Hackers Were Taking Advantage of a Flaw in Windows 7 and Later that Microsoft fixed

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Hackers could take control of systems by exploiting software like Microsoft Word before Microsoft provided a patch that fixed a significant security hole known as Follina. This flaw was fixed in Windows version 7 and later by Microsoft.

The technology company headquartered in Redmond has finally fixed the problem and distributed a cumulative update in June 2022 that fixes the vulnerability.

According to information obtained by Bleeping Computer, Microsoft has asked consumers to update their systems and install the software “as quickly as possible,” advising customers to “apply the patches to be fully protected against the vulnerability” as soon as feasible. Customers that have already configured their systems to get automatic updates do not need to take any additional steps on their end.”

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This vulnerability has been actively exploited, enabling threat actors to run malicious code and take control of the programs installed on the device. They also can create new Windows accounts and delete existing ones.

Will Dormann, who works as a Vulnerability Analyst with CERT/CC, made the surprising discovery that the fixes are recorded as having been released in May, despite having only been available for two days. He also points out that utilizing a registry hack is still feasible to make the system susceptible to the bug. This is something that he mentions.

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Chinese hackers have utilized this known and actively exploited the issue to breach the Tibetan administration. It is highly suggested that you download and apply this fix as soon as possible.