Grammarly VS Prowritingaid (2024) – Which is Better?

As a New York Times Bestselling Author and 5-Star Rated Freelancer, it’s safe to say that I do quite a bit of writing. However, having the proper equipment and resources simplifies my job.

Grammar and spellcheckers are frequently used by writers when correcting their work, even after utilizing every program on the market. Grammarly and ProWritingAid are two options that may come to mind. Grammarly is what I use.

What is the best internet tool for writing? This comparison guide will look at Grammarly and ProWritingAid’s respective features. As part of my evaluation, I’ll look at how well these grammar checkers work and how well they communicate with customers.

What is Grammarly?

Max Lytvyn and Alex Shevchenko founded Grammarly in 2009, which is the best spelling and grammar, checker. Spelling, punctuation, and grammatical mistakes can all be addressed with this tool.

These tools can be accessed on various platforms, including desktop and mobile devices and browser extensions. You may work on your writing abilities from any location thanks to these tools. Grammarly also has a website where you may get thorough feedback on your work.

You can use an online grammar checker to verify your writing in various genres. Other options include selecting a preferred English dialect or adding new words to your customized lexicon.

Grammarly can be used for free or paid, depending on your needs. Various advanced writing tools such as sentence rewrites and tone adjustments are available with Grammarly Premium.

As a non-technical or patient person, Grammarly is my favorite tool because it is simple.

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What is ProWritingAid?

Its world-class proofreading and writing style reports have earned ProWritingAid a reputation as a top-notch online word processor. As you gain a better understanding of the readability of your articles, you can significantly improve them.

In addition to fixing your grammar and spelling, this software platform also looks for overuse, cliches, repetition, and sticky sentences in your writing if you subscribe to one of its premium plans.

ProWritingAid offers both a desktop application and a plugin. Speed up your work using Microsoft Word, Google Docs, email, and additional browsers. All-inclusive lifetime subscriptions to ProWritingAid are also available.

Though ProWritingAId contains all the capabilities I need and takes up less space on my computer than Grammarly does, I noticed it slowed down my computer’s performance and even missed several errors that Grammarly caught. Also, there’s a learning curve involved. Here’s a look at my complete ProWritingAid review:

Features of Grammarly

Let’s take a closer look at each feature of the two grammar checkers before making a final judgment. For its instructional advice, Grammarly is a popular writing editor.

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1. Detailed Spelling and Grammar Reports

The advanced suggestions in Grammarly’s web editor are a massive plus in my book. While using Google Docs or mobile apps, this editing tool provides you with a few fast checks for common spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors.

Due to its thorough explanations, Grammarly is unique in that it may help you improve your grammar over time. Not only does it let you know where you went wrong, but it also explains exactly why you did so.

Grammarly may tell you that your sentence is too long or that the paragraph is monotonous. Its tone detector also provides context-specific stylistic recommendations. The online editor can also fix the following problems with sentence structure:

  • Passive voice.
  • Wordiness.
  • Repetition.
  • Dangling modifier.

2. Plagiarism Detector

You can run plagiarism checks on your academic papers, blog posts, and business documents in addition to Grammarly’s standard functions. If you purchase one of the advanced proofreading tool’s premium plans, you’ll be able to use this feature. I use it daily while writing content to ensure it’s not just well-written but also 100 percent original.

Grammarly is a plagiarism detection tool that does a fantastic job. The procedure is straightforward. Please copy and paste your text onto the blank page, and the program will check it against the billions of other pieces of published information already in existence.

Only a portion of your text will match the sources, and that’s okay. Results will also show how many sources you used.

3. Personal Dictionary

Grammarly’s customized dictionary will allow editors to spend less time deciphering its suggestions. It is possible to add a term to your dictionary if the proofreading program keeps reporting proper nouns and unique words as misspellings.

Authors of fiction and bloggers with specific names for their characters will like this feature. Using a customized dictionary will ensure that you only obtain suggestions that are correct for your piece of writing.

4. Weekly Statistics

Weekly writing reports are an essential part of Grammarly’s feature set. Your weekly vocabulary, productivity, and mastery score are all shown via the online grammar and style editor for your perusal and review. You’ll also be notified through email if you make too many grammar and spelling mistakes.

Even if you think these emails are spam, the statistics you’ll get each week will give you a better idea of how you might make your writing more fluid. You and your readers will profit if you use this information to improve your writing.

5. Integrations

Grammarly is available as a browser extension and as a Word add-on. Edit your emails, blogs, and social media posts with this tool. When using an iOS or Android device, the mobile app is a convenient way to make edits to your work.

On the proofreading application’s desktop version, grammar and spelling errors can be corrected.

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Features of ProWritingAid

Another AI-powered writing assistant, ProWritingAid, fixes grammar and spelling mistakes. The platform has both basic and complex grammar options. Even though I enjoyed the program and found its features to be precisely what I needed, the time I did spend with it was excessive, as I previously stated.

1. Writing Style Report

ProWritingAid, in contrast to other grammar checkers, focuses on comprehensive writing reports that go beyond spelling, grammar, and punctuation problems. Corrects 20+ significant grammar errors and provides readability scores to help you improve the quality of your writing.

