Is the Demon Slayer Manga Finished?

Koyoharu Gotouge drew and wrote the manga Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Manga chapters from this series were serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump between 2016 and 2020.

Manga Plus is the service Viz Media and Shueisha provides that allows readers in the West to access manga translated into English.

Over 150 million copies of the manga had been sold as of February 2021. Remember that this also applies to any digital variants you may have.

As a result of its success, Demon Slayer is now the eighth best-selling manga of all time.

Ufotable is adapting Demon Slayer into an anime this year due to the series’ high demand. A follow-up premiered in the year 2020.

With the increasing popularity of anime series worldwide, more and more people are interested in learning more about this fascinating setting.

And now we’ll check in on the status of the Demon Slayer manga.

Is the Demon Slayer Manga Finished?

In a nutshell, that is correct. The final chapter in the Demon Slayer manga has been published.

The final volume of the Weekly Shonen Jump manga won’t come out until May 2020, after barely two years of publication.

As a result of its success, it has been deemed to have a limited run. By comparison, Naruto aired for 15 years.

Time span starts in 1999 and ends in 2014. However, a longer runtime for Demon Slayer would have been appreciated, even if it weren’t necessary.

Since the manga has concluded, what remains to be adapted for the anime?

How Much Demon Slayer Is Left to Adapt?

After adopting the most current Entertainment Arc, just Swordsmith Village, Hashira Training, and the Final Battle remain.

Ufotable has not yet shared details on how they will adapt each arc, so it is unclear when we may expect to see Swordsmith Village.

Maybe they’ll end up in a movie similar to Mugen Train. Even the seasons could be over with.

They might be doing both at once. Fill it out with some extra material. Time is the only thing that will tell.

More About Demon Slayer

The manga takes place during Japan’s Taisho era. This clandestine organization, known as the Demon Slayer Corps, exists to hunt for and destroy demons. This group’s mission is to wipe out demons.

This underground conflict has been going on for millennia. Whoever has drunk Muzan’s blood is no longer human.

Once demonized, they gain even more access to the otherworldly realm. However, they cannot continue to exist without regularly feasting on human flesh.

The show centers on Tanjiro Kamado. There, he raised his family amid the highlands.

He sells charcoal to support his family because he is the sole provider in the household.

A day after he sold charcoal, Muzan attacked him and his family. Only Nezuko, Tanjiro’s sister, made it out alive. She changed into a demon.

Nezuko, unlike most demons, has feelings like humans. Due to this, Tanjiro felt confident that he could still save her.

To exact his vengeance on Muzan, he set out to become a demon slayer and return her to humanity from the demon realm.

Final Words

You now have confirmation that the final chapter of the Demon Slayer Manga has been read. While Anime may eventually cover everything, it will take a long time.