What Does KEKW Mean in Twitch – KEKW Meaning

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What exactly does it mean when people say “KEK” or “KEKW”? For what purpose do people feel the need to employ these emoticons? If you’re familiar with Twitch, you’ve probably encountered these terms in conversation.

However, since these terms do not mean anything in particular, why do they have such widespread recognition? You won’t find a single definition that combines both words in any dictionary.

The growth of the internet in recent years has resulted in the rapid global dissemination of information; a single story or dispute can go viral on Twitch conversations in a matter of minutes or hours.

But you still probably don’t know what the heck “KEKW” means. Don’t worry; this article will explain what “KEKW” means on Twitch, why it’s so popular, and where it came from.

What does KEKW mean in Twitch?

These days, it’s not uncommon for a phrase or meme to get widespread attention and spread over the web, just like KEK did on Twitch. Even when we knew exactly why and what these words signified, we nevertheless found ourselves in hot water on occasion.

Some terms are hot yet have no clear definition in any dictionary; we investigate this phenomenon to learn more about it.What does KEKW mean in Twitch?

What if you asked a buddy about these trending subjects, and they didn’t know anything about them? It’s possible they’ll make fun of you by implying that you’re naive.

You came here to find out the meaning of the KEKW term, which has been causing much confusion recently. On Twitch, the term “KEKW” refers to a humorous moment. You might be wondering, “OK, but what is KEK?”

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So “KEKW” and “KEK” are interchangeable. The English expression “LOL” is equivalent to the Korean “KEK,” meaning “kidding around.” Exaggerated emotes on Twitch are created by adding a “W” to the end of the emoji string “KEK.”

That is how KEKW is typically understood on Twitch. Twitch and the acronym KEKW have become intertwined in recent years. And those who aren’t in the know are likely to be flummoxed by it.

Origin of KEKW

KEKW is, of course, an entirely made-up word. And it doesn’t explain anything, but it’s the most common way to refer to the streaming network Twitch, so it’s not like anyone should be asking where it came from.

Nobody can predict what will go viral when it goes viral or on what platform it will go viral.

What does KEKW mean in Twitch

In the United States, Twitch is a popular platform for live video broadcasting and audience participation centered around video game channels and other content creation.

And now the word “KEKW” is being spammed all over the platform. The emoji “KEKW” was first used in a 2007 interview video with Spanish comedian Juan Joya Borja on the show Ratones Coloraos.

The emoji was inspired by Juan, who started laughing heartily throughout the interview when he described his work as a kitchen porter. In contrast, the emote was only recently made (2007), making the interviewee quite elderly. However, Juan’s video clip has gone viral and has inspired several memes.

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In 2019, the emote was given the moniker “KEKW” when it was posted to FrankerFaceZ. The expression first appeared that year, and its use has skyrocketed in popularity. As a result, it has risen to prominence as a popular Twitch Chat emote, ranking tenth overall for FFZ.

When to use KEKW?

Since KEKW’s introduction to Twitch, the emote has been adopted by users and made renowned across multiple channels, eventually supplanting all previous hot emotes.

Moreover, streamers have begun including this emote in their subscriber emotes, and several variations of this emote exist, such as KEKWOW and KEKWhat.

But I’m curious why this particular emoji is used so frequently. Explain why and how it has grown so popular. We think comedy is primarily responsible for this.

Since the emote is comedic in nature and intended to elicit a guffaw from the recipient, it’s only fitting that they express their mirth through facial expressions. As a result, people use this emote to better connect with one another when commenting during live streams or in-game chats.

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It’s human nature to chuckle at something amusing we hear, see, or read. Twitch users even have an emote just for this, so you can express your joy whenever someone uses the KEK to express themselves online.

As a result, the emote’s meteoric rise to prominence can be attributed to its ability to express the feelings shared by a sizable portion of Twitch’s audience. Those unfamiliar with Twitch or the KEKW may be perplexed by the community’s seeming fixation on it.

Before the emote trend began to spread widely, KEKW was the only one in use. However, as time progressed, more and more people started using KEK, and KEK itself started to confound streams. Find out why KEKW/KEK is the most popular emote on Twitch.


You now understand the Twitch acronym “KEKW” and what it represents. KEKW has since supplanted popular on Twitch before KEKW or KEK, LUL, and LULW. Because of this, KEKW has surpassed LUL and LULW in popularity, meaning the same thing.

And as we’ve established, the term “KEKW” was first heard in a viral internet video. After a few years, Juan’s interview with the emote’s creators went viral and set the web on fire. You can find his original video on YouTube, and it’s been the basis for several hilarious internet memes.

Unfortunately, the well-known individual who created KEKW has passed away. Even though Borja passed away at 65 in 2021, his sad visage has gained popularity among those who like to chuckle at their computers.

You can find his original interview online and read or watch it to find out more. We should probably end this here. We hope this clears up any KEK/KEKW confusion. If you’re on Twitch, let us know what you think of these well-known emotes.