IYKYK Meaning – What Does IYKYK Mean on Instagram / Snapchat

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The lexicon of Generation Z, with its use of expressions like “FOMO” and “OOTD,” is just as out there as the generation’s one-liners and jokes. Acronyms and slang are the most pervasive forms of modern innovation. Here, as we discuss one of the most popular slang terms today, we will define the acronym IYKYK and explain its meaning.

Do you recall the first time you logged into a social media account and saw a deluge of abbreviations you didn’t know?

Ultimately, you are not alone. Most people who use the internet regularly will be familiar with these slang words. Most members of Generation Z use them frequently in their daily conversations and text messages.

What Does IYKYK Mean?

It’s IYKYK if you know; if you don’t, you’ll find out. Isn’t it simple? When I realized what it meant, I was astounded. In this way, it’s one thing to grasp the idea behind a concept and another to put it into practice successfully. And the IYKYK use is particularly obscure and difficult to decipher.

The acronym IYKYK was coined in cyberspace. Like the memes that flood every social media platform, this term has found its own home in online forums, especially on sites like Reddit.

You can use this statement when you want some people to get it and others to scratch their heads in confusion. The knowledgeable already know this.

Where Does IYKYK Term Come from?

The phrase “if you know, you know” gained much traction in 2020. But you do know that it wasn’t produced this year, right?

Unlike many other Internet slang terms we’ve covered on this site, “IYKYK” is a more recent creation. The year 2016 marks the debut of the acronym IYKYK.

Urban Dictionary’s definition of IYKYK has been changed, but previously it read: “If you were there, you would know; if you weren’t, you wouldn’t.” They purposefully pick teen-friendly topics to throw off their peers. However, the original meaning of this slang has changed significantly throughout time.

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Identifying what you need to know is the first step toward knowing it. It’s all up to the poster. Sharing content on a popular platform like Twitter or TikTok indicates an intention to reach a subset of the network’s users.

The phrase “IYKYK” is commonly used in direct and instant messages. Slang terms are most commonly used by young adults (16-25 years old). Time-saving abbreviations like LOL and IIRC, among others, contribute to the expression’s widespread use. So, it’s no surprise that it’s popular for use in SMS.

New jargon and slang terms emerge as the population increases their proficiency with digital technologies. Without smartphones and modern networks like Twitter, we wouldn’t have words like “DM,” meaning “send me a DM,” and “selfie,” meaning taking a picture of yourself using the front-facing camera on your phone.

Slang terms and acronyms are, therefore, typically reflective of technological progress and the interconnectedness of modern culture. Considering how intrinsically linked they are to the features of our current world, their continued prevalence and use are unlikely to diminish soon.

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How the term IYKYK got Popular?

To pique the interest of your readers or listeners, try using this intriguing phrase. All you gotta do is post a picture or a remark with the words “IYKYK” in the caption.

The widespread use of this term can be traced back to 2018 when it was made popular by Pusha T’s song If You Know You Know.

Then, the popularity of TokTok was a major element in the rise of IYKYK. Millions of videos on TikTok in 2020 featured the hashtag #IYKYK.

How to Use IYKYK?

The meaning of slang remains the same regardless of the social media platform you choose to communicate it, be it Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or any other.

You know what I’m talking about regarding memes, TV shows, and everyday life. A joke that only your close friends would understand fits this definition.

If you want to use the term “IYKYK” in a caption, a dialogue, or any other context, it’s important to be sure you know what it means.

It is customary to use this slang in a certain setting, such as when making a remark that only your pals would get. Say you and your pals are making a joke about something that only the two of you will get.

It’s possible to use IYKYK to make your friends cry with laughter through the usage of memes and jokes. This idiom is commonly used in the subtitles of viral videos or the comments sections of social media posts.

Some everyday captions and examples of when you might want to use IYKYK are provided below. IYKYK can be used in various everyday captions, some of which are included below.

  1. “This trip to Vegas was special. #IYKYK
  2. “When the season finale turns out crazier than you expected #iykyk
  3. “Well, I’m never going on dating apps again. IYKYK.”

Is it for everyone?

If something is followed by “IYKYK,” and you don’t comprehend it, you’re probably not the intended reader. When someone uses the phrase “IYKYK” in a more private feed, like their Instagram stories, they are likely referring to a small group of close friends or colleagues.

Each of these entries is dedicated to a distinct communal experience. If you were there, you would have known what I meant. In that case, of course, you wouldn’t.


Searching for the hashtag #IYKYK on Instagram or Snapchat will make you grin for at least sixty minutes. It’s become clear that I can’t keep acting this way any longer. IYKYK.