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Is StockX Safe for PS5, Xbox? – StockX Reviews 2024

Is StockX Safe for PS5, Xbox
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Due to a supply chain issue, it is difficult to locate Xbox and PS5 stocks. People promptly buy the PS5 and Xbox consoles as soon as they become available, even on websites like eBay and StockX. Many consumers are still wondering whether or not to purchase from StockX.

You can learn more about StockX in this article, and we’ll also explain whether it’s safe to buy PS5 and Xbox systems from this site or not.

What is StockX?

Similar to eBay, StockX is an online third-party marketplace. Since its 2015 start, this platform has built a reputation for selling only authentic goods online. This platform initially sold out of sneakers before gradually expanding into high-end fashion items.

Since November 2020, StockX has expanded into the world of gaming consoles such as the Xbox One and PlayStation 5. Stock X has determined that this is a favorable time to trade due to the strong demand and low supply for these consoles.

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How Does StockX Work?

Operating similarly to eBay is StockX. Both the retail price and the market value of the products are listed on this site. Customers interested in purchasing the item must submit an auction bid, signaling to the platform that the customer is prepared to purchase the item. The product ultimately goes to the person who makes the highest bid.

The pricing of the PS5 Digital Edition is £359.99, while the standard price of the PS5 Disc Edition is £499.99. But it costs between £566 and $1000 on Stock X.

Is StockX Safe for PS5, Xbox?

Yes, StockX validates every item offered on the platform, making it 100% safe and secure to purchase a PS5 or Xbox. A team of professionals has authenticated every electronic product listed on this platform. Customers can therefore anticipate receiving the authentic product when it arrives.

The console’s cost on the Stock X platform is the only drawback, though. The PS5 and Xbox are more expensive on this platform because there aren’t as many of them available elsewhere due to low stock levels.

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Is StockX Platform Legit?

Yes, StockX is a legitimate site with a solid track record of providing clients with authentic products for over 6 years. Even if there might be a few unfavorable reviews here and there, this is typical for any large corporation.

What is the Authentication Process for PS5 on StockX?

Only those brand-new consoles that have never been used are permitted to be offered on Stock X. Once the item has been delivered to Stock X, the authenticators will evaluate it against a 100-point checklist to see if it is completely operational or not. Only once each pointer has been satisfied is it listed on the platform.

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How Much Time does it Take to Ship PS5 from StockX?

On Stock X, the shipment period typically lasts 7–12 days. The epidemic, however, may cause a slight delay in shipping timeframes.

Does StockX offer a Refund?

No! Once the item is delivered to your home, StockX does not provide a refund. It is a significant drawback of the platform. If one is unhappy with the product’s performance, they can resale it on the Stock X platform. A seller charge to the StockX platform must be paid to list the goods.


In conclusion, buying PS5 and Xbox via the StockX platform is secure. But remember that you must pay an additional fee to acquire the console on this platform. Check the seller’s rating as well before ordering a PS5 or Xbox.

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