10 Best GeoGuessr Alternatives (May 2024)

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There’s never been a bad time for a quiz. Attempting to determine each other’s longitude and latitude from a collection of photographs taken by each is a particularly enjoyable challenge. Choices encourage analysis, but they also make things more challenging.

GeoGuessr is the topic at hand. You prefer it above all other Windows and macOS X computers. It’s undeniably the most played and remarkable game available, but it’s now a paid service. So, look no further; we have the best GeoGuessr alternatives for everyone!

Best GeoGuessr Alternatives

We’ve compiled a list of excellent alternatives to GeoGuessr after extensive research. They are all impressive, and some even outshine GeoGuessr’s functionality. The same can be found in the list down below

1. Geotastic

Like GeoGuessr, Geotastic is a free online multiplayer game. The game is simple to play with the kids and has several themes. Its distinctive flag-guessing game and panoramic cityscapes have made it a hit among players. The game also includes a system for guessing the country’s name based on the information provided.

Sign into your account, and you may immediately begin playing. Both solo and group play are supported in this game. Multiplayer mode requires connecting to a server’s lobby.

You should know that if you want to keep playing this game, you’ll have to make a donation. And yet, there are over 88 interesting nations to explore in the game, making it all worthwhile.

2. City Guesser

This is a great option if you’re looking for a replacement for GeoGuessr. It’s a video-based alternative to Google’s maps API. The game chooses a random place from a video at random. To get started hit the “start guessing” button.

This game’s best feature is its multiplayer mode, where players can interact in either private or public rooms. It can also assist you in narrowing down your options for specific nations and cities.

You may play the game right now without spending a dime, and getting it is a breeze. The level of challenge is comparable to that of GeoGuessr. As so, it’s clear that it’s a formidable contender to GeoGuessr.

3. Seterra

Using the Seterra app, you may greatly expand your geographical knowledge. Each continent and country in the world is covered with a separate quiz.

This resource will help you become more knowledgeable about places worldwide, including national capitals, major cities, rivers, lakes, and more.

Seterra isn’t just a quiz site; it also offers downloadable pdf maps of countries and cities.

Seterra provides access to a wider variety of games than GeoGuessr. Explorer Mode, Country Streak, Professional Leagues, Daily Challenge, and Battle Royale are the five game modes available in GeoGuessr.

And Seterra has nine game modes: show all, learn, multiple, choice, pin, pin hard, type, type simple, and type with auto-complete.

4. PlayGeography

There are some cool maps of the world in Play Geography. TeachMe is the company that owns the site. TeachMe stands apart because it’s a hub where millions of people may access instructional apps and activities.

TeachMe also has games like MathGames, TypeRacer, and EdShelf in addition to PlayGeography. PlayGeography offers up to 92 different maps and more than 12,000 questions.

Like GeoGuessr, PlayGeography offers multiple game types to choose from. The gameplay styles, however, are vastly dissimilar between the two systems.

PlayGeography’s games cover topics including finding the location of different countries and learning their flags, capital cities, and provincial names. More than ten games (depending on the mode) with up to thirty questions each are available.

The game’s difficulty can be adjusted independently for each play style. In addition, the faster you respond to a question in a game, the more points you will receive.

5. Getlost

Another popular substitute for GeoGuessr in those countries is presented here. And there are several hints scattered about to help the player uncover hidden areas. After you begin playing, we will go over the first five rounds of the game, in which you will use the street view to make educated guesses about where you are.

To access this game, please sign in or register a new account. You can bypass the sign-up process using your existing Twitter or Google account. There are free and paid versions of GetLost available.

One ordinary game of five daily rounds is the limit for free budgets. If you pay for a full year’s subscription at once, you’ll save $14 off the monthly price of the pro Monthly plan.

6. Hide & Seek World

Hide & Seek World, like GeoGuessr before it, is a geo game. Hide & Seek World, in contrast to GeoGuessr, is a purely multiplayer experience. You can jump into a game at random or make your own custom game for friends to enjoy.

The game’s multiplayer modes are “Classic Match,” in which players hide and seek one another, and “Find Wolly,” in which players race to be the first to locate the mascot. Multiplayer options in the Hide & Seek world are fun. As a player, you get to pick a hiding spot, and the others try to guess where you are.

As a result, there is a single concealer and several scavengers. According to how near they got, all of the seekers received points. The winner of a session is the seeker with the most points.

Enter your name and the color you want to play with, and you’ll be added to the game. There is no registration required to jump into a multiplayer game at random. Registration is required only while playing with others.

7. World Geography Games

Anyone, young or old, can use this site to put their geographical knowledge to the test and learn new things.

The games do not simply involve guessing places on a map but rather involve a variety of strategies. Various types of geographical questions (flags, capitals, regions, mountains, deserts, etc.) are available.

World Geography Games, like GeoGuidr, has maps of all 193 countries (UN member states). However, certain Asian, Caribbean, and South American nations belong to this group. You can start playing World Geography Games right away without signing up.

Compared to GeoGuessr, World Geography Games offers a wider variety of games. Just about any aspect of the Earth’s geography is fair game for a round of geographical trivia.

8. Lizard Point

Google Street View gives you a global perspective on current events. You’ll have to make your worlds accessible to everyone, regardless of location, but nobody else will be able to see them. Although it works wonderfully as a mapping tool, that’s not its sole purpose.

Like GeoGuessr, this one features a set of objectives to be completed. That being said, if you’re in the business of creating maps, you’ve come to the right spot. In this exercise, you are encouraged to let your imagination run wild and to demonstrate your artistic and graphic design abilities to their fullest.

9. Ducksters

This is a great substitute for GeoGuessr. Many people interested in playing the game collaborated to expand its scope beyond a simple map seek. Most of the time, it is about gaining knowledge about the natural world and doing good deeds to help protect and preserve wild animals.

Your mission in this game is to click on the pictures of the ducklings to see which ones need your assistance and then to care for them. They’ll need your assistance constructing a nest, supplying food, arranging a nest, and keeping it safe from predators. In the game, you’ll find yourself in some truly breathtaking natural settings that will satisfy you.

10. GuessWhere Challenge

The GuessWhere Challenge is fun and challenging to test your geographical knowledge while learning something new. The game requires players to randomly pick one of two places and answer questions about the local landmarks.

The point is to figure out what part of the game the player completed. A total of five rounds are played, each set in a new and intriguing location.

Using it, players may virtually explore the world and take on a variety of geo-challenges without leaving their living rooms. One of the difficulties in using a map is locating well-known landmarks, historic sites, and out-of-the-way places.


The best alternatives to GeoGuessr are listed above. One of the better alternatives to GeoGuessr is the free program City Guesser, which offers many of the same capabilities.

The free Seterra app is highly recommended due to its nearly 400 interesting map quizzes. The other options, however, are all fun and educational ways to learn about the world around you.