10 Best Google Chrome Themes You Should Try (2024)

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Google Chrome, one of the most used browsers, is renowned for being the most dependable and fast option. Thanks to features like this and the availability of thousands of free, downloadable skins created both by Google and third-party developers, Google Chrome now boasts over 3.2 billion users.

You may have trouble selecting a Chrome theme that meets your demands, though, due to the thousands of themes available. These themes have a wide variety of designer backgrounds and accent colors.

Everything you need to know about using a theme in Chrome can be found in our detailed tutorial on installing or deleting a theme. A compilation of the Best Google Chrome themes is available for download.

Best Google Chrome Themes To Download

The feeling of always seeing the same white background might be boring. Using new themes, you can easily give your Google Chrome a new look and feel. Here we have the list of the best free google chrome themes you can try.

1. Iron Man-Material Design

One cannot deny the worldwide success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which began with Iron Man. Billionaire Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr., narrowly escapes being killed by his own weapons.

Instead of using his supercharged armor for destruction, he uses it to defend himself and others. This Chrome theme puts in a little more style and effort than the others that feature Iron Man movie stills.

It’s a gorgeous silhouette of Iron Man flying above the city, and it’s a homage to the movies and the comics without being overt about it. More than 100,000 Iron Man fans have recognized its appeal.

2. Zodiac Animals

Google has designed a set of themes called Zodiac Animals Theme, which is all named after the animals corresponding to the 12 signs of the Chinese Zodiac.

Hélène Park, Google Chrome’s motion designer, created the adorable animal illustrations for the themes’ home pages. In general, the theme is rather a pastel.

It makes use of tabs of different colors to make navigating simpler. The Dog tune and the Kittens theme are my two favorites from the series. You can search the series till you find the right one.

3. Night Time In New York City

The city of New York has been the subject of innumerable movies, books, video games, and songs because of its fame and cultural significance. It’s not necessarily the best place to live, but its beautiful, historic scenery can’t be denied.

Perhaps the best nighttime representation of New York City is captured in Night Time in New York City. A theme like this is to show us the beautiful aspect of a genuine area.

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Therefore the buildings are lit up in stark white and tungsten lighting, giving us a sleek image of a place that is pretty grungy in reality. There is an achievement in that respect.

4. Blue/Green Cubes

Photos are the most common theme, but some people may find that they get in the way of their productivity. You do not, however, have to settle for the monotony of a blank browser window.

The shaded cubes in the Blue/Green Cubes theme form an aesthetically beautiful pattern, with a layer of intricacy added by the gradient coloring and shading of the cube’s individual faces.

Even if, at first glance, it appears to be uncomplicated, this theme was designed with great care. If the color scheme suits your preferences, it’s a lovely choice for a minimalist site.

5. Deadpool Full Screen Theme

If you want to add a superhero flair to Google Chrome, “Deadpool Full Screen Theme” seems to be the way to go. The theme is visually appealing, with the bold red color scheme and the imposing superhero all geared up and ready to go.

When it comes to doing its job, giving the home screen a superhuman appearance, it does a decent enough job. Have I missed something? Though it wasn’t much, I would have liked the option to tweak the theme a little.

6. Deep Space Theme in Black

“Deep Space Theme” has a lot going for it. The theme’s eye-catching design is the first thing that readers will notice. The combination of black and grey tones with starry accents creates a striking visual effect.

That was remarkable to me as a person who appreciates well-executed dark themes in design.

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When I look at it, I can’t help but want to jump out of my skin and into the depths of space. There’s a good chance you’ll be drawn in at first sight if you share my appreciation for the macabre subject matter.

7. Under The Leaf

The “Under the Leaf” theme for Google Chrome was intended to serve as a gentle reminder that we don’t always need to search far to find what we’re sometimes seeking; all we need to do is take a closer look right in front of us.

It is based on a green color accent and shows a row of swamp plants together with a small amphibious companion in the middle of it. You will enjoy this topic if you have a passion for the outdoors.

8. Lone Tree

Wonderfully fusing photography and digital art, “Lone Tree” places its namesake tree between a dark and light starscape to create a mystical image that will stay with you long after you’ve closed your browser.

A tiny drawback to this motif exists, though. The forward and return arrows become less apparent, but this isn’t a problem because you’re already familiar with their locations, and they were just in the way to begin with.

9. Sahara

The starry skies over the Sahara inspire this piece by Peter Noordijk. This stunning image of the Milky Way was created by combining several separate shots.

This piece of excellent astrophotography provides a vista of the sky that is an extremely unique anyplace on Earth due to the lack of light pollution above the Sahara. This is a fantastic concept for those of us who can’t exactly hop on a desert caravan personally.

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10. Ride the Wave

You’ve probably seen your fair share of grim stories by now, so why not try something new? When using Chrome, the Ride the Wave theme will keep your browser’s appearance dark without making it monotonous.

While maintaining the same mood as a theme like “Just Black,” the use of dark blues and purple tones keeps the design looking modern and fascinating.