How to Install ChatGPT as an App on iPhone?

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With ChatGPT, the internet has been turned on its head in the year 2023. In a field already dominated by Google, the appearance of the OpenAI ChatGPT came as a complete shock to the community.

Our chatbot is powered by AI, so it can take your input and use it to craft ever-more-tailored responses. There’s more ChatGPT can accomplish than what it’s used for, which is regular questions or generating essays and stories.

It is now capable of producing song lyrics in any genre, complete with verse, chorus, bridge, and outro. So, now you know why artificial intelligence (AI) is so revolutionary for modern society.

Not too distant in the future, we’ll use ChatGPT like Tony Stark uses Jarvis with his artificially intelligent personal assistant, as AI develops consciousness. Nevertheless, despite its many benefits, ChatGPT is now only accessible through a web browser.

Now that we live in the age of AI, it seems unnecessary to manually enter the platform’s URL and login details every time you need to use it.

However, I am pleased to inform you that ChatGPT is available for download as an app. Doesn’t that sound more time- and effort-saving? Stay to the end if you use iOS and want to know how to get the ChatGPT app on your iPhone.

Steps to Install and Download ChatGPT as App on iPhone

There is no dedicated desktop client available for use with ChatGPT. So, you cannot install an application on your device, regardless of whether you use Android, iOS, or Windows.

Nevertheless, there is a quick fix that will get you far further along the path to iPhone app installation. I’ve laid down all the steps you need to take to make it, so you never have to look for ChatGPT again.

  1. To begin, launch Safari on your iOS device and navigate to “ the Safari browser
  2. It’s time to enter your login information or create an account. If you don’t want to create an account, you can utilize one of the Google or Microsoft Login services instead.
  3. When you go to the search page for ChatGPT, click the Share button at the very bottom.Share icon
  4. This will make some doors possible to open. Choose the “Add to Home Screen” option from the menu.Add to Home Screen
  5. Now, in the Name field, enter ChatGPT, and hit the Add button.

After completing these measures, you can return to your home screen and find ChatGPT there. As you open it up on your iPhone, you’ll see that it appears very much like an actual app. The link will automatically send you to the ChatGPT homepage without requiring you to register or sign up the next time you use it.

How To Use ChatGPT on iPhone?

Now that you have ChatGPT installed on your iPhone, let’s look at the proper way to utilize it.

Because of the app’s consistency, utilizing ChatGPT doesn’t matter if you log in from Safari or launch it immediately from the shortcut. In that case, this is a detailed tutorial on how to use ChatGPT on an iPhone.

  1. A quick link to the Chat page can be found at ChatGPT.
  2. Simply enter your question into the search bar and hit the arrow button to send it off.
  3. Once you type in a question, ChatGPT will examine its parameters to determine how best to respond.
  4. If you don’t like the result, you can always make a new one by clicking the “Regenerate response” button.

That sums up the iPhone version of ChatGPT. The design is reminiscent of that of several popular messaging apps. The main difference is that an AI will provide the response rather than a human.


If you own an iPhone, you should be able to download the ChatGPT app without further ado. ChatGPT does not offer native software for any device; thus, creating a shortcut on your home screen is the next best thing.

If you find yourself frequently using ChatGPT, you may save yourself time and effort by pinning it to your home screen. In that case, please share your thoughts on whether or not you found this post useful, and feel free to ask questions or make suggestions in the section below.