7 Best Ways to Get iOS 16 Features on Android

iOS 16 introduces significant updates to iOS, with the redesigned lock screen serving as the primary focal point of the update. Apple’s iOS 16 includes several additional features that we hope will eventually make their way to Android. Although Android already incorporates a number of these features.

Now, I’ll show you how to get many of the features introduced in iOS 16 on Android. We will go over native as well as third-party options to get some of the essential features of iOS 16 on your Android device.

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Best Ways To Get iOS 16 Features on Android

1. Lock Screen Widgets

These functionalities were supported on Android a long time ago. Sadly, this is no longer the case. It’s still possible to customize your default lock screen with third-party apps. For $1.49, You can download the Lockscreen Widgets app from the Google Play Store.

Open the app and grant the necessary rights once it has been installed. To begin adding widgets to the Android lock screen, Hit in the Plus icon on the lock screen. There are no lock screen-specific widgets for Android, unlike iOS’s lock screen-specific widgets. All of these functions can be accessed from the phone’s lock screen.

A widget on your Android phone’s lock screen will display any sensitive information you choose to show to the people around you. Protect your privacy at any cost.

2. Lock Screen Customization

Regarding the personalization of the lock screen, various capabilities are already available on Android, particularly on smartphones that use the Samsung One UI. Launch the Settings App and go to the Lock screen menu.

In this section, you may alter the styles of the clock, make it behave just like iOS 16 in that it will automatically change the wallpaper, and you can even use dynamic wallpapers.

Did I mention that, in addition, Samsung provides widgets that are developed specifically for the lock screen? The most exciting aspect is that various third-party applications, such as Google Calendar, Spotify, and Pocket, are compatible with these widgets.

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3. Device Setup for Kids

With iOS 16, features relating to parental controls have been enhanced, and it is now possible to configure an iPhone or iPad for use by children. With the assistance of the Family Link app.

You will have no trouble recreating the same functionality on an Android device. Because of this, it will be simple for you to set up a Google account for your child and then use that account to sign in to the Android device that your child uses.

Parents can restrict their children’s smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Kids may use the app to seek additional screen time, much like on iOS.

4. Shared Library

Creating a library that may be shared amongst family members is now possible on iOS 16. You can access all of the photos and movies that are added to the library by anyone who joins the library.

Google Photos Partner Sharing functionality can be a one-to-one substitute for Android’s shared library. One big drawback is that you can only have one partner account.

Artificial intelligence (AI) allows photos to recognize specific people and immediately share them with your partner if they include that person. Sharing images is simple because they’re automatically uploaded to the other person’s profile. Once enabled, the user experience is nearly identical to iOS 16.

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5. Passkeys

Both Apple and Google have reaffirmed their dedication to providing consumers with the option to sign in without entering a password. While iOS 16 will introduce passkey, Google just announced something quite similar at their Google I/O event in 2022.

It is expected that Google’s passkey will function adequately for devices running Android 9 or later. The service is not currently being offered at this time.

After installing the update, however, you should be able to bypass the need to input a password to unlock your Android phone and sign in to any service accessible via the internet.

6. Live Text

Text from a real-world banner or even a picture can be copied and pasted using Live Text. With the help of Google Lens, you can bring this iOS 16 functionality to Android. The camera icon in the Google Lens app may be used to scan any text in the real world.

Open the app and pick it. In addition to the ability to scan text, numbers, QR codes, and other things, Google Lens has many other valuable features.

The pictures app on iOS 16 makes it possible to copy text directly from videos, which is not feasible on Android yet with any app.

7. Keyboard

Both haptics and punctuation dictation have been added to the Apple keyboard in iOS 16. This is where Android has a significant advantage over iOS. A haptic motor is required to utilize Gboard on any Android device with a haptic motor.

On Gboard, dictation is compatible with punctuation. It’s a minor function, but it makes typing on the screen more pleasant. It can be found on various keyboards, such as Samsung’s.