servers.

If you’re having trouble with fuboTV buffering and want to know what you can do about it, you’ve come to the correct spot.

How to Fix Live Streaming Issues on fuboTV

This article covers if you’re having trouble with fuboTV buffering while watching the Live FIFA World Cup.

1. Check The Status Of fuboTV

FuboTV sometimes experiences buffering due to server difficulties. When in doubt as to whether or not fuboTV will work, head over to the status page. It’s not uncommon for the fuboTV server to go out for maintenance or heavy usage.

There may be a delay in responding if the server is offline. We anticipate a delay in waiting for the server to come back online. If the server is functioning properly, go to the next troubleshooting step.

2. Restart Stream And fuboTV App

The Stream can also be reset to start over. This is a possible problem that arises as a result of technical difficulties. Put the stream to rest for a while and then restart it.

Restart the fuboTV app if it doesn’t work. This should resolve the issue, but if it does not, continue on to the following step.

3. Check Your Internet

Because of your sluggish internet connection, fuboTV probably keeps buffering for you. FuboTV may cease buffering if your internet connection is particularly slow or erratic. Use SpeedTest to determine your connection velocity. If your connection keeps dropping out, consider these solutions:

  • Turn off everything else using the Wi-Fi connection.
  • It is recommended that a router be placed near the device being used.
  • The ethernet cable between your device and the router will allow you to access the internet. If you don’t want to use an Ethernet cable but still have a router, you can use the 5GHz spectrum instead.
  • Switch to Airplane Mode, wait a few minutes, and then switch back to mobile data if you use it.
  • To avoid further problems, try using a different network.
  • If your connection is still erratic, you should contact your service provider.

You can fix your slow internet by following the methods above. If the internet connection is stable and the problem persists, read on.

4. Re-Login To Your Account

Re-logging into your account is another troubleshooting step you can take. When you’re done, log out of your fuboTV account. You should now relaunch the program and sign in. Check back later to see if the problem persists.

5. Lower Video Quality

If you’re having buffering issues while streaming on fuboTV, try decreasing the stream quality. Weak signals can cause fuboTV to buffer continually. You can reduce the quality if you want to watch the stream without buffering. If the stream’s 1080p resolution is too high or too low for you, you can try switching to 720p or, if that doesn’t work, 480p.

6. Reinstall fuboTV App

You can try reinstalling the program if you have already tried those things and still have problems. To reinstall the app, delete it from your device and then download it again from the app store.

After you’ve downloaded the app and logged in, you should be able to keep the stream going without interruptions.

7. Switch To A Different Device

Try using a different device if none of the above solutions work. If you were live-streaming on your phone, you might switch to another phone, laptop, or device. If you’ve been using a specific browser to watch fuboTV streams, you may want to try another one.

8. Clear Cache Of App

This could be an issue with the app’s cache. The cache of an application can greatly enhance the user experience, but it might become corrupted if it is kept for an extended period of time. To resolve this, please delete the app’s cache and restart it. Here are the measures to take:

  1. Open the Settings app on your device. 
  2. Here, select the Apps option. 
  3. From the Apps, search for fuboTV and select it. 
  4. Select Storage and Clear Cache to clear the app’s cache. 

The preceding instructions are for cleaning the cache of Android apps. However, the process may vary depending on the device you’re using. If you’re streaming in a browser, try clearing the browser’s cache and trying again.


Learn how to eliminate buffering when using fuboTV. If you are having trouble watching a stream on fuboTV because it keeps buffering, you might try the solutions given above.