Is Groupon Safe? How to Spot Fraud + What Not to Buy on Groupon

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It can be hard to imagine a website selling high-quality goods at low prices when it does so (we all know the saying: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is). If you’re asked to input your credit card information on a website like Groupon, you might wonder if it’s safe or real.

While is a terrific resource for finding excellent prices on anything from restaurants to spas, Groupon doesn’t always have the best deals. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have about how safe it is and where the risk of fraud lies. We’ll cover the following in this article:

Is Groupon safe to use?

Because businesses must collaborate with Groupon to post an offering, users can rest assured that any fraudulent offers will be removed as soon as a few people become aware of them. However, there have been instances where consumers have paid for bogus deals listed on the site.

It’s a good idea to look up the company or service you’re getting a discount from on the Internet and read the tiny print. There’s no risk because Groupon vets the businesses they work with thoroughly. However, any website on the Internet can have an evil purpose, as demonstrated by this man’s $3.6 million profit through bogus Groupon and scams.

How legit and reliable are Groupon coupons?

There is no doubt that Groupon is a legitimate business. Since its inception in 2008, it has expanded to the point where it now provides services to about 50 million customers daily. As a result, very few users have problems while trying to utilize these online discounts. Because if a single user were to report a questionable offer, the coupon site would immediately remove it from service.

Since people do not frequently fall for cons, you may trust that the coupons are legitimate. When you try to use your voucher, however, some businesses may tell you that they are constantly booked, even though you have tried to use it. Therefore, make sure you read the tiny print to comprehend the nature of the product you will acquire fully.

3 things you should know before using a coupon website

  1. Be sure to read all the legal jargon. This has been mentioned several times; It’s a must. It’s impossible to be able to get the money you paid back in case you did not follow the guidelines.
  2. The process of redeeming HTML0 can be a bit complicated. The offers could save you lots of money. However, businesses don’t give items away at no cost. Most requests are only redeemable in off-peak times or at certain periods of the year.
  3. A deal isn’t truly an offer. It could appear like you’re saving some money, but it’s not. An agreement may not be “fraudulent,” doesn’t mean it’s not truly saving you money.

In the following article, we’ve provided more information about how to spot a genuine bargain and sham self-promotion to an enterprise. Here are five valuable ways to determine if the deal you’re looking at on Groupon is genuine.

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5 easy ways to spot fraud on Groupon

1. The amount of coupons purchased is lower than 10

One method to judge the credibility of Groupon is reliable is to look at the number of customers who have purchased the deal you’re considering. If the number is small, for example, 10 people or less, it could cause worry. If you’re offered a nail salon in a small town of 200 people, there won’t be many people grabbing the chance.

However, if you’re considering an offer that appears too excellent to be accurate and nobody else is using it, there’s a reason. A good rule of thumb is to stick with popular offers that a plethora of hundreds of other customers have bought.

It’s pretty safe to say that if lots of people have purchased the offer and you’re still able to browse the site, it’s probably a legitimate offer.

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2. The business has an unprofessional-looking website

As we’ve already mentioned, an effective method to detect fraud is to check the company’s official website offering discounts. If the website appears to be one that was put together in less than just a few minutes using a drag-and-drop web-based design software, there’s likely to be a reason to be concerned.

You’re in good shape if you find a professional-looking site with clearly defined contact details and a straightforward contact form.

3. The company’s information is inconsistent with the information you find in the advertisement

If you discover while browsing the website that some items don’t make sense, then you may want to stay clear. Find details that are specific to the use of this coupon. For instance, if the offer states that the coupon is only available on Sundays and the site indicates that the business shuts on Sundays, you’re dealing with an untrue offer.

4. It isn’t easy to reach the company to inquire about questions.

If you cannot locate the email or telephone number to call the company, they’re trying to stop you from investigating them. It’s a good idea to send an email to inquire for confirmation of the voucher’s validity in case the fine print is confusing you or if there are concerns regarding the deal’s validity.

5. The fine print of the offer is too long or unclear.

The majority of Groupon coupons are widely known for their extensive fine print. When the print on the fine is too long and complicated, you may steer clear of the offer. However, it’s intended to be to benefit you. That’s why you’ll be aware of the specifics of when and how you can use coupons and when you shouldn’t.

If you find the small print doesn’t make sense or effectively stops you from using coupons rationally, then you should not buy the coupon.

Now that you’re aware of how to recognize a scam, what is the best course of action if you’ve encountered issues regarding something you bought? Here’s how you can help.

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Who is responsible: Groupon or the business?

If you’re having issues with something you bought through Groupon, You may be wondering who’s supposed to assist you. What do you do for customer support? To answer this question, the simple answer depends on the effort you’ve put into resolving the issue with the business that provided an item to you. Here’s how you can determine whom to contact:

The company is accountable for its actions.

  • You just discovered you’re in trouble or suspect an offer might be fake.
  • You’ve paid for something that you later realized wasn’t authentic
  • You try to redeem a voucher, but it is rejected

Groupon is responsible for when

  • You’ve already reached out to (or tried to reach) the company listed in the listing.
  • You have not received an answer from the business you’re trying to contact.
  • The company you have contacted responded. However, it declines to take any liability.
  • A business may be using Groupon to cover something that is not legal.

The main point is that you must show Groupon customer service that you have already taken the time to reach out directly to the company to resolve the issue. If you reach out to Groupon customer service, they’ll first suggest calling the company directly regardless of what’s at stake for you. You must try to contact them first.

If you require assistance, Contact us at Groupon to address your concern.