Changes like switching from passive to active voice, deleting excessive adverbs, and minimizing the number of times a sentence begins will be suggested. Aside from emotional cues, you’ll be notified when your tale has certain types of language or emotional cues. Other grammatical errors that ProWritingAid detects and corrects include:

  • Cliches and redundancies.
  • Sticky sentences.
  • Sentence length.
  • Pronoun
  • English versions.
  • Consistency.
  • Transition.

The contextual thesaurus function of ProWritingAid also provides a vocabulary-enhancement tool. Synonyms are suggested based on your statement’s context. This is a fantastic tool for my fiction writing.

2. House Style

ProWritingAid’s sophisticated editing features are the house style check, which provides a style guide based on your needs.

For example, this proofreading software application lets you construct a tool that suggests changing “fall outfits” to “autumn outfits” if you are a fashion designer.

3. Integrations

The flexibility to use an online editing tool on various platforms is necessary. That ProwritingAid for Microsoft Word, Apple’s Safari, Google’s Docs and Scrivener can be installed is a positive thing.

In addition to Open Office, Rich Text, and HTML, ProWritingAid’s desktop program supports various other formats.

4. Plagiarism Checker

We at ProWritingAid place a high value on uniqueness. Up to 60 plagiarism checks per year are included in the premium plus membership plan for infrequent authors who produce academic papers or educational blog articles.

Is ProWritingAid as Good as Grammarly?

You can’t afford to buy two grammar checks at once if you’re like me. From my years of using both tools, I’ve put together this comparison guide.

Both Correct Spelling and Grammer

Whether you’re writing fiction or non-fiction, they can help you improve your writing. It’s excellent that both apps focus on honing your spelling, grammar, and sentence construction skills, all at once. Grammarly, on the other hand, seems to catch more errors and is easier to use.

Grammarly Has a Cleaner Interface

It offers a simple web editor where you may copy and paste your content or upload a file. This powerful grammar tool can also be installed as an extension for easier use. When it comes to simplicity, it beats out ProWritingAid’s clunky dashboard every time.

In addition, the plugin’s auto-correct feature makes it simple to use. Grammarly highlights errors in your writing as you type, saving you time and effort in the long run.

It takes about two or three usages for ProWritingAid to become acclimated to the interface. Changing the proposed improvements is difficult because they’re concealed in a tab.

Auto-correction is also missing from its Chrome plugin. When writing multiple articles daily, many authors seek this added capability.

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ProWritingAid and Grammarly Have Plagiarism Checkers

In my opinion, Grammarly and ProWritingAid’s plagiarism detectors aren’t the best. These statements cannot be marked plagiarised because they have been significantly modified and rephrased. Other plagiarism checkers, such as Copyscape and Quetext, have also been tested.

Grammarly doesn’t appear to compare your work with the hundreds of millions of other pieces on the internet. Unlike other proofreading software, this one can’t detect accidental plagiarism or patched-up work! However, Grammarly’s plagiarism detector is marginally superior if you don’t mind the occasional hiccup.

With ProWritingAid, you won’t be checking your articles for plagiarism daily. Because it has a limit of 60 plagiarism checks yearly, this is why. Last note, only the premium plus package includes ProWritingAid’s plagiarism detection.

Grammarly and ProWritingAid Have Multiple Integrations

When you use the Grammarly plugin, you’ll be able to make real-time edits to your writing on websites, emails, and other platforms. In addition to saving and creating documents on the cloud, you can also use the mobile application to proofread your messages.

Additionally, ProWritingAid offers a variety of add-ons that may be downloaded from the company’s website. To write with perfect grammar every time, you can download the online web editor and use it on your computer.

Grammarly and ProWritingAid won this round because of their desktop and browser plugins. Scrivener, a long-form writing program used by novelists, screenwriters, and other authors, can only be used with ProWritingAid.

HTML, Markdown, Open Office, and Rich Text formats are all supported by ProWritingAid.

Grammarly Offers Better Customer Service

Grammarly’s customer service is enhanced by the fact that you may send an email with any questions or problems you may have. An online support center is available to answer questions about billing and other aspects of your account.

You can contact ProWritingAid by filling out a form on their website. Wait for a response after submitting the form.

ProWritingAid is Better for Creative Writers

If you’re anything like me, your internet editor won’t be able to do more than fix basic grammar and spelling errors. Only ProWritingAid provides detailed reports for fiction writers, while Grammarly offers a wealth of advice on enhancing your writing.

Grammarly works better for me because of my level of expertise and the other tools I use. When my editor is unavailable and I’m short on time, ProWritingAid comes in handy.

The proofreader for the following things scrutinizes your material:

  • Cliches.
  • Sticky sentences.
  • Pacing.
  • Dialogue tag.
  • Alliteration.

The best stories include a good blend of quick and slow passages. It’s essential to ensure that your characters’ talks, actions, past, and introspection all contribute to a great narrative.

ProWritingAid is Way More Affordable

A month of ProWritingAid will set you back $20, while Grammarly Premium would cost you $30. Grammarly also provides a three-month subscription for $60. However, an annual subscription at $144 will save you more money in the long run.

For $399, you can get an online writing coach for life. On the other hand, the lifetime plan from ProWritingAid is the clear winner. All future upgrades are included in this one-time fee.


I sincerely hope this guide to the two grammar checkers helped you make a decision. When deciding between Grammarly and ProWritingAid, remember that each tool has advantages and disadvantages.